The background image to my characters party. Done with Ink, brush and Rotring Ink Pen


What do you do…

What do you do when your feeling that little bit disconnected from the world?

Personally, I attach myself to another. Of course this world usually involves some sort of fan girly addiction. Something to obsess over and just generally distract yourself with.

So, where have I been this week?
All over the world!!
Chasing after sunken treasures and mysterious artefacts with non other than the gorgeous Judson Cross

I first discovered Adventure Inc some years ago while either recovering from a hangover one Sunday or while out of my face on various cough syrups. I can’t remember which one it was but I know I was unwell. I know this because while I have never once claimed Adventure Inc to be a brilliant TV series (I have actually often claimed “It’s so bad it’s almost good.”) I have always said it was a decent thing to watch on TV when I couldn’t be bothered to pick up the remote to change the channel.
However I recently (Read as: Months ago) downloaded the series after going off on a bit of a Biehn binge and am still trying to get through the rest of the series.

Despite the series painfully obvious flaws – Lack of Character development, predictable plots and some of the worst effects I have seen in a long time. I cannot help but love the show! It’s cheesy, but I love my cheese! I’d never stomp hard and defend it with any real vigour, but I’m not going to bad mouth the show any further. Actually, if anything I’d never speak about the series cause pretty much next to no-one has heard of the damned thing let alone seen it. I describe it as a “Very poor mans Indiana Jones” Though thus far there has been no sign of a bullwhip. And if your an avid reader of this blog, you’ll know my Fan Girly thoughts on Indiana!

It’s even a show where I actually like the female lead in it! Shocking as that may sound… of course I am envious she gets to cuddle up next to a naked Cross in one episode, but her other exploitations with other men just cancel that out anyway!!

So when I’ve been feeling a bit forlorn this week my ultimate in guilty pleasure has seen me through.

Soundtrack of my years

Well, maybe only the past two.

When you write a 7 – 10k word document on a film you have to pick the right one. You don’t want to pick a film that you’ll get fed up of or loose inspiration to write about after the fifth viewing.

So when I decided to explore a personal favourite film of mine for my University dissertation it was a bit of a gamble. Especially after listening to the sound track a lot up in the studio space. Now I am diving deeper and deeper into the world of Genetic Consumerism, I am loving it. The film in question is none other than Repo! The Genetic Opera. While usually my fangirling has a single and direct focus for a single character at any given point. My obsession with Repo! has taken an entirely different stance. It is the exception to the usual fangirly rulings of the Jenn.

I adore the film for it’s entirety and I never thought for a single moment of making up an OC to fit into the world and be a “self insert” for a particular character; yet I still class myself as a fangirl for the movie. Just proves that it can be done. You don’t have to be reduced to a squealing mess just to appreciate something. Maybe it is because I was introduced to Repo! as an adult and don’t have any real nostalgic feelings towards it just yet. I approach Repo! in an entirely professional manner due to what I have to write about it. So to mix it with blind passion and fangirlism would just be a horrific mistake. Does that mean I love it any less? Not at all!

I guess, if I was forced to choose though, it would totally be Luigi! Love a man with a passion for violence!

Enjoying the party?

Some work in progress scratchboard images for a Cocktail Party. An extension to a Summer Project in which we had to design several characters. We’ve now got to gather these characters together and host a party for them.

As a test and for practise the ferret character was originally drawn and etched into black scratch board.

It was then drawn on the white scratchboard, but I didn’t like the face on the original (right) so re-did the entire process for some better results.

As a part of the party we have to draw a self portrait as a host. Naturally finding a traditional self portrait a little uninspiring. (I feel I am boring to look at, very normal looking person me!) I designed myself as a magpie. As above the black scratchboard version is as a test and to practise the art.

Here is the final version of the Magpie Jenn which will be scanned in and imported into the final cocktail party.

Approaching the final hurdle

By this time next year. I’ll have been a post-graduate for nearly a month. A concept that is frightening and exhilarating all in one. I am thankful that I still have the intervening time to continue my fast-paced learning and build a portfolio worthy of a Final Degree show.

I am currently a Third year Illustration student at The University of Lincoln; this blog is a place to showcase the hard work, dedication and doodles that will come as a result of being such a person in such a place.

The nicest are always the hardest

Sometimes, after I move on from one fangirly obsession to another. I feel the extremest amount of guilt for it. I feel ultimately bad for having to leave someone or something behind and move on to another. Which is sadly something that all fangirls do in the end. No matter how much they want to deny it.

So when you have that obsession; that one that was perceived as the “nice” one. The one that was good to you no matter what you did, and would even forgive you all over again now for going off to someone else if you returned to them. How do you over come that insane feeling of guilt? How do you say. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you?”

If the guy is a complete jerk then it’s fine to say “Screw it, I’m going to obsess over someone else for a few months.” Even if you know it’s going to hurt like hell to return. *eyes Rhodes*

Who was my nicest?

I guess that would be the guy that has been there the longest as well! Which is why I now feel guilty about having moved on. He was nice, in a way that not many would have expected. There was an kinship between us that I don’t even know if I can explain. As many have done in the past; he came to me in a dream. A much welcome dream; which I can still remember vividly to this day. This post actually ties in with my last post. In the fact that they are both from Babylon 5. A series that I still love to this day. Those who know me well enough will now know that I am on about non other than the much loved to be hated Bester.

There is a set of three books released about Bester; which are still among my personal favourite books. Getting to know someone inside your head better than those around you brings about a thrilling feeling of accomplishment!! I know now that this has been written I shall be expressing a desire to re-watch certain episodes of Babylon 5. The fangirling over Bester also brought about another feeling that possesses even the sweetest of Fangirl. Hatred. I hate Byron. With a vile passion. I also dislike Lyta Alexander; but I confess that is just envy. Bester was actively interested in her; whereas I had to upload my conciousness into Laraine for him to show any level of interest.

Maybe I should one day tell my OC’s stories.
I shall have to find my old Bester/Laraine artwork and put it up here.
Laraine is still a very special to me as it is under her name that I met many wonderful people.