How to…

Updated rough for one of the “How to…” Editorial Illustrations. I am yet to play around with my own text, but this []

I feel all warm and squishy inside

I had a couple of reviews on recently. I confess, at first I didn’t even bother reading them even though I saw hat they were there. Why? I expected trolls! When you take a character as high profile as Rambo and write about them in a fictional setting, you don’t expect many people to stand behind you clapping! You expect people to be all the more negative or critical about these your fictions. So after a day of being “Fuck it.” []

My Muse has been working overtime as of late. I really enjoy having him here. I got the second instalment of Tears and Rain written today which I am rather happy about. I also got a contest entry for the delightful Shakahnna started today, which is good. Been meaning to work on it for a while now. I need to get this blog back on track though. I am certain I have my fangirling past list here somewhere, so hopefully I’ll get []


Drawing people/characters naked does not make me a pervert. Okay. Okay! So it does! At least I am comfortable with the fact. []

Out of the Zone

When you have something that you really want to do, but can’t seem to focus on anything other than your brain being all over the place, how do you get back into the zone of it? How do you calm your thoughts and get on with it all? I’ve written the first 1.3k words of Tears and Rain. I am hoping to get the first chapter written and uploaded today; if I can concentrate on it. I had to go shoe shopping []