First Date: Ubercorn

Scan 89


Date Report Card
Name of Date: Ubercorn
Date Location: Jet Pad
Date Activities: Netflix and Chill; we ate pizza and listened to music; somehow I don’t think Ubercorn approved of my tastes.
Date Pros: Kind, Caring, Confident, Funny.
Date Cons: Long distance relationship, wildly different tastes (He wanted peppers on the pizza, ew) his talk of travelling made me feel a bit like a left out lemon, comes with attachments.
Second Date?: Wouldn’t be adverse to the idea, but I am not expecting that phone call anytime soon.

Just reposting the “First Date” pictures on here with their report card~


Feb 13th

numbsoul-tradeI’m mostly writing this post so I can avoid writing the next one in my writing challenge – which I started this morning and had a bit of an angst fit over.

But at least I am actually updating with something and getting to share a bit more of my art as well.

This is my half of an art trade with Numbsoul over on deviantart, their character Mellia Apricot.

I don’t have much else to share today, other than I closed down my Weasyl accounts today. Just left a journal pointing to my blog. So, if you see this post and are from there. Hello and my thanks for coming~

I know that face… sorta.

I wasn’t planning on updating the blog today, but the husband took the son for a walk out skaejre-new-sketchso I could do some drawing and this lovely lady turned up. I’ve not visited her in a long time. For those of you that don’t recognise her it’s Skaejre. She was once going to be part of this whole story that I had planned out, but couldn’t ever figure out how to start.

I’ve toyed with the idea of starting the story several times and it’s always when I have a dip in my thoughts that she seems to come crawling.

When I figure out that I am not really a good enough writer to write an entire novel, I flirt with the idea of making one of those ‘Art behind the film’ books and filling it with concept art and ideas and that sort of thing, but I always come to the conclusion that I’m not good enough for that, either – I’ve even thought of doing a Kickstarter/Crowd fund to help keep the idea afloat, but nothing really seems to stick. (That and the fact you have to make a video for a kickstarter put me off the idea completely)

Maybe it’s a sign that I should find a way to expand on this idea again and see what I can come up with to actually do?
I do still cherish this project even if it has been put on hold for the longest time now.
Still, it was lovely to see Skaejre again and I’d love to see some of her companions again as well.

A little break

I just wanted to take a bit of a break from my writing challenge today – mostly because it’ll be a difficult one to write about – but I still wanted to post an update for the blog to attempt to keep things going here.

So I thought I would post a couple of sketches that I’ve managed to do this week.

They’re both out of my comfort zone really, the bust being a World of Warcraft character that I’ve been developing. I’ve not actually played any Warcraft since Cataclysm, but I always enjoyed the characters. She is a draenei/nightelf hybrid. And writing this blog post, I really should reply to the roleplay thread that I’ve got going on with her!

The other picture is for a friend of their UFC rabbit Kekoa and she was a fine fit for drawing a more dynamic pose.

I’m also going to leave my Patreon link here, it’s also at the top of my page. The whole idea of updating this place more often is to help me streamline where I post things online. I am mostly trying to cut down on procrastination time by cutting out some of the places I visit. Although I don’t want to make my art anything exclusive and only post it to Patreon, it would be nice to have a bit of support to say, ‘You’re doing good.’
So, I’ll be updating here, twitter, Patreon (obviously) and facebook – with the occasional art trade going into my dA gallery or
I honestly don’t know about leaving dA because quite honestly, it’s been a part of my life for 14 years (I think) and I’ve visited most days since then. I just don’t know if I have it in me to leave it behind just yet? It’s something to consider. I really need to have a long, deep think about some of the things I want in life and see if they marry up with the things that I can actually do.

Art Trades and the ingratitude of Furrys

Sorry I have been a bit on the quiet side lately. It’s mostly because I have been focusing my attention and time on drawing various things.

I took on a fair amount of art trades from various places on the internet. DeviantArt, Furaffinity and FA Forums mostly. And for the most part they have been pretty fun and I’ve had a blast drawing for people. I have noticed a trend though.

