Approaching the final hurdle

By this time next year. I’ll have been a post-graduate for nearly a month. A concept that is frightening and exhilarating all in one. I am thankful that I still have the intervening time to continue my fast-paced learning and build a portfolio worthy of a Final Degree show. I am currently a Third year Illustration student at The University of Lincoln; this blog is a place to showcase the hard work, dedication and doodles that will come as a result of []


Oh dear. It looks like I have a lot of catching up to do in regards to blog posts this month. A lot of my fangirling stems from the dreams I have. I feel like they are my subconcious directly influencing who I should fangirl over at an given time. They make me feel connected. So what happens when you dream about a heap of different people in the same dream? It is utterly confusing. Last night, I dreamt about The Doctor, []

Guest Post: Lucreace

*Holds up hand and steps forward* Hi Everyone, My name’s Debbie and I have a confession to make. I’m an obsessive Fan-girl. One thing I have noticed during my travels through the wonderful world of the web is that all fangirls express themselves in different ways. Personally, I tend to write (awful) fan-fiction of an erotic nature, definitely not suitable for minors (or anyone!). I also tend to horde pictures of my victims and keep them in a stash on my trusty []

I hate to complain

I really do, but this is my blog so if I can’t vent my own thoughts here then where can I? I have felt incredibly stale lately. Drawing and writing wise, I seem to have absolutely no ideas left for my last two images for my summer project. I’m incredibly restless and am also having trouble getting to sleep. I’m just not entirely certain on how to break through it all. Forcing myself I suppose; especially with starting in my final year []


Brilliant. I look at some stock photography to further degrade my dA account with drawings of Rambo and can only see Rhodes in the poses I find. I need to purge that man from my existence.

The worst kind of Monster

Waiting for ink to dry on scratchboard is one of the most dull things to do, so I thought I would write a blog post instead of watching it. It’s taken me a while to get to this particular confession. The reason for that is because this one can still hurt. For the longest time I have been completely haunted and tormented… and just by starting to write this post I can feel his oppression looming over me. He is just one []

Long Post

I had a couple of games this weekend. Another training mission against the Templars of Righteousness. It didn’t go overly well, but thankfully the Blood Guard Chaplain Master Uthor Fenix did go up to their Captain and just batter him a new one! Typical of Uthor really, plead ignorance to the mess that their numbers are doing to you Sergeants and go for glory! Still, it was the first time he had made an appearance in his nice new shiny Terminator armour. []