Ah. There is it!

This is a bit of a follow-up to this post, something that I wrote back in the middle of 2016, expressing my disappointment that Rambo V appeared to have been stomped on and no longer in production.

I can happily say that this isn’t the case any longer and Rambo V has not only been confirmed, but filming has begun – the source for this. Stallones personal instagram account!

I am somewhat confused about the whole Cowboy aesthetic that Rambo has chosen to go for, but still excited about what the next instalment will involve for the Vietnam War-Vet.

Not sure I’d recognise him in a line up.

The name ‘Rambo V: Last Blood’ suggest that this is going to be Rambos last bad-ass outing; pitching him up against a Mexican Sex Trafficking Cartel.

I am a big fan of the older films (And more-so the book that First Blood was based on) and that flavour of Rambo is the one that I like, so I am really hesitant to say that I am excited to see Rambo V; but the Cowboy look does make a lot of sense, seeing as where Rambo IV finished the story – with him returning home. I am intrigued by the storyline and to see the character development (And possibly deconstruction)

I said in my previous post that I enjoyed how Rambo IV left the series and that’s still the case. Rambo V does feel a bit like picking at a healing scab; I’m not sure it’s a good idea. Unless Rambo V can give such a good conclusion as its previous instalment did. Maybe it is time for the films to conclude in a similar way that the novel did? Although, that wouldn’t be a very fulfilling viewing.

Which, leaves me to think a little more about the plot – I don’t think it’ll be anything ground breaking. Rambo rescues a girl. I think this is the tried and tested plot for Rambo since Rambo: First Blood Part II. Find and extract someone in trouble; vietname war-vets, old friends (Trautman) and Aid workers. It’s just a new dose of trouble for Rambo to get himself involved with.

Why does it always rain on me?

And how does John get himself involved in this trouble?

A woman that is an old family friend – described as someone who it ‘like a sister’ to Rambo; I do find this a little mind-boggling. How could Rambo have found some to fill such a vital role in his life while he was off capturing snakes for a living in Thailand? That’s something I am looking forward to seeing too.

My thoughts on it all are very mixed; I am both excited and hesitant.

But, I think mostly excited!

The Raid

(Original artwork by: Jock)

It’s been a while since I wrote anything about something I’ve recently watched.

I admit, then I first came across this movie I wasn’t overly convinced that it would be any good. I recall the trailer for it just looked terrible – giving the briefest outline for a plot and showing what looked like really poor quality film.

Still, when a friend recommends something it’s usually a good gesture to at least give it a try. So when Tom said that he and Shakahnna really enjoyed this film, that’s what I did. I gave it the benefit of the doubt and put it on my LoveFilm list.

I am glad I did.

Not for any spectacularly profound plot or any other such nonsense, rather for the glorious amount of enjoyable ass-kicking.

The plots pretty basic – a SWAT team go covertly into a building full of thuggy-baddies, get spotted and have to clear them out in order to get to the boss they’re trying to arrest. Everything goes wrong – but that’s where all the entertainment is!
There are the typical and really predictable plot twists – the corruption in the police force, the rookie SWAT team, the insider, the friendly resident in the building – but you know, when you watch the film you really don’t mind these glaringly obvious plot elements because you’re waiting to see the next wonderfully choreographed fight scene.
These really do steal the show, they’re perfectly put together dance sequences, and they look brilliant. Even the two against one final fight is masterfully pieced together, so really just watch the film for them – but then again why would you watch a film like this for any other reason?
You don’t need character development in every movie, and I think in this particular case it would just slow the action down. I rarely say that about movies as I adore character driven plot, but in this case I think it best to just enjoy the action and what character driven stuff there is in the obvious plot.
What’s not so hot about the movie. There is a Hollywood remake due. Hmmm. Not sure what to think about that, I don’t think the action needs to be more actiony, I don’t think the plot needs any elements adding as they’d just be a distraction from what the movie is intended to be – an ass kicker!
Honestly, it brought back memories of watching and playing Street Fighter – especially the double team fight against one bad-guy.


Expendables 2

I had the great pleasure last night of going to the cinema to see the second Expendables movie.
While I can’t do a deep and meaningful review of the film due to my rather horrendously biased opinion.
I can say that it didn’t disapoint.
It was like the first Expendables, but with added cheese and corny one liners.

The longer apperence of some actors in the film was an added bonus. In particular the explaination of Chuck Norris and the snake bite.

In contrast to this, it was a little sad that Jet Li wasn’t kicking about as much.

And although I was dubious at first to see a female character involved with the team, there wasn’t the horrific romantic sub-plot there which I dread the moment some boobes get involved. The character was actually well writting and placed without being over-stated or under rated. Well played.

There were a lot of references to other films that actors had been in which was a real treat; seeing as most of these films are ones that I am a particular fan of. If you don’t get the references then the question has to be asked of why the hell you’re watching Expendables in the first place really.

Another part of particular favour was getting to watch Jason Statham dressed as a priest kicking all sorts of ass in horrifically violent ways. I don’t know what it is about me, but I have always, always liked seeing Priests kick ass!

There were a lot of parts to the movie that made us laugh. Church driving a personal favourite car of mine for example, was a real hoot. The exchanging of personal quotes.

I don’t want to say too much or I’ll get a hoard of people bitching at me about spoilers and the likes. I personally liked it. But any film where I can get a good look at Stallone, see his rather nice body, admire some well built muscle, remember that he is 40 years my senior and still think; “I wouldn’t say no.”

Personal favourite… probably the tank called Bad Attitude. That was an inspired stroke of genius!

What I’m saying really is go see the film. Enjoy it for what it is. Lavish in the amount of awesome and explosion. Just don’t expect anything really profound!