Guest: Hunt Emmerson

A squiddy guest for the part. Inspired by the artist Hunt Emmerson, most famous for his work with the Beano.


Guest: Neil Edwards

Another character for the party, inspired by the comic book artist Neil Edwards.

Guest: Clive Barker

As mentioned for our University Summer Project we have had to design several characters; as an extension we’ve had to invite them to a party that we are hosting, (My self portrait is in a post below these ones)

Here is my first guest, a dog inspired by the artwork of Clive Barker


My latest Rambo poster was a little disappointing. As in it was a lot smaller than I thought it would be. So to make up for this fact I brought a couple more for the studio and the smaller one can go up in my room. So it wasn’t entirely a waste!

I finished the second chapter of Death Without End. It’s nice to just let my brain have an idea and run with it.
I re-read one of my posts and remembered the whole. “Don’t like it, get bent,” rant I went on. I think it applies to DWE even more so now.

I also managed to do a bit of drawing today. I finally got started on another Get Your Perv On picture of Solzak for Pure–Morning.

I forgot what else I was going to write, because I left the window open while I got distracted. I’ll write some more here soon.

Death Without End

My craziness got started.

I don’t want to post the typed out version on Blogger, but here is in it’s glory if you’re wanting a read of it.

I never needed approval from anyone but you.

Whenever I think of the song in my title, I automatically wonder if I need anyones approval or not.
I do what I do because I love doing it. That is the only incentive that I will ever need for doing anything. My passion for being a fan girl drives me onwards!

Yet, sometimes.
Just sometimes.
It isn’t enough.

Sometimes I stand like that indecisive suicide jumper at the edge of the cliff and need that little helping hand to jump off..

Maybe that wasn’t the right type of analogy to use. This is nothing like committing suicide. It’s just standing on the edge of something and not entirely certain that I have the confidence to plough right into it head first like I always do!

My OC Kiz, has needed a lot of work on as of late, and while I think I might have an idea to expand her story I don’t know if I have big enough balls to just run with the idea I have had or if I should just have a giggle at myself for being so crazy and move on.

I want a better life for Kiz. I want her to have something that she needs to cling to, to draw strength from while she deals with the abuse of Rhodes. I figure that something could be Rambo? In the craziest crossover ever dreamed up!

Is this a wrong thing for me to do?
Fangirls are meant to be that little bit mental.
Am I going to do it even though I may get flamed to high heaven.

So why the grumbling?

Sometimes, even if the idea is a little far out there it is really nice to hear someone say.
“I’ll support you.”

Crazy insane or insane crazy

As if I wasn’t mad enough.

Fangirl just had the most mental of ideas for a new Fanfiction.

I love crossovers, purely for their down right improbability. I am going to embark on a DotD/Resident Evil/Zombie Apocalypse/Rambo fanfiction.

Awwww Yeah!!