Hi guys,

Been a bit again. It seems whenever I resolved to update the blog more often I forget about it and have to do some sort of grovelling whenever I do come to post here. So maybe I should just stop trying to make that dedicated effort and just post whenever inspiration hits!

After a good while of feeling a bit empty on the fangirling front, I got myself back into my oldest fandom; Aliens.

It’s not a fandom that I tend to do much visual stuff over, mostly becuase I am intimidated by the metric fuck-ton of good artists out there that can do the series justice.

Instead, I write bad fanfiction for it. Haha.

I’ve recently started something called the ‘My 500 words’ challenge. Which is exactly that. You write 500 words a day, at the very least. This is to help me try and get back into the habit of writing again. Fanfiction used to be the thing that kept me going and I’ve been pretty neglectful over it in favour of drawing in recent years. But I felt like picking the hobby up again; especially after the last bout of drama and honestly, I just get a bit pissed off with everything furry. This isn’t anything new. I’ll go back to it at some point, I usually do. I’m just fed up of the imature mentality behind the vasy majority of the furry fandom so I’ll just… leave it be.

So, because of the 500 word challenge, I’ve been doing pretty well at getting things churned out. I’ve written the first of many flash fictions with Lucreace; we’ve got a prompt list and are writing some short stories to go with them. She for 40k Space Marines and I for Aliens. Giving ourselves a 2500 word limit and a week (more or less) to get something done. I’ve only done one, but it’s been a good challenge so far and I am enjoying it greatly – I now have an idea for this weeks challenge so I’m going to get right on it after this blog post.

I’m working on Hudsons Escape again. I’ll write more about this fiction in another post, cause I have a lot to say about it!

Also in the works is another Aliens fiction; Unchartered World, it started off as just an exersize in free writing but I got a belter of a review on it, so I feel like I should do some more with it! But I honestly have no idea where to take it! Whoops!!

I’ve also stepped up as moderator for the Aliens Fans group on dA. Hoping to get a few contests going there soon. Hurrah!

Scan 35


This is the last thing I drew, it’s a picture of Ripley. I’d love to have more time to draw and write, but being a Mum time is one precious comodity. Right now I am enjoying this Aliens high and am intending on keeping it going for a long, long time. When I do more stuff I’ll share it with you here, but it’ll probably be in the form of links to fanfiction.

I tried 3D stuff, but my laptop cried itself into oblivion over the rendering this time around. Not sure why! I might have to try it on the husbands PC at some point, see if I can get something going there instead.

Until next time.


A tragic day for Fangirl

hudson_armorI feel that it would be somewhat insensitive to shout out “Game over, man, Game over.” But I guess that is what Bill Paxton was most known for – especially among us Aliens Fans.

I was saddened to hear of his recent passing – being the Aliens, Hudson and Bill Paxton fan that I am. The man himself, may not have found his performance in Aliens all that much to write home about, but he is a character that has very much stuck out to me over the years I have adored Aliens. I will ever be grateful for him for his portrayal of on of my all time favourite characters.

Although, my adoration for him as an actor really came out when I watched Big Love. A HBO TV series about polygamy in which Bill Paxton plays… Bill Henrickson, a man married to three women through the sanctity of plural marriage according to Mormon religion. Showing us a different view on the practise and it’s all to real feeling trials – a series that gets you so invested in the characters and lives of Bill and his wives. One minute you love a character, then you hate them, when you’re sympathetic. But they’re all connected to Bill, who Bill plays superbly.

severenThere are of course other films in his career that have stood out to me personally. Severen in Near Dark springs instantly to mind. Another, very different role for Paxton. And another absolutely wonderful character brought to life through his talent.

I’ve never experienced an actor that I truly adored passing away before and I know how it feels for others now. It’s not a nice thing to experience and honestly, I just want to go curl up with my Aliens DVD now – even though it’ll never really feel the same watching it again.

It seems so sudden and out of no where. 61 is no age at all and it feels a little too soon for him to have left us.

Hello everyone~

How are we today?

I am trying to kickstart my creativity again by attempting to write some Aliens flash fictions. Just some short extracts of about 500-1000 words. This might be a little long compared to others, but I don’t think Flash Fiction has a widely accepted length.

It’ll just be some simple, easy things to get my writing going again, seeing as I have been lacking in that department. Actually, I feel like I have been lacking creativity in most departments of my life as of late, so it’ll be good to get things up and going again.

