Out of the Zone

When you have something that you really want to do, but can’t seem to focus on anything other than your brain being all over the place, how do you get back into the zone of it?

How do you calm your thoughts and get on with it all?

I’ve written the first 1.3k words of Tears and Rain. I am hoping to get the first chapter written and uploaded today; if I can concentrate on it.

I had to go shoe shopping today.
I actually hate shopping for clothes and the likes; especially shoes. However all my shoes are either summer shoes or just falling apart and with the weather turning colder I really had little choice in the matter. I also had to buy some new jeans (My ones are covered in paint and falling apart) Of course, I couldn’t leave it at that. Oh No! I had to buy myself a new jacket as well! Flight jacket for the win!! It’ll look ace! Especially with the fluffy boots I brought. Stylin’ it up!

Ah well, back to work.



Whoever said work and pleasure cannot be mixed?

Illustration of Rambo.
Cause I could.

New Brief

We’ve been given a new brief at Uni this week.
An advertisement brief to bring a fresh audience to the seemingly old fashioned product of Spam. We have to use an Alien, Spaceperson and a robot in the advertisement.
It is an interesting adventure so far and I’ve been working mostly on character designs and placement.
I have this simple digital sketch to share as a work in progress

It’ll also show you all how messy my initial sketches and ideas really are!

Tears and Rain

I think it might be the end of an era. I real conclusion.
The more I think about the direction I am heading in with Death without End, the more I believe it is that little bit too far.
I’ve dipped into other fandoms before, and while I adore the places I have been with Death without End, I’m just not certain that it is right.
This doesn’t mean that I am about to quit with the track that I am currently on.
I adore the fact that I was recently (A few months ago) married to Rambo.
Details here: http://www.fangirl.biz/2011/06/one-in-which-i-confess-i-am-married-to.html
Rambo & Kiz taking on the Zombie apocalypse… as fun as it is to write (I may continue with it anyway) it just doesn’t feel right. It feels like it should be more AU rather than canon.

So what’ll happen with Rhodes?
I’ve honestly adored the time that has been spent being tormented by him. I honestly have.
He has been a stable, some sort of comfort in the years gone by. (In a very strange way)
Lately, he’s not been so demanding of me. Even though I can feel his eyes on me right now, burning with their usual intense hatred. I don’t fear it.
It’s a hard thing to admit to someone that you don’t need them any more and that you have found your true purpose; that one that you need to be there for.

I feel now; that my life and time with Rhodes has finally come to an end.

My Death without End has finally come to a close.

What lies ahead?

Nought but Tears and Rain.