I was asked by my husband to write a follow up post to my last entry, which might sound simple, but I'd rather write something a bit more in depth than "We spent the evening sorting out the studio corner together and I feel better now." Which is exactly what we did. I ended up... Continue Reading →

Having a spot of bother

I've been upstairs twice this week - onto the top floor of my house and into my studio space. I haven't been using it lately, but since writing this blog I've actually had the desire to create something... anything! But the top floor has become a bit of a dumping ground for things gathered as... Continue Reading →

The new start

I am currently standing at the forefront of the biggest change in my life. I am six weeks away from giving birth (Roughly, as we can never really predict these things exactly) to my first child. I am in a stable and very loving relationship with my husband - we've been together for nearly 9... Continue Reading →

Where did my confidence go?

I don't know if any one will have noticed (I hope not) but I've been a bad blogger. I've not updated this site since June/July? I could blame this on the fact that I am pregnant now and not had the time nor felt up to the task of updating - or found that I... Continue Reading →

Ana Victoria Calderón Skillshare Course – Part 1

I wasn't going to make an update quite so soon as this, but seeing as my internet is currently being rather intermittent and temperamental with me, I thought I might as well share my discoveries thus far. I recently signed up to a website called Skillshare. It's where various creatives come together to teach their... Continue Reading →

Don’t let the music stop.

I rediscovered something this weekend. Music. I've not listened to it in a while, unless it's in the brief trips we have taken in the car - which was hardly fulfilling. It's amazing how much of an impact music can have on your moods. Lately I admit I have been feeling a bit low and... Continue Reading →

Not everything works.

Sometimes the things we create don't always turn out the way we would like them too. I found that out this week while at Bury Art Society. The theme of this week was to create something from memory or imagination; a rather fun little idea that I thought would be great to try out some... Continue Reading →

The hardest part

I think the hardest part about this whole art and business thing is keeping it all going. As you can see I've not been doing a very good job of it over the past few months. I am very sorry about that. Another part that is very difficult for me is keeping every aspect of... Continue Reading →

A new voice

I've had a new voice lately. It has been wonderful! I've not felt this energised and inspired since Nathaniel Greyson came my way, I can't really put into words how good it has felt to have something to put all my creative energy into again. I have been expanding his story using the 'Snowflake' method... Continue Reading →

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