It’s Great to Create

I was sent an email from Jon Burgermans mailing list about this book and because I am always tempted to pick up my pens and start the doodle artwork again, I thought it might be worth giving this book a try. I also thought that the idea inside might help feed and inspiremy character   artwork too.

I’ve only had a really quick flick so far, mostly because Marcus wanted to have a peep too and I don’t think he is quite ready for this level of artwork yet, but what I have seen so far just see,s to be a lot of fun! Fun is an aspect in my art that I don’t ever feel like I have been able to capture so hopefully some of the ideas in this book will help bring that out in me.

And since writing this, Marcus has picked up the book three times, so maybe he is ready for some of the ideas in it?

I’ll report and share some of the results if/when I do them.


Water Colours – 280717

img_0413Hello everyone.

I just wanted to write a quick blog post and share a I know up card with you all. I had some miniature success over on Instagram when I shared the images in my previous post.

I expressed my interest in making some greetings cards out of them and have a few positive comments. I’ve ordered a few different style cards from Amazon, but seeing as they’ll take a while to arrive and I was enthusiastic and excited about the idea I popped into town today and found a stall on Bury Market that sold what I was looking for in the ways of card making. And here we are!

I’ve not set up a store or anything yet, as I’ve only got this one finished (my other paintings were too big for the windows, unfortunately) but as soon as I have a handful finished I’ll get something set up.



Finally, some finished works


As you can probably tell, I’ve been somewhat inspired these past few days to keep trying my hand at abstract artwork.

It’s not really something I have considered before now, but I find that I am enjoying it more and more – even looking at others abstract works and seeing if I can figure out how they’re made, what techniques other artists have used and seeing if that could translate somehow to my own way of working.

I’ve also got some new ideas for nature inspired works – I know I still need to finish off the first one but it’s good to have more ideas in the back of the mind – so it’s all feeling pretty exciting at the moment.


I am away from home next week, so I don’t think I’ll be able to paint but I should be going to a local exhibition so I’ll try and write about that instead.

I’ll also be looking into setting up some sort of online store in the non-to-distant future, as my studio room is looking rather full of finished canvas’ now and I don’t have the wall space to keep them all, so be on the look out for that soon!

Exciting times ahead!


Searching my Feelings


Hi everyone

Seeing as I’ve put my Nature Image to the side for the time being, I decided to try and do something different. Sort of. I repeated a process of working that I enjoyed the first time around, but this time I wanted to actually think about something more personal and see if that was reflected in what came out. I think it certainly had an impact on what I was doing and the choices of colour I picked.

Since the birth of my son, my body has naturally changed and this is something that I have struggled with a lot. A part of me knows that I should embrace my scars and love what they represent; but at the same time, I hate the way I look now; especially when I try some of my old clothes on and they don’t fit or hang the way they used too. Or worse, cling to the parts of me that will never be the same again.

So, I wanted to paint something that would bring out these feelings in a visual way. The image is what came out – or the Work in Progress of it at any rate. The painting is now drying and needs to be signed off, but I think its more or less finished. I might do some touch up work on a few spots that I don’t like the look of; regardless, I’ll share the finished results with you as soon as I can get outside and photograph it properly. (It’s been a bit rainy today)


New Abstract Artwork


Hi everyone~

I just wanted to share my latest art work with you all.
It’s another experimental piece from Abstracts: Techniques and Textures. I am swearing by this book at the moment! The background was created using watered down acrylic with just some dribbles over the top.
I honestly loved the way of working with the background and I’ve a few canvases left that I would like to try some different colours – maybe some darker ones, just to see how they work out.
I also really feel like this whole, dribbling effect is a ‘thing’ that I have adopted. I’ve used it in pretty much all the abstract work I have done so far. Seeing as it is so comfortable, I am thinking that it is a technique that I have ‘adopted’ for my works. Naturally, I can’t really judge too much as I’ve not really done that much work like this yet. It’s a case of seeing what I like and what sticks over time so that all this translates into ‘me’ and ‘my art style.’



Patreon Video

Hi everyone!

I finally bit the bullet and overcame some stumbling blocks and made myself an introduction video for my Patreon page. I’ve never done anything like this before, so it was a bit of a test when it came to figuring it all out! But I am really proud of myself for having made this step with everything.

I feel like, with every step that I take on this journey, that I am growing as a person. It’s all being a challenge for me, but one that I am finding myself enjoying more and more with each day. I find that I have been looking at things differently; certainly appreciating what I do find a lot more too.

I just felt that I should share the video on here as well – even though it is a little cringy to watch and in a few weeks I’ll hate it an probably want to readdress it again.


Second Steps



I’m trying my best to keep the art thing going! Trying something new here and there when I can. And, so far, I think it seems to be going all right. With every painting, I feel like I am getting a step closer towards where I want to be.

Although, again, I am not entirely happy, nor am I entirely sad, about this painting. There are some thing that I tried out that I’d never thought about before. Whenever someone mentions the word collage to me I can instantly feel a sense of distaste for it. I just think of spending forever cutting out bits of paper and sticking them to other bits of paper in the hopes that they look halfway decent. I never thought for a second that collage could involve sticking things to a canvas and painting in, around and over them for different textures.

Even when I was sticking pieces of tinfoil onto the canvas, I was still thinking ‘This is stupid.’ Like, that voice in me is always telling me negative things – but I think a period of resistance when it comes to art is really normal. It’s certainly something I have read about in The Artists Way. If you’re feeling creatively stuck, I really recommend this book as a course of action, by the way. It’s something I refer back to every now and again when I am feeling especially bad about how everything is going.

I’ve another WIP on the go now, which you can see over on my Patreon feed. So if you’re inclined you can go have a peek over there too for more exciting stuff. I’ll share the final results with you over here soon enough.

Thanks for joining me on my journey so far~