Nature Abstract – 250717

I managed to get a this piece of artwork signed off today - as in, my signature has been put on it so there is no more work to go into it. In the beginning I was all excited about being able to collage found objects and be able to get something natural into my... Continue Reading →

Coming together

Hi everyone~ Today, I'd like to share my latest work in progress piece with you. You know how I've been chattering about how to get natures influence into my paintings? Well, I cam across the idea that I could collage actual elements of nature into my artwork. In a similar way as this painting. Using... Continue Reading →

New Abstract Artwork

Hi everyone~ I just wanted to share my latest art work with you all. It's another experimental piece from Abstracts: Techniques and Textures. I am swearing by this book at the moment! The background was created using watered down acrylic with just some dribbles over the top. I honestly loved the way of working with... Continue Reading →

First steps – Acrylic Painting on Canvas

I mentioned in my first post that I checked a book out from the library - Abstract Art: Techniques and Textures - well, I managed to find a little bit of time this week to give one of the 'lessons' a go. I think a big part of this journey for me is finding something that... Continue Reading →

New paintings? 

I managed to get out in the garden this morning and do some painting. It's been a fair while since I did anything creative like this, so it was good fun again. It involves a lot of water and making a mess, so the husband will probably be mortified when I tell him what I... Continue Reading →

Check Fish

I initially spoke about this image in a rather popular post called Teasing Composition, and that feels like a while ago now. So it really was high time that this painting got itself finished - and seeing as paintings don't get finished on their own I needed to give it a helping hand. And you know... Continue Reading →

Works in Progress

I wasn't intending to blog today, but seeing as the internet has gone off yet again, I shall see what I can come up with to write. The day has only really just started – I am expecting a visit from the Health Visitor so they can check up on how Marcus is doing; which... Continue Reading →

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