Fallout OC

I’ve been working on making a character that fits into the Fallout Universe lately. For a couple of reasons. I’ve been playing through Fallout 4 with my husband recently.

We originally picked the game up around it’s release date, but something then didn’t click with us. I’m not sure what exactly, but I don’t think we found the construction aspect to the game right for us back then. But I think we we’re playing Minecraft at the time and wanted to make things pretty; which Fallout really isn’t.

Since we’ve not been playing Minecraft and we know what to expect this time around we have been a lot less picky with the construction side of things.

During the course of playing and seeing a couple of online friends own Fallout OC’s for the past few years, I decided to take the plunge and make one for myself to enjoy.



When making an OC for a game in which you can create your the main character to your liking, I think people tend to use the main character as their OC. I didn’t want to do this, because they already have a set back story. So. I created Simon. A narcotic/Jet addicted saxophone player (with no sax) so he’s had to turn to the wastelands to feed his habit, as I think this idea out of the ones I had, has the most scope for long term character development.
So, yeah.
Have a Simon~
I’ll get a full body picture of him done soon.
For his outfit, I am thinking hipster style, waistcoat, rolled up shirt sleeves, converse style shoes and jeans. Purely because it has no practical use in the commonwealth and I think Simon would have sold everything useful already – like his Saxophone, which I imagine a part of him is really trying to get back or something? I don’t know yet.

It’s just nice to have a character I’d like to develop and play with some more.


Drills head
*remember to update, remember to update, remember to update*

Jeez, one of these days it’ll go in!

So, on the whole Fangirly front, I might be back in action again? I don’t know.
I’ve been drawing a series of ‘First Date’ pictures with Jenn, my fursona. I’ve been active on dA again and seen that most of my friends on there have a canon x oc pairing. So they have characters in relationship with characters from various media/fandoms (Resident Evil, Casper, Mortal Kombat, Fallout, etc.) And, I am just playing in my own settings; which I love, but it’d also be fun to play away sometime too.

So, I hooked Jenn up with a couple of guys~


Some of the characters don’t translate well to my style of drawing. Like Captain Barnacles from Octonauts – who looks like he is closely related to Pedobear when I draw him.

I’ve also written some date report cards up for Jenns thoughts on her dates as well, which I’ll share in individual posts (and schedule them) in a little while.

I just wanted to share these with everyone, seeing as my last update was a while ago again. My bad.


I am having a bit of a proud moment over here. If you do an image search for “Captain Rhodes” you find a picture of my Original Character Kiz and Rhodes (Day of the Dead) before you find anything of Warmachine. I don’t know why, but this makes me feel rather happy!

Rhodes has been a part of my life for the longest ever time now, and he’s always haunted a part of Kiz’ life, regardless of whomever she is with. He’s there, lurking in the background; alive or dead. He is that much of a jerk to her.
What I like about the two of them is that they don’t have a conventional relationship. While I could draw them all lovey-dovey. (It’s not impossible) I just don’t see it as them. Not really. There is too much of a power struggle and abuse in their relationship and Rhodes just refuses to ask nicely for anything; we can see this with Sarah in Day of the Dead, never once does he ever use her name, always calls her ‘woman’ or ‘lady’ and I never once thought that he would ever treat Kiz any differently. Kiz just doesn’t have endless strength to keep denying him – it’s the epitome of a love/hate relationship.

I don’t know, I guess that I have had the two of them in my head for so long that it feels really strange to watch Day of the Dead and Kiz isn’t in it!

The picture in question


Hi gang

It feels like it’s been a long time again. Which is silly because a lot has been going on in my fangirly world as of late.

I have been rekindled with my passion for Kiz and Rhodes which feels wonderful as it has been a long time since I did anything with them. It has helped this time around as I have had a lot of support from outside sources. I’ve had people drawing them up for me which is something that I really, really enjoy. With any of my characters not just them I hasten to add.

So these past few weeks have been a wonderful treat when it comes to Kiz and Rhodes. And I would like to share that with you~

commission___kiz_by_techonic-d8vl7qqBy Techonic


By Msdeath666


By The-Cerzz


Various amazing pieces by Shakahnna


And these by Horrorlandcop74

I have said it many times in the past, it’s always really nice to be supported when you do something, and for me Kiz and Rhodes is no exception. Especially seeing as their relationship is less than conventional. I’ve also rekindles my friendship with Shakahnna lately, which has been wonderful. I mean, we’ve always been there together, but lately things have been a bit more involved. I’ve drawn for her more and visa-versa which has been really nice.

On top of that I met Horrorlandcop74, and you know something. These two have really helped me overcome the concerns I have been having with online friendships. Maybe not everyone on the net is all that bad after all?

In other news, it seems the US has finally approves same sex marriages regardless of state. Well done America!

I have more to report on the fangirlings, but don’t want to overload my post, so until next time~

Always nice

I have said time and time again. I love it when friends and family support my fangirlings.

So, much to my delight, my friend Nicki drew me a picture for Valentines day. Of naked Alistair and it looks absolutely lush!

On top of that my bestest-best-best-sister-friend has been writing me some Alistair & Zindrafel cutesy stuff. Squeee.

I also put my writing drabble on Fanfiction.net. (Link is on the side bar) As I had that mood I spoke of in my last post.

My Muse has been working overtime as of late.

I really enjoy having him here. I got the second instalment of Tears and Rain written today which I am rather happy about.
I also got a contest entry for the delightful Shakahnna started today, which is good. Been meaning to work on it for a while now.

I need to get this blog back on track though. I am certain I have my fangirling past list here somewhere, so hopefully I’ll get a decent post put up soon, not just the random updates of my creativity.

I never needed approval from anyone but you.

Whenever I think of the song in my title, I automatically wonder if I need anyones approval or not.
I do what I do because I love doing it. That is the only incentive that I will ever need for doing anything. My passion for being a fan girl drives me onwards!

Yet, sometimes.
Just sometimes.
It isn’t enough.

Sometimes I stand like that indecisive suicide jumper at the edge of the cliff and need that little helping hand to jump off..

Maybe that wasn’t the right type of analogy to use. This is nothing like committing suicide. It’s just standing on the edge of something and not entirely certain that I have the confidence to plough right into it head first like I always do!

My OC Kiz, has needed a lot of work on as of late, and while I think I might have an idea to expand her story I don’t know if I have big enough balls to just run with the idea I have had or if I should just have a giggle at myself for being so crazy and move on.

I want a better life for Kiz. I want her to have something that she needs to cling to, to draw strength from while she deals with the abuse of Rhodes. I figure that something could be Rambo? In the craziest crossover ever dreamed up!

Is this a wrong thing for me to do?
Fangirls are meant to be that little bit mental.
Am I going to do it even though I may get flamed to high heaven.

So why the grumbling?

Sometimes, even if the idea is a little far out there it is really nice to hear someone say.
“I’ll support you.”