A further Work in Progres image of Sam “Engaging the Mechanism.” Need to work on some more images of Sam, some pipes []

Working Hard

I’m working so hard this week you wouldn’t believe! University work always has to take priority in my life, as I am certain you can appreciate; but I never want to ever give up doing my own personal fun stuff either. So I just keep on pushing myself and keep cranking things out to share with people on here. Lately I’ve been trying to get back into the furry side of things. I’ve always enjoyed drawing anthro art; it’s how I started []

How to…Update Blogs

    I need to rework my “Small Victories.” piece, as I don’t like the way that is has been cropped down. I think I got a little bit to excited with my scratchboard and moved out of my guidelines (Easily done when over-enthusiastic) but any/all other thoughts and input are more than welcomed.

I’ll find you.

I had a kick in the teeth from Rambo over the weekend, and I wish is was as pleasant as that sounds! He has really been kicking my ass hard to get me to do things with him today and I’ve tried my best to ignore him. (Which I feel terrible about.) I’ve just got a few other things on my plate right now Johnny and I would appreciate a little bit of time to do them! So. I have a question. []