Ah. There is it!

This is a bit of a follow-up to this post, something that I wrote back in the middle of 2016, expressing my disappointment that Rambo V appeared to have been stomped on and no longer in production.

I can happily say that this isn’t the case any longer and Rambo V has not only been confirmed, but filming has begun – the source for this. Stallones personal instagram account!

I am somewhat confused about the whole Cowboy aesthetic that Rambo has chosen to go for, but still excited about what the next instalment will involve for the Vietnam War-Vet.

Not sure I’d recognise him in a line up.

The name ‘Rambo V: Last Blood’ suggest that this is going to be Rambos last bad-ass outing; pitching him up against a Mexican Sex Trafficking Cartel.

I am a big fan of the older films (And more-so the book that First Blood was based on) and that flavour of Rambo is the one that I like, so I am really hesitant to say that I am excited to see Rambo V; but the Cowboy look does make a lot of sense, seeing as where Rambo IV finished the story – with him returning home. I am intrigued by the storyline and to see the character development (And possibly deconstruction)

I said in my previous post that I enjoyed how Rambo IV left the series and that’s still the case. Rambo V does feel a bit like picking at a healing scab; I’m not sure it’s a good idea. Unless Rambo V can give such a good conclusion as its previous instalment did. Maybe it is time for the films to conclude in a similar way that the novel did? Although, that wouldn’t be a very fulfilling viewing.

Which, leaves me to think a little more about the plot – I don’t think it’ll be anything ground breaking. Rambo rescues a girl. I think this is the tried and tested plot for Rambo since Rambo: First Blood Part II. Find and extract someone in trouble; vietname war-vets, old friends (Trautman) and Aid workers. It’s just a new dose of trouble for Rambo to get himself involved with.

Why does it always rain on me?

And how does John get himself involved in this trouble?

A woman that is an old family friend – described as someone who it ‘like a sister’ to Rambo; I do find this a little mind-boggling. How could Rambo have found some to fill such a vital role in his life while he was off capturing snakes for a living in Thailand? That’s something I am looking forward to seeing too.

My thoughts on it all are very mixed; I am both excited and hesitant.

But, I think mostly excited!


Wait until I catch my breath

I was doing an innocent little search on my phone earlier – looking for some information to confirm a suspicion or two – when I stumbled across some information that has just made today a whole lot better.

Rambo V has been announced and I hear is in the works.

This is especially exciting news for Fangirl, cause this is her main fangirly obsession!


Already I have heard people saying “Stallone can’t act. Stop doing sequels.” ect. I don’t understand why people feel it’s right to judge something before they have even given it a chance? I am the first one to admit Rambo 3 didn’t really do it for me and it’s the least watched DVD in the set.

I came across this with Robocop as well, people so judgemental and resistant to the idea of change that they lash out against it.

Obviously, I am thrilled and well over the moon about the announcement of Rambo V and cannot wait to hear more about the plot. I am a little worried about the way Stallone treats the character, I really hope that he sticks with the feel of Rambo from First Blood and Rambo 4 – rather than the gun happy, pro-American loppiness that seemed to take over in the middle ground. You know, I really have faith in Stallone here. His work on Expendables really stepped up the gear for action movies and if anyone knows Rambo it’s Stallone – I even think he has successfully stolen the character from it’s original source.

So yes, Happy Fangirl all around.

International what day now!?

According to the wonderfully reliable source that is Twitter, apparently yesterday was ‘International Fangirl Day.’ If I had known sooner then I would certainly have made a bigger celebration of it. The fact that at Thirty I am still able to be a fangirl is such a wonderful thing. No. Really it is!

The fact that I am often away with the fairies creating my own things is just wonderful for me. I love living inside my own head and making war and peace and anything else that I could possibly think of.

And honestly, at the moment it feels great to be here again.
I feel inspired, able to draw and take on the world with my craziness – just because it’s fun. It’s imaginary.

I guess that last part sums it all up for me. It’s make believe. It’s creativity. I know where the line is and I cross it with my thoughts, but I don’t think I am of the mind to go stalking people or anything!


But seeing as this is meant to be about fangirling and the things that I am reminded of in the past I should get onto a topic I can talk about. Last night I watched ‘Robocop’. The newest installation of the films, I recall being a bit of a fan of the original but rather than approach the new films with any sort of anticipation or horror I was rather excited. Unlike a lot of people out there I don’t have any issues with remakes as long as they bring something new to the table – I believe I made a point of how the remake of Total Recall seemed like a carbon copy.

While the back bone of Robocop is still the same – they take Alex Murphy’s dying corpse and put it in a machine and call him Robocop – the story does greatly differ from the original. The whole feel of the movies are different. The original having a much more grungy feel to it, while the newer has a sleek Sci-Fi feel to it. Which just goes to show the difference in trends when the films were created. Sci-Fi back in the 80’s was a lot dirtier, I mean look at Terminator and then compare it to the new Star Trek movies¬†and you’ll see what I mean. (Or you should) So as a remake or a ‘reboot’ of the franchise it certainly works. As an action film, I am not so certain. It had it’s moments and it’s explosions of course, but I feel it was a little lighter on this ground than it could have been, maybe I am just being to much of an action-whore here? Feel free to disagree. I enjoyed the action that was there, but couldn’t help but feel I wanted more.


I think it was a simple think that was lacking in the film and it’s something I have mentioned before. That all important ‘Fuck Yeah.’ If I remember correctly, in the original Robocop there was a lot of rather awesome action quotes that just made you root for Robocop – I mean, this metal, walking human was pretty cool to begin with, but when you add that onto such cheesy lines as; “You move, Creep.” and “Dead or alive, you are coming with me.” it was epic.

There seemed to be a reversal in the movies as well. In the original Robocop is plagued with memories of his humanity and who he used to be and tries to get that back, but his family has moved on when he figures it all out. In the newer he retains knowledge of his humanity and his family wants to be a part of his life and it’s embraced, rejected and then comes full circle. All in all they’re both great movies, I personally lean towards the older ones, but that is because I simply love 80s/90s action flicks!