Water Colours – 280717

Hello everyone. I just wanted to write a quick blog post and share a I know up card with you all. I had some miniature success over on Instagram when I shared the images in my previous post. I expressed my interest in making some greetings cards out of them and have a few positive... Continue Reading →

Water Colours – 270717

Good morning everyone, I'm really pleased with these artistic offerings! They are the continuation of my previous post. As I mentioned in that post, finding a way for Watercolours to work for me hasn't been easy - I think this is mostly because my experiences with Watercolours have been painting landscapes and trying to get... Continue Reading →

Nature Abstract – 250717

I managed to get a this piece of artwork signed off today - as in, my signature has been put on it so there is no more work to go into it. In the beginning I was all excited about being able to collage found objects and be able to get something natural into my... Continue Reading →

Finally, some finished works

As you can probably tell, I've been somewhat inspired these past few days to keep trying my hand at abstract artwork. It's not really something I have considered before now, but I find that I am enjoying it more and more - even looking at others abstract works and seeing if I can figure out... Continue Reading →


Hi everyone Just a quick update this one. A background that I came up with today that I'm still searching for inspiration for on what to put on top of it! But I am sure I'll come up with something fun and interesting soon. I'm still thinking about my nature piece as well. So maybe... Continue Reading →

Searching my Feelings

Hi everyone Seeing as I've put my Nature Image to the side for the time being, I decided to try and do something different. Sort of. I repeated a process of working that I enjoyed the first time around, but this time I wanted to actually think about something more personal and see if that... Continue Reading →

Coming together

Hi everyone~ Today, I'd like to share my latest work in progress piece with you. You know how I've been chattering about how to get natures influence into my paintings? Well, I cam across the idea that I could collage actual elements of nature into my artwork. In a similar way as this painting. Using... Continue Reading →

New Abstract Artwork

Hi everyone~ I just wanted to share my latest art work with you all. It's another experimental piece from Abstracts: Techniques and Textures. I am swearing by this book at the moment! The background was created using watered down acrylic with just some dribbles over the top. I honestly loved the way of working with... Continue Reading →

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