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Drills head *remember to update, remember to update, remember to update* Jeez, one of these days it’ll go in! So, on the whole Fangirly front, I might be back in action again? I don’t know. I’ve been drawing a series of ‘First Date’ pictures with Jenn, my fursona. I’ve been active on dA again and …





Small doodles

Hi Gang, Because I am really still trying to get back into the swing of all things doodle, I did a few smaller pieces today. Just to see how they’d look compared to some of the larger scale ones that I have already shared. They are also an experiment into using different sized pens – …

Sea Monster Party

Hi Gang, I tried something a little bit different with this piece. Namely, I added some colour! But also, I wanted to go with the idea of taking one element from my other, larger pieces and see what it would be like repeating them over and over again. The Sea Monster is a character that …

Rackham – Coloured

Goodness me I am feeling somewhat blank today! I managed to colour in my picture of Rackham over the weekend though, so I’ll just post that up instead of write anything overly prolific.