RIP – Joseph Pilato

I'm not entirely sure how to word this, but as a long term fan of the character Captain Henry Rhodes from Day of the Dead, I feel like I should at least say something about the actor who played him. I was informed by an online friend via facebook last week that Joe Pilato had... Continue Reading →

What did you do?

I am so used to Rhodes looking intense or mean that this was really jarring for me to see, let alone draw. Rhodes!? What did you do!? I’ve still got a long way to go with my art and drawings and such, but I am glad that expressions are coming along more than they used... Continue Reading →

I was going to create a 'reference' image of Rhodes for future use, but I figured that his outfits wouldn't deviate much from what he wears canon-ly in Day of the Dead so it turned into this instead. I was thinking of infuriating aspects that I could add to his personality even in such a... Continue Reading →

When the devil calls

I've been back into the whole "Day of the Dead" fandom lately. It's funny how these things get kicked back into our brains. I was looking to see if The Walking Dead was available to watch on Netflix (It isn't) but as a result it showed me Day of the Dead: Bloodline. It was all... Continue Reading →

The worst kind of Monster

Waiting for ink to dry on scratchboard is one of the most dull things to do, so I thought I would write a blog post instead of watching it. It's taken me a while to get to this particular confession. The reason for that is because this one can still hurt. For the longest time... Continue Reading →

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