It’s Great to Create

I was sent an email from Jon Burgermans mailing list about this book and because I am always tempted to pick up my pens and start the doodle artwork again, I thought it might be worth giving this book a try. I also thought that the idea inside might help feed and inspiremy character   artwork too.

I’ve only had a really quick flick so far, mostly because Marcus wanted to have a peep too and I don’t think he is quite ready for this level of artwork yet, but what I have seen so far just see,s to be a lot of fun! Fun is an aspect in my art that I don’t ever feel like I have been able to capture so hopefully some of the ideas in this book will help bring that out in me.

And since writing this, Marcus has picked up the book three times, so maybe he is ready for some of the ideas in it?

I’ll report and share some of the results if/when I do them.


Pinhead & Abarat

Pinhead by HoboRiss

I mentioned in my previous post that Hellraiser was once a really big influence for me. I know I have mentioned my meeting Doug Bradley in a previous post but seeing as I managed to get my old ‘dead’ hard drive going again and I found this picture, I thought I would share it all with you.

It’s something that I commissioned Rhys Pittman to draw up for me some time ago. They are an artist I commissioned a fair bit in the past, but they sadly faded into obscurity in the world of art (Although we’re still friends on facebook) so I don’t know if they’re still arting or accepting commissions.

Hellraiser, and Clive Barker in general, is something that will continue to inspire me and my characters. There is something about the world that is just utterly compelling. It’s frightening, but alluring at the same time. That cross over between ultimate pleasure and pain being indivisible from one another – it’s piques my curiosity (even if I would never partake myself in that world)

There is something just wonderful about the aesthetic as well that I find inspiring me. Actually, there is a series of books by Clive Barker called Abarat which I feel captures the

Yacarrion1 (1)
Christopher Carrion by Clive Barker

imagination much more wonderfully than The Hellbound Heart does. It’s about a young woman Candy Quackenbush and her adventures in the unique world of the Abarat – mixed delightfully with Clive Barkers fascination with the macabre. It’s dark, but it’s so beautiful. I especially like the world of the Abarat where each island is dedicated to a time of the day. And of course the darkly alluring character that is Christopher Carrion. Trust me to find the bad guy the most interesting!

It’s a decent series of books – by issue with them was that it was a while between their releases so I couldn’t really remember every detail when going from one to the next.

Also because the characters are so unusually bizarre you can get a bit lost in trying to picture them and lose the plot of the tale. Getting a little overwhelmed by the unique offerings of characters and world – the understandability of the plot can be a bit pushed aside. But if you like unique, slightly horrific worlds, then you probably already know about Abarat and certainly know about Clive Barker so won’t need me to tell you to pick up his novels.

My own biggest fan – Part 5 – Update

Kizmit by Twiztid

Since my last post I made a load of folders for my anthro/furry characters on facebook and uploaded a heap of pictures done for me in the past by some very wonderful people.

It was an amazing thing to do.

Not only has it inspired me to carry on drawing anthro characters – something I never thought would actually happen – it has also helped me to reconnect with some of the friends I once held really close to me. Which has been nothing short of amazing! Seeing that they’re all doing well and hearing what they’re doing now. It’s been wonderful.

Also in that, Gwen managed to dig up one of the pictures I was missing from my previous post of Kizmit. I can’t say how wonderful it is to see it again.

I also managed to find a fair few other pictures from various archives that I remembered about and found a picture of Jenn that Twira made for me. So that is also here. It’s nice to

Jenn by Twira

be able to see all these images again and to feel reconnected with this side of my creativity again.

It’s just a shame that some of the facebook friends removed me for sharing all these images, but I suppose that is the way of facebook!

I’ve been at this whole furry thing for about twelve years now, maybe the dreaded thirteen, and for the first time in a fair few years I am excited about what is to come in the future. See who else I meet and new friends I make along the way.

It’s exciting!!

I’d like to make a few posts about the characters that mean the most to me and explain a bit more about who they are and what they mean. So be on the look out for that and more lucious artsy things too~


Knight Sketches 3

DSC02342Todays efforts where it comes to drawing knights. It wasn’t really my intention on drawing this guy – but I hope he looks the part all the same. Somewhere along the line I decided to turn my sketch in Jorah Mormont.

Initially, I had a bit of a falling out with season 5 of Game of Thrones. The viewing of it on Now TV with adverts through each episode and having to wait a week for the next instalment really killed the season. Which was a real shame, as I was a pretty big fangirl of the other offerings of the seasons. I was brought season 5 on DVD for my birthday and have recently settled down to watch through it again.

I know some people have issues with what happened in the season with Sansa Stark and Ramsey Bolton and the views that everything happened for shock value, etc. But you know what, re-watching the season, it’s really not all that shocking! Rape is rife in Game of Thrones, and if it took until season 5 to get offended by it then you actually did pretty well. I don’t find Sansa and Ramsey any more shocking than Joffrey and Ros in earlier seasons. More shocking was seeing Shireen Baratheons fate, actually, but there we are. Going back to Sansa and Ramsey, so what if that ‘doesn’t happen in the books.’ It’s been confirmed by Author George R R Martin that both book and TV series have diverged from one another and become separate entities in their own right. They aren’t even going to end the same ways apparently! I think that’s why things say ‘Based on the book’ rather than ‘Faithful adaptation of the book.’

