Is this right?

As a part of enrolling into the Blogging University course about branding and identity and whatnot, a part of which is to look at titled and tag lines and assess what works on the blog and what doesn't, all merry fun and confusing stuff like that! Nothing is ever really simple anymore. But it did... Continue Reading →

Blogging goals.

So I have started a few courses here on WordPress, because I'd like to take my blogging that one step further - I even brought myself a little Asus Transformerbook in order to help me blog more - and one of the suggestions is to write about my blogging goals. I've done this sort of... Continue Reading →

The Best… Worst idea. — toystark

  The Antics of Toy Stark and Friends… Perhaps one of the dumbest ideas I’ve had for a while. It has come to my attention that I own a few collectables/action figures/toys/whatever. None of them are boxed and they live on the mantelpiece at my house. Sometimes, I move them around and make up stories... Continue Reading →

A collaborative effort pt 1

So when Debbie Rushby asked if we could do a collaboration on one of my backgrounds I was more than happy to agree. Especially seeing as I really disliked the way that the background had turned out! Not that people get my unwanted cast offs, I am happy to collaborate with anyone. Though I dare say... Continue Reading →

Check Fish

I initially spoke about this image in a rather popular post called Teasing Composition, and that feels like a while ago now. So it really was high time that this painting got itself finished - and seeing as paintings don't get finished on their own I needed to give it a helping hand. And you know... Continue Reading →

What do I do with you now?

  Well, now that I've created you two, what do I do with you? This is where I've always have a bit of a conundrum with my fine art, especially my paintings. The truth is I am getting a bit of a collection of my own paintings (Which I always forget to sign, I've just... Continue Reading →

Why do I/You paint?

Why do I paint? I've often asked myself this. Why do I create paintings, drawings and write? It's mostly addiction. Not to the process of creating itself, because I personally have taken breaks from the creative process before. But addicted to that strange and often horrible feeling afterwards. That feeling of euphoria that you've created... Continue Reading →

Works in Progress

I wasn't intending to blog today, but seeing as the internet has gone off yet again, I shall see what I can come up with to write. The day has only really just started – I am expecting a visit from the Health Visitor so they can check up on how Marcus is doing; which... Continue Reading →


I am having a bit of a proud moment over here. If you do an image search for “Captain Rhodes” you find a picture of my Original Character Kiz and Rhodes (Day of the Dead) before you find anything of Warmachine. I don't know why, but this makes me feel rather happy! Rhodes has been... Continue Reading →

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