It always, always makes me happy when someone else joins in on my fangirling.

I’ve not made a full post about him yet, but this little gem of overheard conversation from my weekend away made me laugh.

After spending the week away from him and his arrival at the front door, my boyfriend arrives.

My father announces his arrival by shouting;
“Jenn, the love of your life is here.”

To which Dave, my sisters boyfriend, replies with.
“Who, Hudson?”


Serious business.

I am happy too report that this blog now has it’s own url.

Update your favourites!

[Edit] This information is now outdated.

Weekly Necromunda Report: 2

Sadly, there isn’t actually anything new to report this week as I have been away from my models. There is a lot of planning going on; a lot of ideas flowing to make up for the numbers in my gang. I believe there is a Grammaton cleric on the way, or possibly Malcom Reynolds.
However, there feels like there is something lacking in these ideas. They aren’t classic action heroy enough for the gang idea.
I need an idea; I feel like there is something vital that I have missed or over looked.

I’ll put my finger on it eventually.
Until then, I shall keep working on the guys that I do have.

I am happy to report that they are now base sprayed.

The one in which I confess I am Married to a fictional character.

Like all Fangirls, I have a fictional husband. The announcement and confession of being married isn’t an easy one. What does it even mean? Honestly, I don’t really have much of a clue. The conversation came about with fellow fangirl Toni Pledger, who told me all about her fangirly life. About her long term marriage to Freddy Krueger. It was an absolute thrill to hear that there was someone who is just as badly fangirly as I am. Asking her all about her fangirly life was interesting; the levels she has gone to with her husband amaze me. Freddy is her life.
She then asked me the dreaded question.

“BlackFace: Well who’s the one guy you’d drop anything and be like omfg for? xD”

It took a fair amount of ebbing out of me who that is. There are more people who know this now and it really isn’t that much of a secret any more.

What does it mean to be married? It means that you think about this particular character above all others that you fangirl over. It means that this character completely takes over your mind; no matter what your mind is on. It means that you collect and horde anything and everything about them. It means that you dedicate a very large part of your life to them. Everything to do with them.

While out today looking at some things for sale in an auction, I happened across a collection of knives. I laughed to myself as I looked over the various designs and picked out a modern one. Black handled, fairly long blade. It wasn’t overly impressive really. The compass in the handle made me smile, but it wasn’t something that I am really interested in. Until I saw the name. It was a Rambo knife.

Which gives away the name of my Fictional Husband.

A picture, just in case you are a little slow.

I wasn’t entirely ready for the hardship that came with being connected with such a complicated man; I am certainly still learning. Love isn’t something that comes easy to the guy, which is completely understandable. I wasn’t even certain how to approach and let my intentions known, so again Miss Krueger comes in handy and pushes me in that direction.

You say, “So, now we know why I am husbandless!”
BlackFace: But still, damn good movie, and he’s not hard on the eyes. o-o Bodywise.
BlackFace: Because you’re scared of admitting you’re married to Rambo?
You say, “Pretty much.”
BlackFace grabs her and Rambo and puts rings on fingers >D
BlackFace: There
BlackFace: Now you’re not 8D
BlackFace: Girl, don’t be ashamed of who you love.

So now I no longer am.
Which is why I have made this confession now.
Future posts may not be as confusing, or as evasive about some facts on my fangirlings.
It may have been obvious to some of my readers. I may have just out right told them!

I didn’t intend for this post to be posted so soon and wanted to continue with nostalgia. Handling that knife earlier today though gave me the opening I needed to announce my confession.

In relation to my last post..

I am actually away from where I normally post right now, which is why updates have been pretty slim. Staying with my parents is always a good time; I am now back in the house I grew up in. Tomorrow I have to sort out some of my old things, which is going to be a blast! No doubt I will be reminded more things to post about.

