That guilty feeling

I've always had this weird feeling when I don't draw for a couple of days, even if I have very little inspiration for drawing, that my world is going to completely fall apart if I don't do something. The hardest part of this is my current schedule. I go to University on Thursdays get all... Continue Reading →

Quick gifty post

A very quick, and very sketchy gift for a friend; Squeekbat. I really should sit down and actually do some full illustrations, but this loose painting style has been a fun thing to experiment with; although I think I prefer the greyscale ones in previous posts. Time has just been a little short as of... Continue Reading →

A video-gamers headache

I feel like I should have noticed this fine piece of gaming art sooner, but sadly I am not all that observant when it comes to loading/log in screens. Patch notes are something that I constantly overlook! But, I noticed today. Better late than never! I feel like I am something of an outcast when... Continue Reading →


Another quick image to go with the one I posted on Thursday Yay. Kiz. I managed to get Chapter 5 of Tears and Rain written tonight. I am not sure about how well the chapter reads... writing fight scenes isn't easy. Still, you can click on the link on the sidebar should you wish... Continue Reading →

I can stop the pain…

Oh Lord. OH LORD! What have I done!? Aside from neglect the only fictional man in my life that I've ever felt actually meant something to me! /dramaqueen! I felt like doing a bit of personal drawing today after University; and coming home early from it feeling like a piece of washed-up turd! I am... Continue Reading →

Art Update

Today I managed to get some time to do some drawing/creating. I've been working a bit on some character designs so that I can use them to play about with various different media. The first character I am using is a rabbit. She was fun to do some sketching of (This is a more refined... Continue Reading →

Second Life Photography

I've recently re-entered the world of Second Life. Mostly through curiosity to see if the game has developed in the years that I've been unable to get onto it. It has, and mostly for the better. I created myself a new avatar; made up of various shopping trips and other peoples work I will admit.... Continue Reading →

Anya Hindmarch 2013 SS Runway Show London Fashion Week ELLE TV

I felt the need to redo my blog. The old one just wasn't connecting with me anymore on an artistic level and I found the developments that had been on there distracting and difficult to transcend rather than enjoyable to look over. There could be a select few images and character designs on there that... Continue Reading →

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