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Somehow, this model got missed out in my post about the Paint-a-thon, so I thought I’d do a really quick update post to show him off too (I think he was my best work on the day and not bad for around an hours work.)…

Missed one



I managed to do a bit of self-indulgent drawing today and I got excited and wanted to share them with everyone. It’s always fun drawing the same character over a few times to try and get them looking the same and working out their identifiable…

Shooks: Expression Work



So, yesterday, May 4th, was the day of Heretic Deb and I’s Charity fund-raising ‘Paint-a-thon’ The whole event was livestreamed on Twitch which was pretty awesome and it was wonderful to have some faces dropping in and out throughout the day to keep us encouraged.…

Paint-a-thon: Results



I can see so many things wrong with this, but isn’t that the nature of uploading art to the internet? Always seeing things too late? Just means I can redraw it again in a few months time or so! It’s some more Shooks, because he…

Yet more Shooks

This week’s Fangirl Feature is from Fishy Wargaming Hobby showcase! Share with us: Your favourite images What games/systems are you most interested in/do you collect? Space Crusade was my entry game, setting up a love for boxed games like Space Hulk, Lost Patrol etc in Warhammer…

Fangirl Feature – Fishy Wargaming

Heretic Deb and I have created a crowdfunding page to support friends and family who are undergoing cancer treatment and care – we are going to engage in a 12 hour, non-stop paint-a-thon to raise funds for this most worthy cause! This came about during…




Quick sketch from today, just a real quick ‘on the fly’ update too. Enjoy~

Quick sketch

I’m not going to lie, I find characters wearing glasses tricky! I think it’s because of the lack of personality; there’s no eyes and no expression on them so I don’t know, this picture looks that dull to me. It’s a shame, cause I really…

Shooks – Bust

I’ve been on a bit of a kick lately doing artwork and thinking about my RPG characters. The idea of fleshing them out a bit and drawing them up has been very appealing; so I’ve started with the one that I am currently playing with…

Hunter: Witch Hunter



It’s been a while since I drew something self indulgent – and considering the recent conversations that have come up over on twitter about my own characters, it felt fitting that I finally get something decent drawn of Uthor Exemplaris, the Chaplain (and leader) of…

Blood Guard: Uthor