Tag: Character Evolution

Out of the darkness the Zombie did crawl

I remember making up I Zombie! He is another of my old as sin characters and he was made up in 2003, while I was still at The College of West Anglia studying Animal Management. I was sat in the ‘canteen’ with my friend Kat, drawing while waiting for the

Along came a Kizmit

Originally, my ‘fursona’ character was called Twiggy – named after Marilyn Mansons Twiggy and there was a bit of drama due to someone elses character being called Twiggy and some hurt feelings involved; I don’t want to go into it all too much because this was way back in 2003

My first Character

Seeing as this blog is new I am going to assume that no one knows who I am or who my characters are. So I figure the first ‘serious’ post should be a bit about the first character and piece of art I ever created. I was sitting at my

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