There is no real enthusiasm from people. Just a quick and cheap ‘Thanks’ and then move on. I don’t think that this is a reflection on my own art, as when I’ve looked at other pieces of artwork that have been given to the same person the reaction is the same.

And then there is always the unavoidable drama that comes with drawing for furrys!

I did an art trade with Jahpan on deviantArt and asked to draw their character, Hikari. This is the reference picture I was given:


We agreed on a bust trade, because I am not so hot at drawing Feral characters. And this was what I gave them.


I was told that what I gave them was unacceptable as I didn’t draw the character correctly. There was no asking if I could correct the image. Just that there were some flaws and it was unacceptable.


Do people not have manners these days? When partaking in an art trade, no other artist will draw your character 100% correctly. There will be some changes – I for one was a little worried about the tone of my colours, because they are a bit stronger than in the reference picture.
But to state that the picture is so far removed from their character that they can’t accept it… to me it speaks more like they’re fishing for free artwork, but there we go.

So, seeing as the artwork I produced clearly isn’t their character – I mean, these parts of that I got wrong of the character are essential parts of her design that my artwork is a misrepresentation.


I decided I’d keep the character that I drew (Not her one, because as stated, I drew another character) for myself. With a few obvious edits to make her not of someones own original species.

So there we have it.

Ungrateful furrys make me so angry! I don’t know what’s happened to people in the fandom, but they seem to have gotten worse – as if that was actually possible.

I feel like I should add here another reason why I feel justified keep the character. I have done my half of this particular trade and got nothing in return. I’ve not been given anything in return for what I have drawn. Seeing as Jahpan has blocked me now, I cannot say this to her. Needless to say, after this drama, I won’t be getting anything either! Despite the fact that I’ve spent my limited time on the artwork – I get nothing. And that’s not fair.

I’m my own biggest fan – part 6

Cenobites first picture

I know we all have to start somewhere with our art, but even so I am a bit embarrassed to even share this one with everyone so publicly.

It’s the first picture of my first furry character, then called Cenobite, I changed his name to Torquemada. Mostly to give him a bit more originality and after the priest that Lance Henriksen plays in The Pit and the Pendulum (something else that I should blog about at some point) If it’s not glaringly obvious by the background, he was made as a Hellraiser fan character. A furry, but also a cenobite. He has developed a bit since his first design, trying out several different designs along the way – but he has always kept the Hellraiser/Cenobite aesthetic to him. The whole long leather skirt and tortured look.

At one point he featured a lot of nails in his design, mostly in his cheeks and shoulders. One aspect of his design that I like and have tried to keep is barbed wire wrapped around his tail as well as as many piercings  and hooks I can fit into his ears as possible – these often take the form of spikes and chains.


Torquemada took a fair while to pin down a finalised design for. I remember changing him up a lot before I settled with a final look – even than I changed his scars/wounds a bit after settling on his design.


I added the insulting image of an inverted cross to his forehead in order to irritate another of my characters; Priest – which is something that remains on his still. The spiked collar was added purely to ‘take the piss’ out of those who go for more Gothic attire. Not because I dislike the subculture, but because I believe that’s what Cenobites would actually do if they ever met a ‘Goth.’

I now tend to draw Torquemada topless, on order to show off the Y morticians wound on his chest, and in a long leather skirt.


Despite being one of my oldest characters I’ve never done that much with him. I’ve not commissioned artwork of him as much as some of my other characters, but he is a character that I still hold dear to my heart, he has been with me since 2002 and is the oldest of my furry characters – which is maybe why he feels so special to me, but they all feel special and long serving at this point.

When is comes to his nature, he isn’t exactly a nice character. He is the one that preys upon all my others – which I think fits with the fact he is meant to be a chihuahua. I’ve never actually met a nice chihuahua! He has turned into a character that has come to represent my fears and everything that holds me back in my life. I strongly believe we are our worst enemies in life. I cling to him and he, in his own way, keeps me safe.

Everything about me wishes that I could be rid of everything that he represents; my anger, depression and anxieties. But he still offers some sort of misplaced comfort.