Todays Exploration

Rather similar to last week really. The results of todays random experimentation and exploration with watercolours and inks. I shall try and upload/add some more work later in the week. This week has felt like it has been a little crazy. No change there then.

Art Update

Today I managed to get some time to do some drawing/creating. I've been working a bit on some character designs so that I can use them to play about with various different media. The first character I am using is a rabbit. She was fun to do some sketching of (This is a more refined... Continue Reading →

Second Life Photography

I've recently re-entered the world of Second Life. Mostly through curiosity to see if the game has developed in the years that I've been unable to get onto it. It has, and mostly for the better. I created myself a new avatar; made up of various shopping trips and other peoples work I will admit.... Continue Reading →

Anya Hindmarch 2013 SS Runway Show London Fashion Week ELLE TV

I felt the need to redo my blog. The old one just wasn't connecting with me anymore on an artistic level and I found the developments that had been on there distracting and difficult to transcend rather than enjoyable to look over. There could be a select few images and character designs on there that... Continue Reading →

All this time…

I have been trying to come up with some sort of identity for myself. A representation, or online persona. It's never really worked out for me. I find that I am far to ADD to actually be defined by any one thing, and while a part of me likes the fact that I have so... Continue Reading →

Fantasy Battle

I had my... secondish, ¬†ever game of Fantasy Battle last night. I say isn't, because I don't actually know how many I've really played, they have been so few and far between. It is an odd game, a lot longer and certainly more winded than my usual haunt of 40K. I play Lizardmen, and while... Continue Reading →

Born to Die

So while way this weekend, staying with my parents again. I thought I would be able to start on "Before the Dawn" my Sebastian Vael fanfiction. However I had a bit of a slap in the face from Nathaniel. Who just stormed up to me and demanded that I do some work with him instead. It... Continue Reading →


To try and get myself out of the hugest mental block ever; I emplyed the latest object of my fangirly obsessions. Sebastian Vael; from Dragon Age fame. It feels strange to finally come around to him. I've been quietly observing him for some time, but I can't actually deny it anymore. Sebastian is amazing!... Continue Reading →

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