Smaller update

Dissertation writing has been going well over the weekemd, nearly got the main body of text done; just have a little more to add today then it can be ready by an outside source!

I am currently in the process of selling off a lot of my alts and life items for the gae Furcadia. I adore the game still, I love going on there and chatting with the friends that I have made throughout my years on there. I just don’t need the lifers and alts any more. It was my aim to make £75 out of these items so that I can treat myself after my dissertation writing efforts. Thankfully, I am doing really well and have thus far got £55! Yay!

What do I intend to do with this money?
Well, I am going to fill out my fast attack choices and get a full squad of scout bikes!

Now to get that dissertation finished! 😀


2 Updates in One day. Oh my days!!!

Another Blood Guard portrait.
I feel that this guy really isn’t decorated enough. Not nearly as much as he should be anyway.

He is the Blood Guard Chapter Master after all.

Logan is mostly serious. Mostly irritated about something and happiest in the heat of battle plunging his power fist into something!

It is his prowess that inpires the sheer amount of Power Fists that we have in the chapter!

Hope you don’t mind the influx of these quick sketchy portraits too much, they are quick and fun to do and are very, very long over due.

Because this place is partially a sketch blog as well as my thoughts on various peices of rubish…

I sometimes can feel a bit bad when I go off ona tangent with my fangirliness. I feel that sometimes I should do something involving something else I fangirl over. I’ve not done much with Rambo lately, but when I was I felt bad for not doing anything related to anything else. So at the moment with my being all into my Space Marines; I adore it, but I also feel bad.

I initially started this portrait right after the one of Uthor; but my PC threw a fit and crashed, thus I had to restart.
I am pleased to be getting more of my Chapter drawn out.
Lucas is one of my Tactical Marine Sergeants.
I’ve never drawn him before, but I can understand if some people get him confused with his battle-brother Rafen. Their likeness and facial scars bring about confusion; much to their delight.

I have had preminiary thoughts on a fiction involving him and his brother as well; but I shall have to see what sort of timing I get and all that jazz.
Also, getting up early near killed me!

It’s a little bit funny..

The things that I will do for the laughs.
I was speaking with a friend over MSN earlier about how I thought about making a facebook profile for my Chaplain. (Cause it would be funny) somehow this got twisted into a challenge to let Uthor take over my facebook page for a week. With the added bonus of me getting up at 4am for morning prayer. I have a weeks worth of inspiring quotations.. either scoured off the interwebs or written by yours truely.

So Uthor is pretty much ready to take over, with this snazzy profile picture!
This’ll be fun.

Not that I am obsessed…

With chaplains, but I am.

I really should draw the Blood Guard Chaplain with his helmet on for once… but we actually find Helmets over rated!!

Trying to get some more of my Space Marine Chapter drawn up.
While trying to work on my illustration style a little more.
I like drawing faces these days.
I also like drawing Space Marines.

Power Armor on the other hand.
I do no like drawing.
It is very tricky.

Space Marines are Games Workshops property. I draw them for non-profit fun.

Oh. And Dave, I dunno if I have your most up-to-date number, but my XboxLIVE ID is the name of my most famous Orc. With two additional A’s in the name for good fun!

Serve the Emperor today, Tomorrow you may be dead

This week, I have mostly been fangirling over Space Marines.

I blame this entirely on my Xbox and getting a free trial of Xbox live. The onilne mode of the game is far to much fun, even if I suck completely at it.
Getting to jump about and slam into people as my much loved assault Marine is just so much win and awesome.
It has made me think a lot more about my own Chapter, and the things that I can do with them. I’ve been trying to come up with more of a concept for a story for them. I was pondering the idea of an investigation of Heresy involving their battle-brothers; The Templars of Righteousness.

But, maybe I should just paint some more of them and draw some more of the key characters of the Army. Either way, it should be a lot of fun!!