So, if anyone has any prompts they’d like to suggest please let me know?

I have a list saved, but would be great to get some personal ones as well.


Every once in a while it’s nice to treat yourself – so when I saw this particular treat on ebay for sale I just couldn’t help myself. A while ago I used to be a real avid statue/model collector and loved having them all on display. Sadly, those days have pretty much gone by the wayside and I just have a select few left.

Namely, Pinhead, Spock and a really strange Hudson model that my friend Jason brought for me.
Thinking about it, all these models that I have left were gifts.
Pinhead from John Heyhurst from my University days.
Spock, from my sister – for reasons.
And I’ve mentioned Hudson already.

So, they’ll be a nice happy family once I have my shelf on the top floor sorted out!

Some Sketches



I am so far out of practise drawing with a pencil it’s not funny!! I’ll have to try harder to keep up with things, this is just getting silly!

These are some sketches from the other day.

The top one, obviously, Hicks – because I am still on a high of him!
The bottom one, I thought to myself that I only really draw the marines from Aliens, why never anyone else, why not give some of the other characters some lovin’.
Well, while drawing Burke, I realised that was because I mostly hate him and he doesn’t really deserve fan art. He’s just has the sort of face and hair style that reminds me of my old friend Matt, so he was all I could think about while drawing him. It brought up some bad stuff. That and Burke is a grade A burk! I guess the name says it all for me with him. Still, it was pretty good to draw someone other than a Marine for a change!
Other characters, Ripley for example, I should pay more attention to really. She is awesome!

Flavour of the week.

Somehow, this week I am on an Aliens high again – I guess now it’s only normal for me to swing back around to the franchise. To Quote, “You’ve been a part of my life I don’t remember anything else,”

It comes because I finally remembered to upload the first chapter of a fanfiction I was writing on FF.net. Something I won’t bother updating again in a hurry, but you know.

As such I have been struggling hell and high water with DAZ 3D and getting my Hicks model looking right.


(Image is far to bleached, cause I lighting failed)



Working with face shapes and getting them looking right is pretty difficult, but working with them when you’re trying to get them looking like someone famous is even harder. I know this guy isn’t right just yet but I’m working on it slowly – when I get the time.

I’m waiting for another render to finish now. Hopefully that one will look a little better.
Eventually I’d like to render some of the other cast. Maybe get a Hudson/Hicks picture done sometime! Would be a laugh, but a lot of hard work initially!

Either way, I like working with Hicks, there is plenty of angst to work through. Heh, maybe I should stick Aliens on tonight to wind down. It’s been good few months since I’ve given myself the time to watch it. I always say I will but never get round to it. I mean, I don’t need to watch it as it’s more or less committed to memory!

No2And the render finished.

I’ll post more tomorrow, got to take the dog for a walk!

The hardest question – Aliens

At University the other day we were asked a series of questions. Hard ones at that.

“What is your favourite film?”
“What is the film that means the most to you?”
“What is your favourite song?”
“What song means the most to you?”
“What is your favourite book?”
“What book means the most to you?”

And so on for other things, classical music, art, artist, etc.

Then the hardest question.


I’ve never really sat back and actually thought about why some of my favourite things get the title.
Last night… I had a revelation.

“What is the film that means the most to you?”



I don’t remember exactly how old I was, maybe 11 when I first read an Aliens Comic Book. My sister used to check them out of the library when we visited with my mother. I remember the comic book being Aliens: Labyrinth. I don’t even know if I read all of it or not, seeing as it was my sister that got the book out, not me. But there was that lasting impression of it etched into my mind. Skip then to a family holiday in Florida. (I was still 11)
There was the excitement of being there most certainly! Yet more so for there being a new ride The ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter. While having nothing to do with the Aliens Franchise – It was originally intended to be based upon the Alien movie, but due to the series being rated R it was scrapped and made more child friendly. It is that ride that changed my way of thinking.
I think that was the first time in my life I’d ever experienced fear, upon leaving the ride I was in tears, utterly terrified of what I had witnessed.

That doesn’t explain why Aliens means so much to me entirely though.
That ride (Which was removed in 2003 for being to intense for young children, shock horror!) was the start of it all. The start of discovering what the Aliens world was all about. I had that itch, despite the fear.

There is another reason though.
As someone aspiring to be the next best character designer, Aliens has it all.
There is such a jumbled mash of characters in the film that I cannot help but adore it.

