I’d been waiting for a price-list from a friend for a while to create a logo for the website/blog and after giving []

Blogging Branding – Guest Blogging

I must admit, I am struggling with this one! I don’t know why, but I am a bit in the dark when it comes to guest blogging – I think it’s because I don’t have many blogger friends on WordPress yet that I can go slinking too, to ask. So, I guess this post is a ‘call to action’ to see if anyone would like to either Guest Post on my blog or want me to Guest Post on theirs – I’d []

Under pressure

My blog did phenomenally (for me) last week and got nearly 200 views. I am thinking it is partially because I was blogging about the Blogging University and Blogging Branding; of which to give a quick update on – I have implemented all the changes it has recommended; putting back my archives, visiting and commenting on other peoples blogs which are relevant to my own, etc. So I guess something there is working already. I just need to keep it going and []

5 ways to win my heart

Seeing as we’ve just seen the back of Valentines day and all the chocolates are now on special offer in stores, I thought this would be a good subject to to post about. Another list from my writing prompt, but they seem to be a good thing to write so, here we go. Flowers – You know, this is something that I think most women would like to be brought by their partners. I’m not a girl of expensive tastes and I []


Oh how the ‘mighty’ have fallen. From my previous photography post to this one. I wish I could blame it all on []

So how exactly do I do this?

I am somewhat worried about the future of my blog – if the blogging University course has shown me anything, it is that blogs about general things aren’t that successful. I need to impose something that I do not have. A one track mind. A single minded focus to talk none stop about one thing. I sadly do not have that ability. I currently cannot think of one topic that I could constantly blog about and be happy. I have far too []