I’ve ranted about book/TV conversions somewhere on my blog before – and I didn’t want this post to turn into that rant over again – but what I am trying to say is that I still actually like Game of Thrones, regardless of if things happen for ‘shock value’ or not. But I was still surprised to see Jorah turning up on my sketchbook. He’s a character that, although I like, I didn’t think I’d ever fan-art.


Also managed to draw another Space Marine bust today, which was pretty fun. I didn’t really want to draw another grumpy Space Marine, so here is Sergeant Rafen, grinning like a loony!



No, that doesn’t mean that I am in a bad mood with my art.

Artrage is a piece of software that I have been playing about with today – I’ve really been missing my artistic side as of late and needed an outlet for the creative juices.

I only have a demo of artrage and sadly, cannot afford the expense of it currently – but I am enjoying playing about with it none the less.

It’s a pretty faithful program when compared to traditional media and I can see why a lot of realism style artists enjoy using it. It tempts me to try and use it for some templar/knight paintings that I’ve not actually painted in a long time now. I currently feel that I need to add a bit more form to my artwork, but don’t want to ‘waste’ my precious canvas. So this feels like a perfect way to experiment with these things.


I have noticed a limitation already however and that is a lack of water blending. With traditional media I currently use a lot of water in my paintings to help the colours blend and melt into one another, which is often left to random chance. This doesn’t seem to be actionable in Artrage currently.

But there we are, it’s more a case of onwards to new things rather than just being stale and sticking to creating in the same method all the time.

Also I am sorry about the watermarks on the images, it’s a limitation of the demo and nothing I can currently help.

Art Woes

DSC02322Is this all that I can manage? I am meant to be using my blog as an art blog as well as writing about all other sorts of things. But lately, I don’t feel like I have had any time to create anything.

I feel mostly uninspired and no matter how much art I go looking at to inspire me, I just feel utterly cynical and mostly irate about art.

I had a day in Manchester – which was a great day out – but stumbled into Fred Aldous and left feeling somewhat down about everything. I’ve not been feeling the spark lately and I don’t know if it is something that I can force myself to do anymore. No amount of reading books or trying new things makes me feel fulfilled any more. I just feel really stale – I keep trying new things, but never really feel like I have found myself when it comes to artistic expression. Just drifting. Forever drifting.

I know I just need to soldier on with some things and keep at it. I think a part of me feels down about it all because I’ve not really been managing my time well enough to wedge in much more than an hour at a time to get anything done. I feel like my creative soul isn’t being fed enough anymore and that’s what keeping me from feeling any level of joy.

Like being in Fred Aldous – so many wonderful things to look at and feel inspired by, but all my thoughts drifted towards the, “I’ll never have the time to do this,” which is a horribly negative way to think about everything, but there we are.

I’ll get back onto the art and creative front, because I always do, but right now I am feeling somewhat disheartened about it all.


13625291_10157142171145717_2033852190_nBefore I switched courses at University to Illustration I was on the photography course. I moved for a few reasons; the main one being that I was drawing more than paying any attention to the degree course I was on. The other being that I really only felt like I was one of two people that knew anything about the subject matter and that I wasn’t really learning anything new. So I packed up my camera (A Canon Eos 20D that I still have and I believe still works to some extent – although the battery might no long hold it’s charge, gutted.) So for this course I’ll be using my much newer point and shoot thingy – I forgot the make and model of it already, whoops.

So when the Blogging Univeristy course came about kizzy_and_me_by_electronaughtfor photography it rekindled a whole host of thoughts that I really missed. Mostly of wandering about with more than one camera strapped to me like the image suggests.

To be completely honest I have forgotten a lot of the rules of photography, seeing as I’ve not really picked up a camera in all seriousness for many a year – I know I’ve never mentioned it before on my blog other than in some online gamey way. So it’ll be a learning curve for me once again. I am rather excited.


Sadly, I don’t have many of my old photographs stored away anymore as I lost them all in an external hard drive crash. So the few that I have managed to find are from various places on the internet, which will explain any watermarks found on them.

a_rose_by_any_other_name_by_coma_chanI’ve greatly missed my photography – and I am only recently starting to realise it. I am also pretty regretful that I have forgotten a lot of the technical side to everything as well. Long gone are the days when I could develop and print my own black and white images.

There was also a time where I was really inspired by alternative clothing and had a very willing model in my sister. Times once again long gone, but they hold a lot of memories for me. Turning a room into a make-shift studio and eating cheese and wine being all pretend sophisticated! I remember finding one of my sisters Skin Two magazines and the fashion and photography of Somebody or other Perry really inspiring me to try my hand at it.

At University I lost a lot of my confidence with photography. I’m not entirely sure what it was, but I do recall a bit of a nightmare photoshoot where everything went wrong that could have done. Mostly involving broken equipment which I borrowed from the University itself really bringing me into a downer with it all.

But even though I am no longer an SLR person, I would like to try my hand at this Blogging course and see if I can feel inspired to return to the home in photography that I once had. If not, it’s just been nice to look back on what I have done and go on a bit of a nostalgia trip with it all – even remembered the time I was more into dolls from this as well. They were good fun to use and I didn’t have to feel nervous about ‘doing my thing’ in front of them.