From the loud-mouthed braggart of the Hudson to his absolute counterpart the calm and level-headed Dwayne Hicks. Throw in the emotionally tormented Ellen Ripley – who between the film Alien and Aliens has lost everything in her life that she holds dear – and the one that gives her meaning again; Newt. The incompetent Lt Gorman and the over confident, trigger-happy Vasquez. The inhuman-in-body Bishop, and the inhuman-in-action Carter Burke.
Of course there are other characters that I have failed to mention, not because they are non-descript and not because they’re overshadowed.
All of these characters are expertly written, designed and created, be it through their written banter to one another or their actions throughout the film.
To me, they all represent the fragility and uncertainty of human life, but thats a different conversation entirely!

That is something that I can only aspire too.

I just felt that I should elaborate on my reasonings, even if just to myself.


I finally got round to seeing this film.
It had been on my hit-list for a while; but time and energies hadn’t allowed me to see it. I’ve heard all manner of things about this movie, both good, bad and indifferent so I’ve also been  little apprehensive about it as well.
In my mind I somehow remember that it was being heralded as the prequel too Alien but somewhere along the line Ridley Scott changed his mind and wanted it to be something original (but set in the same world) Now, Alien is one of those films that is so iconic that it must be difficult to escape the shadow of. I think that it where Prometheus falls flat on it’s face. The film seems so disjointed it can really be felt that the writing got flipped on it’s ass pat way through; there is too much connection with Alien and the world of Alien that it cannot be cleverly masked beneath a slightly different aesthetic. I mean, if it wasn’t meant to be connected with Alien, why throw in Weyland Corporation? I know that sounds like one hell of a negative and as much as I would love to have such a strong opinion as that about Prometheus, I don’t. I honestly cannot make my mind up about it.

On the one hand I’d really like to hate it for the unanswered and obvious plot failings, dreadful one-dimensional and childish characters. The constant trying to find connection with Alien; seeing it only to have it denied was a bit of a pit fall as well.
Yet, I don’t actually hate the film. I can’t bring myself to hate it as much as certain other movies in the franchise. Let’s not tar my blog with mention of AvP 

So, why did I like it?
It’s a very aesthetically appealing movie.
I like the explanation of the Space Jockey and I somehow feel that we’ve only just begun to scratch the surface of the things. There is actually something very ethereal and pleasing about the design of the Engineer. I kinda feel like someone said; “No Giger, we want something beautiful to contrast with your creation.”
This worked for me. Especially when they show how it degrades and “infects” planets with it’s DNA. Begs the question of if that was Earth at the beginning of the movie, and if they changed their minds because they’ve seen how much of a plague we have become?

There was something else, and maybe it was because I was mostly drunk off red wine at this point, but I found the scene near the end where the Engineer has his foray with the giant face hugger  Trilobite very traumatic. I mean, here is the last of the species (As we know it) that created us fighting and becoming impregnated by the one creature that is known to put the shits up us.
Actually, reflecting on it; can anyone else see links between that and the deleted scene in which Holloway and Shaw fight and then have sex?

(Maybe it’s because I know Giger was involved, but I found these scene mildly erotic)
There really is no doubt about it, Prometheus is one of those films that will sit on my shelf for a long time before I bother watching it again; but there is also something about it that I just want to return to; and it’s not David.
Which is another point entirely, this character… exceptionally well played, but certainly no Bishop. Fassbender plays the part of synthetic well but the characters motivations confuse me. I still don’t know why he poisoned Holloway, other than the fact that he asked how far the man would go to get his answers? Maybe that is all there is to it, David wanted to help Holloway find his answers in death? Or possibly a “Fountain of Youth” deal was going on.
Vickers was awesome… and I was glad that her humanity was questioned when it came to the “robot” question of her, as it was my own question about her. She certainly acted that idea well and I am still questioning her. David was called a son by Weyland, why not have a daughter programmed as well?
I think what Prometheus needs and could really benefit with is another part to it, I don’t know if this is in hand or not. I’ve not looked.
I’d certainly like to know more about the Engineers.
(What’s that? You want to know more about well-muscled space men? That’s not like you!)
I feel like I’m just like the talkings and rumours that I’d heard even before seeing the film; I don’t know what to make of it and I cannot give a strong opinion on the film other than it has me baffled.
Neither good nor bad, but I don’t want to label it as average either.
I may have to betray my own words and watch it again and see what I make of it a second time around.