On Sunday night I had a dream that I had to suck off Dave Lister. 3:45 on Monday Morning and throughout the day I am sick for the first time in many years. Are these two events related?


The hardest part of being a complete LYLO (Live your life Online) is the fact that you become close to people, and then like the wind they change and they’re gone. I have met several people online, well, hundreds more like. Most of the people I know I have known for years. Some I have lost touch with and been reunited later down the road. Some have just vanished off the face of the Earth. It’s not all that reassuring knowing that []

Does anyone else have this?

I don’t know why, but I tend to remember a hell of a lot of the things I do online. I remember pretty much everything that I roleplay out, or most of the people I meet. Even if I do not recall names all the time. I remember one instance of Warcraft, where I was leveling my Hunter. Who is now 85, and this was back before the world changed for Cataclysm. She was one of my first characters as well… just []


For our University summer project we have to design some characters, with taking in influence from other artists. It’s a bit of an odd project, but thus far it has proven to be pretty interesting (When I can get into it.) Today however has me totally transcending the normal. Imagine how difficult it can be to let everything of yourself go. Stop your mind from being grounded and just going to live in a place where nothing makes perfect sense, but it []

Weekly Necromunda Report: 5

I cannot put this any other way. This game of necromunda sucked. Nothing of import happened. The Kings Men got their juve back, no guns were fired, no knives were drawn. No explosions. You don’t know how unhappy that makes me NO EXPLOSIONS!! It just cannot be done in an action film environment. To make up for this catastrophic failure, the Blood Guard are going to kick ass in a 3000 point game against Orks and Tyranids this weekend. We are celebrating []

And all this time I was thinking I was broken

This is a bit more of a heart felt post this one. I have recently noticed that I have a condition. A serious condition, that stems from my childhood. It was something that at times was a real problem for me. It is called Selective Mutism. The short of it is, under certain situations, you cannot speak. Whereas otherwise you normally can. I had no knowledge of this as a child, and now that I am heading towards my thirties, I can []

Weekly Necromunda Report: 4

Although this game happened right after the first fight, I thought I would save posting about it until now. It was the second clash of The Expendables and The Kings Men. Strange battle this one, but another victory for The Expendables, but at something of a cost. John McClane was savagely wounded after going two rounds with two of the Kings Men. (Harry the Hand and “Ratty”) Knocked to the floor, beating and bleeding but not out! You can never keep a []

Weekly Necromunda Report: 3

Before anyone gets on to me about the while thing of this being a weekly report not being weekly, I know, I know. I failed! Onto the report. Finally, after weeks of anticipation, nerves and weapon checking. The first battle was fought. The Expendables took up arms and clashed violently with The Kings Men, a vicious collection of Goliath scum. I can happily report that the battle went awfully well. In the fact that The Kings Men never got a chance to []