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Tag: Collaboration

Collaboration – Pitahaya

I’ve not posted much of my anthropomorphic art on here lately, partially because it has been rather few and far between but also because I don’t know as if there […]

Collaboration – Carbonacat

It’s no secret that I love collaborating with other artists! Colouring up the lines that people send me is wonderfully good fun. This is Jenn, drawn by CarbonaCat on DeviantArt […]

Waiting to serve

Another in a long line of collaborations with Qwaychou. Normally when I collaborate with Qwaychou, I colour in her line art digitally; lately I have been more interested in colouring […]

Collaboration: 22/05/19

I greatly enjoy doing these collaborations with my son (as does he – he always seems really happy to see them) they add an element to my artwork that I’d […]

Collaboration: 20/05/19

I stumbled across this idea quite by accident! I wandered into the studio to pick up my Watercolour backgrounds and saw a big pile of papers that my three year […]

3 Way Collab

One of my favourite things about being an artist is working with other creatives – especially in the form of collaborations. I have been very fortunate in my time to […]