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Lord Commander Eloth and I have been playing Mordheim a lot lately – again – and I thought, while waiting for commissioners to get back in touch, I’d take a break from doing commission busts to drawing… fan art busts instead. So I drew Aster, from our Chaos Warband, the


I’ve been working on drawing all the Primarch very, very slowly. I think I started in late 2017 with Lion El’Jonson. It’s been slow progress, but I’ve just finished Sanguinius, the Blood Angels primarch. I’ve been looking forward to drawing him from the moment I started! I’d like to do

It’s all getting a bit Sci-Fi in here

I found an absolute gem of a bad idea the other day while searching google. It was a synopsis of Rambo 5 and it was all Sci-Fi – a bit like Predator is. Because I’ve been playing No Mans Sky and watched Guardians of the Galaxy the other night, I am


It feels like it has been an absolute age since I picked up this series of artwork – looking back on it, almost a year, no wonder this line art feels a bit clunky compared to my newer artworks – I’m really trying to push myself again when it comes

Jorah Mormont Fan Art

In a further attempt to move away from the ‘whole furry thing’ that I have mostly been known for I am drawing characters of a different persuasion. It’s no secret that I like drawing Knights, armour and that sort of thing but have been heavily tainted by drawing Pin-up style

Shooks: Expression Work

I managed to do a bit of self-indulgent drawing today and I got excited and wanted to share them with everyone. It’s always fun drawing the same character over a few times to try and get them looking the same and working out their identifiable features. It also means that

Yet more Shooks

I can see so many things wrong with this, but isn’t that the nature of uploading art to the internet? Always seeing things too late? Just means I can redraw it again in a few months time or so! It’s some more Shooks, because he is still infecting my headspace.

Shooks – Bust

I’m not going to lie, I find characters wearing glasses tricky! I think it’s because of the lack of personality; there’s no eyes and no expression on them so I don’t know, this picture looks that dull to me. It’s a shame, cause I really do like this character and


This post is a bit of a return to the ‘roots’ of my blog – where I was really just Fangirling and enthusing about various fictional characters that had captured my attention at that (or some other) point in my life. I was asked a question anonymously over on my

Noise Marine

I’ve not shared anything art related for a little while – my ideas for artistic adventures are currently being mulled over – but I realised I’d not shared this on here yet. I’ve had my fair share of struggles when it comes to drawing Space Marines and seeing as this

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