However in relation to my last post. We played the Indiana Jones game on the Wii. Beating up Germans with a piano, fighting them with plates and a whole host of other things, and just plain shooting them was great fun! Difficult, but fun. I do not own a Wii-Box so it is a rather big treat for me to play it, and getting to be Indiana Jenny again was just so much fun!

I shall update again with a bigger post as when I can think of something new that I want to confess; and have a bit more time.

Dr Jones, Dr Jones, Calling Dr Jones

They say that the first is the best and the hardest to get over, and mine is really no exception to this rule. I don’t recall exactly how old I was when I fell for the amazing Dr. Jones, but fall hard I did. I think like a lot of other women; who can’t resist a bit of Dr. Jones?

Naturally, with the age I was, I expressed my adoration in a mimic way. I had this straw hat with a blue band, a brown denim jacket, brown cords, a pretty neat fake bull-whip, which I am sure I still have somewhere! And called myself Indiana Jenny. It was pretty fun times all round really.

I even still have my Diary, which contains my own version of the Grail Diary from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. This diary also has a record of how many Gecko’s I was on a family holiday, which I don’t think has anything to do with anything at all!

I was a really big fan of the original three films, and as you can imagine, I was really hyped about the newer film coming out a few years ago. Sadly, I had let go of Dr. Jones by then, but it was really good to see him in action again even though the film left a lot to be desired. (In my humble opinion)
Still, to me, Dr Jones will always be the lost boy scout who belongs in a museum!

Being a fangirl over Dr Jones also taught me a valuable lesson in fangirling. Never get your hopes up. In my youth I can to the realization that Dr. Jones would never be real, no matter how much I wanted him to be. He would never come and save me from the mundane reality that was real life. Coming to that was actually pretty depressing at the time. Now however, I know that as long as I have a bit of fun with the people I fangirl over and that my obsessions inspire me and keep me creative and having fun; then they have done all that they can.

Thanks for the fun times Dr. Jones, and for the very valuable lesson in Fangirling.

"Will you read my Fanfiction?"

Believe it or not, I get asked this question a fair amount. Maybe it’s because I have been on for a long time? I don’t know why I get asked it, but I do.

My answer is always going to be the same; and I feel a bit mean for it, but my answer is always going to be a big, fat, NO.

“But Fangirl, your the Queen of Fangirls, thats mean.” I hear you cry!
And yes, it is seeing as people read mine and give me a review on the odd occasion and sometimes they even give me great tips and hints to improve my writing skills. All this is appreciated, although I don’t always read my reviews until months later cause I don’t tend to lurk on my Fanfiction account page, I just upload my stuff then move on to either write some more or just do something else for a while.
I don’t return the favour, I would love for me to have a reason or an excuse; like I don’t have the time or people don’t write stuff that I am interested in.

So why don’t I?
I guess it just comes down to the fact that whenever I have read Fanfiction 95% of it is crap.
Sorry, but that is just the hard boiled truth of it.

  • As far as I can tell, not many Fanfiction writers have the ability to get inside the head of another persons character and keep them In Character and true to themselves.
  • Also I really, really dislike slash. Homosexuality in homosexual characters is absolutely fine. However when you get say, Cloud bumming Sephiroth or Zack or… anyone really, it just doesn’t settle with me. Or Chris butt fucking Wesker, I’m sorry, just no. I mean, having Wesker wear a lilac shirt in the movie was bad enough character translation!
  • Poorly thought out characters make me want to cry. Sure; everyone likes getting the hot guy or girl, but no one is perfect. Yet so many Original Characters to go in these Fanfictions are. It makes me sad.
  • Personally, I have not seen an anime series for years. So there is often a topic or interest clash, but now I am just making up excuses.

Reading Fanfiction most often makes me rage. So why do I write it? By no means is my stuff perfect.
I write Fanfiction, because I find it fun. I put it on as an archive of my writing, nothing more.

Gosh, one day I’ll get the post I intended to write up!
Soz for rant!