Paint-a-thon: Results

So, yesterday, May 4th, was the day of Heretic Deb and I's Charity fund-raising 'Paint-a-thon' The whole event was livestreamed on Twitch which was pretty awesome and it was wonderful to have some faces dropping in and out throughout the day to keep us encouraged. We managed to paint a whopping 18 miniatures! The page... Continue Reading →


Heretic Deb and I have created a crowdfunding page to support friends and family who are undergoing cancer treatment and care - we are going to engage in a 12 hour, non-stop paint-a-thon to raise funds for this most worthy cause! This came about during a random conversation on Discord about the hobby and what... Continue Reading →

MND Sketch Day

            Some highlights from the Motor Neurone Disease Sketch Day fund raiser that I held over on facebook yesterday, you can find all the sketches on the facebook link a few words ago. Very intensive work to get as many sketches done as I did. Other work shall resume soon.... Continue Reading →

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