A timeline of a recent project from start to near finish.


I will devour you.

There is no point in hiding, or trying to be coy about this. I once had the biiggest crush on Pinhead going. I actually still have it going somewhere in the darkest pits of my soul. To the point where I cannot listen to Disturbed and not mention the Cenobites. I swear, Disturbed are endorced by Leviathan.
Once upon a time, when I wasn’t afraid of the world or going to these places, I went to London Sci-Fi and Comic Convention and heard Pinhead giving a talk (Read as Doug Bradley) This was an absolute highlight of my life. He answered questions on the movie, said a few Pinhead quotes and even answered the inevitable “Will you read my fan-script?” question with grace.
After the talk he did a book signing; his book is actually pretty fascinatng about the history of stage and film make-up. Interesting, if you like that sort of thing. (Obviously, I do) I got to ask Doug about how he found working with Lance Henriksen; so to speak of Lance to Doug was pretty fun; but honestly I was mostly star-struck throughout.
The moment of my life, the reason I shall die happy soon followed. I got to have my photograph taken with Mr. Bradley; and had my hand on his ass.
A true moment of fangirly glory!
Oh Leviathan, your whore is not worthy!!

An Innocent Man – Guest Post

So, here I am, back again in the realm of fangirling. Ah it’s good to be back and distracted from what I am supposed to be doing.
There are differences this time, I have to admit. I seem to have breached the stereotype of long white haired bad asses, Khan, I’m looking at you. This time the one who’s caught my eye is a completely clueless, yet rather adorable angel type going by the name of Castiel (Supernatural). I’ll not go into all the gruesome details of the discussion I had with Jenn on here but we both came to the same conclusion, we are both suckers for an innocent.
Her current obsession, Alistair (Dragon Age) is so hopelessly naïve with ladies that it verges on embarrassment. The diverting of innuendo via the use of how great cheese is and the wonderful advantages of licking lamp-posts in winter with all the social ease of the clueless is somehow endearing.

Castiel is no different, I refer of course to episode Free to be You and Me, in which Dean drags, and I mean drags, Castiel to a ‘den of iniquity’ so he can lose his virginity before he dies. What follows is a cringe-worthy scene as Dean tries to get the clueless angel laid. He fails, miserably and Cas remains his clueless self. Bless. Cas’s appeal, to me at least, comes from his lack of knowledge of how to act around humans. He does try, I mean, really try, but he just falls short of the mark. Of course, he is also physically very attractive, and a bad-ass to boot which goes a long way to make me fangirl!

Negotiated Project Update

A work in progress update for my Negotiated Brief.
I am deigning characters for a childrens book version of The War of the Worlds.

So far I have been working on The Journalist.

I started by refining the design of the characters face. My first process is always to use a sketchbook to draw as many different heads as I can. I then choose one of these to develop further. (Pictured above)

Clothing designs.

Character well under-way by this stage. Though any changes can still be made.
The next step is to add detail and textures, ready for the final reference sheet which will also include another viewpoint and expression shots.

The one that got away

I always find it a little bit strange to go back to fangirling over something/someone after a break from them. It’s always reassuring, and comforting, but still a little bit strange.

The other night I had a dream about Jeda, this was highly unexpected and seemingly out of nowhere. It wasn’t exactly the most interesting dream, just that the people I was living with found some pictures of Jeda on my ipod and asked about him. That’s all.
I took a great deal of comfort with Jeda, he was very different from the tormented lifestyle that Rhodes had me under; sadly, Jeda didn’t keep the irritable wretch away for very long, but it was nice while it lasted. I was rather taken with his smile.
I think Jeda started something for me as well. The ability to admit my underlying attraction to afforementioned Priests and Templars.

Jeda is originally from a game called Dungeon Fighters Online (Or something to that effect) which I have never actually played, as it is based in another country. However, I did watch the anime series based on it. Arad Senki: Slap up Party. Which was rather interesting. I’ve not watched through an anime series for a fair number of years and going back to it was rather… Wow. Mind shattering!
Jeda mostly served as a bit of comic relief actually, which was rather disapointing. He did have him more serious moments which I prefered from him. I do believe he was also gay. Or percieved that way by the main character (And many viewers) and even more so as a pervert.
Silly anime fans. Priests aren’t like that

(My own art)


Don’t you just love it when your looking at something that is entirely relevant to what you are doing, then you forget about it and it really makes you laugh. It’s even better if you close your laptop down and it restarts up again the next day with all your programs and things going on.

For some reason, I had a page that entailed the anatomy of a penis… this was somehow vital to what I was doing last night.
I think I was drunk!