Remember Wherever you go on sea or on land, you can’t ever hide from…

We all have to start on our journeys somewhere, and while I was thinking about where mine started, I actually thought of the wrong person, his entry will probably be coming along tomorrow if I can steal the time to update or Monday if not.

Then, suddenly, it dawned on me, for the longest time I have had a brother.

The most foul, vile, horrible, grog swilling brother anyone could ever hope for. Not, not only is it myself that has announced that we have a brother, my flesh and blood sister agrees as well.

His name, is Largo LeGrande.

That’s him there!
He is from the Amiga Game, Monkey Island 2, LeChucks Revenge. These we’re family games that we played when we were younger. I don’t recall our exact age, but we hadn’t moved house yet so we must have been pretty young.
My sister and I have always been pretty creative types, and I really hope she isn’t mad that I am writing this about us. Anyway, somehow we adopted Largo into our family unit and he has stayed there ever since. Last year, 2010, she did a painting for me of a couple of my original characters, Wars and Beee, and Largo was with them. This picture is now hung up on my wall in front of me as I type this out!

However what really sticks out about my fangirling over Largo was a very small joint story we wrote in which Largo sits down next to an unsuspecting civilian and would like one of his sandwiches. I believe the pasage went along the lines of;

Largo: “Give me one of your sandwiches.”
Civilian: “What’s the magic word?”
Largo: “Now!”

We weren’t very old, but that certainly was genius!

I don’t believe I ever really had a crush on Largo and I don’t believe my sister did either, but he was certain something special that we let into our lives and he has lodged himself there ever since never to let go again.



The fact that I’ve not had a blog since 2004ish concerns me somewhat. Most of them have died a bit of a death and are possibly still about somewhere rotting in the vast nothingness of the interspace.

So what is this place all about?
Honestly, I have no idea right now.

It’ll most likely just be my rambling thoughts and mush of the random things that I fangirl over. As that seems to be what makes up a lot of my life and thoughts!
That’s not to say that I am unhappy in my real life, I am, maybe a bit lonely at times after just moving to a new city and not knowing many people but that’ll change over time. No problems there.

A bit more about me, I am currently an Unemployed Student doing a BA in Illustration at Lincoln University, and my brain is possessed with the voices of fictional characters. I feel that I should be worried by this, but these voices are a comfort to me most of the time. Getting them to be quiet can be a bit of a pain, but acceptance that they are there is one of the harder hurdles to get over, which as you can read it well behind me.
What do they tell me? Well, Authors have their original characters talking to them all the time, telling them stories which they put onto paper. It’s a well known and common thing that a lot of authors admit to.
The difference to mine, is that these voices are already existing characters out there and well known by the general public, or some of them are anyway.
Some of them speak louder at times than others… how did we get onto this anyway?
You are probably now thinking that I am a bit mental, which is mostly true!!

But when you are compelled to do something and resist it, but it gets through the nets anyway, you do go a bit mad.
I think this blog may be used to keep some of that madness at bay!