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An art update~

I wanted to upload and share my recent artsy adventures on here~ Not much to really say about them – they’re my anthropomorphic works and I don’t feel the need to speak volumes about them! They’re fun and the images have various names of people they’re gifts for. Some of

Don’t tell me cause it hurts.

Whew, finally getting around to sharing this on here! Feels like it has been a while! Firstly, thank you to everyone who has lent me their support on here and commented recently, it means a lot to me. This time of year always seems to send my brain wacky and

I treated myself to some sketching time recently – I don’t know what possessed me to give drawing one last try, but I am glad that I did. I guess going back to my original artistic roots helped and has re-inspired me all over again. I don’t know where drawing

The only sure-fire way to make a Fursona – that you’ll stick with!

Before we get into the depths of design, I think it’s important to answer a couple of questions first. What is a Furry? To use the dictionary definition; “An enthusiast for animal characters with human characteristics, in particular a person who dresses up in costume as such a character or


Just a quick update with some more furry art sketches. I hope you don’t mind. This is my character, Priest. I’ve had this character (like all my furry characters) for a long time, but never really gotten a handle on how to draw him properly. I’ll be trying to sketch

Personal artworks

I am at the stage of recovery now that I am feeling able to do a few simple pictures for myself and ease myself back into the flow of things. Whenever I am left to my own artsy devices I tend to lean back towards my anthro/furry art and characters.

Oathsworn Hound – WIP

I treated myself to a different sort of miniature recently – I felt myself missing the anthropomorphic call but I don’t feel ready to launch myself into drawing fully yet – so I asked the world of Twitter to recommend some animal-based miniatures. They didn’t disappoint and I was pointed


A new anthropomorphic face I’ve not posted here the past couple of days because I’ve been working on a little side ‘project’ I’ll be honest, I’ve completely missed drawing anthropomorphic art and characters – so I recreated a dA (to try and avoid idiots) and been drawing a new character

Kizmit pin up

A little something of my ‘Fursona’ Kizmit. I don’t know why I still call her my Fursona, we are nothing alike anymore and I’ve had so many renditions of her it’s both laughable and confusing! I guess a part of me just clings to the idea of have a Fursona,


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