Because this place is partially a sketch blog as well as my thoughts on various peices of rubish… I sometimes can feel []

Serve the Emperor today, Tomorrow you may be dead

This week, I have mostly been fangirling over Space Marines. I blame this entirely on my Xbox and getting a free trial of Xbox live. The onilne mode of the game is far to much fun, even if I suck completely at it.Getting to jump about and slam into people as my much loved assault Marine is just so much win and awesome.It has made me think a lot more about my own Chapter, and the things that I can do with []


Been playing about with drawing people and faces over the past few days. Trying to get over my “fear” for drawing them. []

I think it’s only normal for people to have a crisis of faith in themselves. Honestly, I am no exception to this. My life and emotions are always filled with highs and lows. Right now, after a week of brilliant highs, I am on the crash again. How do I overcome it? Well, I talk with people around me which always helps no end. The rest of the time or when I am struggling to be heard; I use my blog. Right []