Nature Abstract – 250717


I managed to get a this piece of artwork signed off today – as in, my signature has been put on it so there is no more work to go into it.

In the beginning I was all excited about being able to collage found objects and be able to get something natural into my paintings. I recall mentioning that I have always felt a bit guilty that I am not a more ‘outdoorsy’ person – the lure of technology has always had it’s hand over me more than is necessary, So when I came across the idea of putting things that I found while walking the dog, or pushing my son about in his pushchair, I was thrilled.

I still am in a sense. Overall, I am pleased that I managed to pull the idea off and not just get distracted by another idea or start a second painting in this ‘series’ without finishing this one – an all to real concern in my humble opinion – don’t get me wrong, I often have several paintings on the go at once, but I like to keep them to individual ideas, rather than letting one get swept away as another jolt of inspiration comes swooping in.

Also, in this painting is a colour I managed to pick up from the local Hobbycraft store, which I absolutely love! It’s called Pistachio and it’s a System 3, Daler Rowney. I picked it up from a box of paints that were on sale so I got it for a song too. I think it helps to bring a bit more light to the painting. I always feel a bit more ‘enlightened’ when I find a useful colour that I know I will use in future paintings.

The next image I have planned in this nature abstract series will involve some items that I managed to get from the beach while on vacation in Sutton on Sea, so I am hoping to create something with a bit more of a seaside feel to it.

Until next time



Nature Update


I’ve made a bit of progress on this painting over the past few days, so I wanted to give it a quick share today, so I can show you as it progresses.

Although, I must admit, although we have come this far, I am unsure on what steps to take next with it. For the time being, I have put it to one side so that I can keep coming back to it and asking where we should go next. I think that’s something that I have always struggled with when painting. When you’re faced with a part you’re not sure about, what do you do next? How do you know what the next step to take is? Especially when you’re fond on something and don’t want to face ruining it!
I’ve become rather attached to the ‘dribble’ effect that I’ve put in some of my other paintings, but I just don’t think that it would fit with this particular one. So, I’ll keep trying things out on other images and see if I think any of them would work with this one – as that’s the only thing I think will work at the moment..

If you have any advice or suggestions, as always, I would love to hear them.


Coming together


Hi everyone~

Today, I’d like to share my latest work in progress piece with you.

You know how I’ve been chattering about how to get natures influence into my paintings? Well, I cam across the idea that I could collage actual elements of nature into my artwork. In a similar way as this painting. Using found artefacts – leaves, twigs, stones and bricks, etc – as a part of the background for the image.


I then painted over the whole thing in a singular colour and added some sand to parts of the wet paint. I’m not really sure if I should paint over everything the next time I try thing out, I’ll have to have a think when the painting has been finished, I think there might be something ‘better’ in leaving the natural colours in some elements; like the bigger pieces of wood.

Also, not sure if No Nails is the best adhesive to use for artwork, so if anyone has any suggestions there, I am all ears.

As always, comments and thoughts are welcome and appreciated.


New Abstract Artwork


Hi everyone~

I just wanted to share my latest art work with you all.
It’s another experimental piece from Abstracts: Techniques and Textures. I am swearing by this book at the moment! The background was created using watered down acrylic with just some dribbles over the top.
I honestly loved the way of working with the background and I’ve a few canvases left that I would like to try some different colours – maybe some darker ones, just to see how they work out.
I also really feel like this whole, dribbling effect is a ‘thing’ that I have adopted. I’ve used it in pretty much all the abstract work I have done so far. Seeing as it is so comfortable, I am thinking that it is a technique that I have ‘adopted’ for my works. Naturally, I can’t really judge too much as I’ve not really done that much work like this yet. It’s a case of seeing what I like and what sticks over time so that all this translates into ‘me’ and ‘my art style.’



Second Steps



I’m trying my best to keep the art thing going! Trying something new here and there when I can. And, so far, I think it seems to be going all right. With every painting, I feel like I am getting a step closer towards where I want to be.

Although, again, I am not entirely happy, nor am I entirely sad, about this painting. There are some thing that I tried out that I’d never thought about before. Whenever someone mentions the word collage to me I can instantly feel a sense of distaste for it. I just think of spending forever cutting out bits of paper and sticking them to other bits of paper in the hopes that they look halfway decent. I never thought for a second that collage could involve sticking things to a canvas and painting in, around and over them for different textures.

Even when I was sticking pieces of tinfoil onto the canvas, I was still thinking ‘This is stupid.’ Like, that voice in me is always telling me negative things – but I think a period of resistance when it comes to art is really normal. It’s certainly something I have read about in The Artists Way. If you’re feeling creatively stuck, I really recommend this book as a course of action, by the way. It’s something I refer back to every now and again when I am feeling especially bad about how everything is going.

I’ve another WIP on the go now, which you can see over on my Patreon feed. So if you’re inclined you can go have a peek over there too for more exciting stuff. I’ll share the final results with you over here soon enough.

Thanks for joining me on my journey so far~


First steps – Acrylic Painting on Canvas

I mentioned in my first post that I checked a book out from the library – Abstract Art: Techniques and Textures – well, I managed to find a little bit of time this week to give one of the ‘lessons’ a go.


I think a big part of this journey for me is finding something that the book keeps referring to as ‘Visual signature.’ A style of painting and process that is completely and undeniably me. It’s something that I feel I have been lacking in my art for a very, very long time. In the past I have always used references in one form or another and while I don’t think that this is as ‘bad practise’ as the art community I was once a member of believes, I still feel pretty unremarkable because of it.

I know, I know. How is following instructions in a book any different, right? Well, I think because the lessons in this book are really open – it encourages you to do things in your own way and not just follow the instructions to the letter and copy what you see. It gives you the basic techniques, but lets you interpret them in your own way. Which is something that I feel I was looking for in an artistic workbook. A helping hand in finding my own voice. There are a lot more exercises in the book which I’ll be working through that’s for sure!

As for this first painting exercise, I’m not so sure about it. It was a fun experiment and it was actually rather enjoyable watching how the contrasting colours worked and dribbled through one another. I’ll probably try something else like it again at some point, but I don’t feel that it was quite right for me personally – but I am looking forward to having another flick through the book and seeing if there is a technique that resonates more with me than this way of working did.

Please let me know what you think in the comments?


New paintings? 

I managed to get out in the garden this morning and do some painting. It’s been a fair while since I did anything creative like this, so it was good fun again.

It involves a lot of water and making a mess, so the husband will probably be mortified when I tell him what I have been up too! 

What I enjoy about this process is the fact that it can be so quick and still produce some good results. It can be a bit hit and miss because it involves spraying water over paint and then waiting to see what happens! Sometimes a canvas turns out brilliantly and looks really good and well blended. Other times it turns into a horrible mess and you just end up either having to white wash the canvas or throwing it away.

A couple of these are looking rather promising already – but I’ll have to see what happens when nature takes its course during the drying phase! It’s a big part of why I paint outside; other than to avoid the mess of paint on the carpets, but seeing what that days weather does to the drying paint. It only takes the smallest breeze to push the paint in a way that wasn’t expected. Which is why the wet WIP pictures can look so different to the finished pieces.

I think the darker of the pictures will need some reworking and probably another layer or two to cover the canvas texture, but the other two are looking rather promising so far.

What do you all think? 

I’d love to hear your thoughts.