Internet Detox – Introduction

I went for a walk yesterday with my dog, Barley. Who I believe I introduced in a previous post, and it was horrible. That actual aspect of taking him for a walk was fine, but I felt that something wasn't right. I was avoiding coming back to the house because I realised that all I... Continue Reading →

Hello everyone~

How are we today? I am trying to kickstart my creativity again by attempting to write some Aliens flash fictions. Just some short extracts of about 500-1000 words. This might be a little long compared to others, but I don't think Flash Fiction has a widely accepted length. It'll just be some simple, easy things... Continue Reading →

Who wouldn’t love that face?

Artwork by ZombieCat Sadly, I don't get to spend as much money on commissions now as I used to. Mostly due to quitting my job and not having the income to do so. But sometimes someone offers their services and you just can't resist! I've always wanted to see how The-Zombie-Cat would tackle Nathaniels face.... Continue Reading →

I want to talk to you about Roleplay.

Roleplaying is something that I have done for over half of my life. Once upon a time it actually meant more to me than my real life did. It was the wonderfully, perfect escape that I needed at that point in my life. I could be the most handsome man ever and be the best... Continue Reading →

Some Sketches

I am so far out of practise drawing with a pencil it's not funny!! I'll have to try harder to keep up with things, this is just getting silly! These are some sketches from the other day. The top one, obviously, Hicks - because I am still on a high of him! The bottom one,... Continue Reading →

Flavour of the week.

Somehow, this week I am on an Aliens high again - I guess now it's only normal for me to swing back around to the franchise. To Quote, "You've been a part of my life I don't remember anything else," It comes because I finally remembered to upload the first chapter of a fanfiction I... Continue Reading →


I was recently very lucky to be able to do a swap with Helen over at Helz Illustrates and she sent me a wonderful collection of goodies. Her cards are really cute - I've already written in one to send it on. I enjoyed doing the swap as well, it was a really nice way to... Continue Reading →

Barley Monster

Personal News Hi everyone! So, to blame my lack of blogging success on someone else is a little bit mean, but there is a reason I've not stolen away the time to write on here the past week. I'm point the finger to Barley! He is a 10 week old Lurcher puppy, and he demands... Continue Reading →


Hello WordPress!! My name is Jenn – I am an artist of the doodle variety. I have tried the whole blogging venture before, but never really found to much success with it.  I’ve always come across stumbling blocks that mostly include ‘I don’t have anything  worthwhile to say,’ and I would like to change that... Continue Reading →

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