Ongoing Projects

Here I list the projects that I currently have going on, on the painting table. I handy to-do list of miniatures and armies that I am currently working on. Something for everyone to get excited about!

  • Blood Guard – My Home Brew Space Marine Chapter, started originally about 8 years ago. I have a lot of this project still to paint!
  • Mortifactors – The Marines from the Shadowspear Boxed set painted up like the successor chapter the Mortifactors; they’re really cool!
  • Daemons – A small Age of Sigmar force. 10 Bloodletters and 5 Khorne Dogs left to paint!
  • Cities of Sigmar – A fairly new army that is growing and being painted.
  • Astra Militarum – A small force originally to ally with Lord Commander Eloths Space Wolves, not actively being expanded aside a few models here and there.
  • Lizardmen – An Oldhammer/Fantasy Battle force I collected before Age of Sigmar was released, still a few models left to paint for this, but not overly active on them now Cities has been released
  • Odd and Ends – I sometimes buy random miniatures to paint, you can find them here.

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