My latest Rambo poster was a little disappointing. As in it was a lot smaller than I thought it would be. So to make up for this fact I brought a couple more for the studio and the smaller one can go up in my room. So it wasn’t entirely a waste! I finished the second chapter of Death Without End. It’s nice to just let my brain have an idea and run with it. I re-read one of my posts and []

I never needed approval from anyone but you.

Whenever I think of the song in my title, I automatically wonder if I need anyones approval or not. I do what I do because I love doing it. That is the only incentive that I will ever need for doing anything. My passion for being a fan girl drives me onwards! Yet, sometimes. Just sometimes. It isn’t enough. Sometimes I stand like that indecisive suicide jumper at the edge of the cliff and need that little helping hand to jump off.. []

Crazy insane or insane crazy

As if I wasn’t mad enough. Fangirl just had the most mental of ideas for a new Fanfiction. I love crossovers, purely for their down right improbability. I am going to embark on a DotD/Resident Evil/Zombie Apocalypse/Rambo fanfiction. Awwww Yeah!! *shot*

Mixed emotion

Today has been a day of ups and downs. Music has got me through the daylight hours; it’s been a little turbulent, but then I guess this is what happens when you suffer from strange mood swings. It felt good to get my nose buried in work earlier on in the day. It was even pretty fun sitting on my own in the studio listening to the wonderful classics that Smooth Radio play. This evening though, hasn’t been as good. I came []

Soundtrack of my years

Well, maybe only the past two. When you write a 7 – 10k word document on a film you have to pick the right one. You don’t want to pick a film that you’ll get fed up of or loose inspiration to write about after the fifth viewing. So when I decided to explore a personal favourite film of mine for my University dissertation it was a bit of a gamble. Especially after listening to the sound track a lot up in []