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Tag: Art

Update from last week

These two images were shared last week in a sketch dump post – so I thought I’d share the finished results here too! The character is called Jenn and she […]

Patreon Reward: Heretic_Deb

As the title says, this is a Patreon Reward for Heretic_Deb She requested Jenn and Rambo grinning.It was nice to get some free reign on this, as it was a […]

Anthropomorphic Thursday

I was able to finish off some of my anthropomorphic artworks, so thought it would be good to share them here. I made Kestrel up recently and haven’t drawn her […]

Art Dump!

There has been a rather huge dip in my blogs traffic since I took the anthropomorphic artwork off the blog. I figure that’s a bad thing so I’ll be sharing […]

Commission: Nurgle

I have secretly been hoping for someone to ask me to draw them all ‘Nurgly’ for a while. This week, Grandfather Nurgle answered my prayers! This is a commission for […]

Commission: ADB

This was a supremely awesome commission I was asked to do some time ago for a certain authors birthday. I’d pretty much forgotten about this commission, seeing as I couldn’t […]

Lets Cyber: Skaejre

I don’t know if I shared any of the other images in this series? It’s where I dressed up my characters in a Cybergoth style aesthetic as a nod backwards […]


Just a quick update with some more furry art sketches. I hope you don’t mind. This is my character, Priest. I’ve had this character (like all my furry characters) for […]

Personal artworks

I am at the stage of recovery now that I am feeling able to do a few simple pictures for myself and ease myself back into the flow of things. […]

Commission: Iron Hawks

Commission for Daemon_Hammer Wow, this was a big one! It was fantastic to do and, as usual, a welcome challenge compared to the regular busts. I’ve been trying to think […]

Commission: Sister of Battle

Commission for Daemon_Hammer. The Sisters of Battle were the first Warhammer 40k army that I ever played as and collected – although my time with the ladies was notoriously brief. […]

Commission – Crimson Fist

It’s back to the Space Marine busts! This one for Liam The Geek. As nice as it has been to play away and draw some other races in the Warhammer […]

Commission – Genestealer Cult

Commission for Veteranewb. This lovely fellow was a blast to draw. It’s given me a new-fonder feeling for Genestealer Cults. I love his cheerfully, sneaky smile. As with the previous […]

Commission: Rogue Trader

This is a bust commission for Scykhe of his Rogue Trader. The idea behind this one is really great! Scykhe is going to be hosting some videos of himself playing […]