Sorry I have been a bit neglectful when it comes to posting on here.

I want it to be because I’ve been mindlessly busy since moving – which to a certain extent I have been, but I also think it’s because I’ve been hiding too. Having thoughts that I wanted to try and figure out before I started posting here again. There was an absolutely massive focus on my art before I moved house; and after too – but I ‘crashed’ today.

I hit my limit and just feel like detaching from everything anthro and furry; yet at the same time, I don’t want to because most of my following is from the furry fandom. Yet, as always when I try and get into anthro/furry stuff something comes along to put me off. And it’s usually the same thing; ungrateful turds that just want to use and abuse, get something for free or act like an absolute arsehole to people while egotistically claiming they are an “Art Messiah.”

It’s my own fault, like always, for trying to get closer to people and build my own sort of following on websites like DevArt or Tumblr. It’s either too much because I seem to attract people I’d rather not; or it’s a reminder that ‘Fiction is better than reality’

I wish I could be the sort of person that could upload and share art to a website; like dA, and be content with that. Not interact with people or even try to make ‘friends’ just, share and go. I might have to give it a try. Upload something; log off and move on? Because I can’t keep going on the way I am; it’s draining and stupid!

I’ve thought a bit about it this afternoon before writing this. I’ll always love anthro/furry art; it’s home so I’ll never stop drawing it completely. That and Warhammer 40K doesn’t have enough Tits and Ass for me too really enjoy for the long term. Space Marine Pin Ups can only get me so far and really, my biggest following is for the anthro stuff. It’s a bit of a conundrum really.



My own biggest fan – series.

The My Own Biggest Fan series of posts on here are something I have enjoyed doing in the past, and are something I would love to pick up again.

It’s basically where I get to talk about my own characters and how they have changed and developed over the time that I have had them.

I’m wondering if this is a topic anyone would be interested in reading about? Making up a category and seeing what I can put in it and who to write about, etc. I’ve just felt that lately, I’ve been a bit on the quiet side and have just been posting pictures rather than saying anything and it might be a good way to get a conversation going again.

What do you think?

Blogging Branding – Further Audit

I made a couple of little changes to the blog today.

I added some more categories – under the ‘Art’ umbrella.

There is Anthro/Furry – For everything animal-y themed.

Warhammer – For everything Warhammer fanarty

Misc – For everything else.

Really the two aspects of my art that I’d like to try and focus on are the Anthro and Warhammer side of things; be them pin-up style or otherwise and I think by having these categories here, I can use them to keep my mind focused this way.

Just wanted to make everyone aware that they can now browse my blog & art a little easier~

Blogging Branding – The Audit

This is more or less where I fell down last time I tried this Blogging Univeristy course. I never like to think of myself or my blog as a ‘brand’ or something to be sold – it feels far, far too personal for that. I’m not here to make money from my blog, I am here to write and share my thoughts and creations with the world (or whoever would like to see them)

So being objective about myself and how I would like to be seen is really difficult – I like the idea of being a casual person online, like, it’s be great to have this little following of people that ‘dig’ my stuff, but are also really helpful and question what I do! And, to be fair, I think my blog already reflects this ideal.

A lot of the other stuff, I think I did when I looked at this course before – streamlined my tags, categories and things. So yeah. I don’t think there is much more I can do for todays tasks.

A change in pace.

Hi Gang,

Ive made a few decisions over this past week about the direction my blog is going to head in. I’m making a more clear schedule of ‘feature’ posts and ideas, rather than sticking explicitly to posting a daily doodle.

There are some days, I still need to get a few ideas for – namely the weekend where I feel I should schedule something in advance as my online time isn’t always as easy to manage during these days – here is what I have so far.

  • Monday – Doodle Post – Replacing the ‘Daily Doodles’
  • Tuesday – Tell tale Tuesdays – I am thinking of holding a Q&A for Tuesdays, if there is enough interest in it. Where you can either use the contact form or comments to ask me something (anything) and I’ll write a post the next week to answer.
  • Wednesday – WIP Wednesday – Where I show larger scale projects as they progress
  • Thursday – Doodle Post – Replacing the ‘Daily Doodles’
  • Friday – Feature Friday – Where I feature other blogs
  • Saturday – Im thinking I’ll show any finished, larger pieces on this day?
  • Sunday – Sleepy Sunday? – Day of rest? A day where I may not post, but if I do it might just be some random thoughts? Like I said, I am not entirely sure about the weekend yet.

The reason I’ve done come across this idea,s is because although I adore sharing my doodles on a daily basis with everyone, I also feel that I am no being able to express my own voice and post anything that my readers can react and respond too. The feedback I have had so far on my blog has been overwhelmingly positive and I am absolutely humbled by everyone who has liked, shared and commented on my posts. It really does mean a lot to me. When I tried sharing my art the first time around, I felt like I was treading water and everything was an uphill struggle, this time I am just so pleased it’s a lot more relaxed and enjoyable and I am starting to make some wonderful connections.

Thank you everyone.

Much Love