3 Way Collab

One of my favourite things about being an artist is working with other creatives - especially in the form of collaborations. I have been very fortunate in my time to have done collaborations with some wonderful people but never before have I been able to do something like this. This was a collaboration between myself,... Continue Reading →


I really enjoy drawing things that take me back to my origins within the furry fandom. So when I see a goth character I like I tend to draw them - regardless of their origin or owners. Mandy belongs to DrPStripes.  At one point she was friends with my own character Kizmit, but the friendship... Continue Reading →


I really don't draw enough gift-art, so I was pleased to finally be able to draw Inhix for Sysisiipi on Instagram. Way back in the days of 2003, Inhix was a character that I admired from afar and I really enjoyed seeing the raw emotion in Sysisiips's artwork concerning her. You can find the remnants... Continue Reading →

Darth Maul – Fan Art

Oh my word! Honestly, I really should do more full illustrations like this! They looks so much more... more! I really like Darth Maul as a character and have done for the *longest* time! I figured though that he is such a popular character, the last thing people wanted to see was my shitty rendition.... Continue Reading →

The Iron Warrior

It's been a little while since I drew one of the Primarchs and Perturabo has been waiting 'patiently' for a while for his picture, so, here he is. In all his wonderful Terminatory glory!! I really enjoy drawing Space Marines and the Primarchs series, because I feel that I can really, really push myself and... Continue Reading →

Lets Cyber – Kizmit

I'm wanting to do a series of Cybergoth inspired art with my characters. I held a poll over on DeviantArt and Kizmit was the winner of the first poll. So, here she is, in all her fun, cybergothy glory! I've put up a second poll on dA, so if you wanted to vote then head... Continue Reading →

Black Hands

So much for remembering about updating things here more often and getting back into a habit! As always, whoops! This is a commission for the Black Hands Space Marine blog of their home brew Space Marine chapter - or at least some prominent characters of which they belong. As far as commissions go, this was... Continue Reading →

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