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Jeez, one of these days it’ll go in!

So, on the whole Fangirly front, I might be back in action again? I don’t know.
I’ve been drawing a series of ‘First Date’ pictures with Jenn, my fursona. I’ve been active on dA again and seen that most of my friends on there have a canon x oc pairing. So they have characters in relationship with characters from various media/fandoms (Resident Evil, Casper, Mortal Kombat, Fallout, etc.) And, I am just playing in my own settings; which I love, but it’d also be fun to play away sometime too.

So, I hooked Jenn up with a couple of guys~


Some of the characters don’t translate well to my style of drawing. Like Captain Barnacles from Octonauts – who looks like he is closely related to Pedobear when I draw him.

I’ve also written some date report cards up for Jenns thoughts on her dates as well, which I’ll share in individual posts (and schedule them) in a little while.

I just wanted to share these with everyone, seeing as my last update was a while ago again. My bad.


Small doodles

Hi Gang,

Because I am really still trying to get back into the swing of all things doodle, I did a few smaller pieces today.


Just to see how they’d look compared to some of the larger scale ones that I have already shared. They are also an experiment into using different sized pens – which I think has actually worked rather well for these little guys.

I am also trying to think up different ways of adding texture into my doodles as well, to take them from just being basic pen and line drawings to something a little more interesting Рso there is also that I am playing about with with these little doodles too.

They are a fun and loose way of warming up too, so they’re just generally good practise for me right now, seeing as I am still feeling rather intimidated by my big blue canvas.

I hope you like them as much as I do and that you look forward to seeing some more of them as much as I am.

Much Love


Sea Monster Party

Scan 6

Hi Gang,

I tried something a little bit different with this piece. Namely, I added some colour! But also, I wanted to go with the idea of taking one element from my other, larger pieces and see what it would be like repeating them over and over again.

The Sea Monster is a character that seems to appear a few times over my course of work, so I thought it would be an interesting experiment to try out.

I might retry the idea and do something a bit more refined and maybe see if I can find somewhere to set up ‘Prints on Demand’ or something to that effect. I’ve not done a vast amount when it comes to selling artwork before, so I am interested in hearing anyones advice or suggestions.

Much Love