I should really update my illustration blog, but whenever I go to the page to do so, I get distracted by this one. Recently, I have been talking a fair bit about my artstuffs. I have always had these guilt compulsions that I do not draw for other people enough; I do not present my friends with enough gifts or the likes. I realised today, that I do not actually care if I come across as selfish or self absorbed. That sounds []

I was talking with a friend over MSN (I do this a lot) when I just had to blurt out that I love being connected to the art world. I am an artist myself, though my style isn’t something that I overly like to see. Don’t get me wrong. I love what I do!! Yet, I have difficulty drawing some of my characters and the likes due to my style. So what I absolutely love is being able to commission others to []

We all just want to be big Rockstars.

I went to a careers fair today in Lincoln; and while it wasn’t the most productive thing going for me as an Illustrator I did start talking to one of the lovely people on the Rockstar Games stands. Always great to talk to someone about a hobby and passion. Yet, I am always faced with the same sort of thing; be it for tabletop/war gaming or computer gaming. A strange look or questioning glance about if I am really interested or just []

Soul Calibur V

I rarely get angry about things But Soul Calibur 5 is actually making me rage! This weekend I had my sister come over and stay with me, which was epically great fun; rather than going out we opted to buy the new game in the Soul Calibur series. Personally, I have been a ran since Soul Blade on the PSX and still have a copy of all the games on various consoles and I have pretty much enjoyed them all, for better []

Always nice

I have said time and time again. I love it when friends and family support my fangirlings. So, much to my delight, my friend Nicki drew me a picture for Valentines day. Of naked Alistair and it looks absolutely lush! On top of that my bestest-best-best-sister-friend has been writing me some Alistair & Zindrafel cutesy stuff. Squeee. I also put my writing drabble on Fanfiction.net. (Link is on the side bar) As I had that mood I spoke of in my last []

Cold Feet

I just wrote some fanfiction involving my Grey Warden OC and Alistair (DragonAge) and I don’t know if I should submit/uload it anywhere, cause of rabid Alistair fangirls! Which is very unlike me. Normally my cold feet last for a day or so before I get into a “Screw it!!” mood, but this time… I really am scared of them!!

Some more work in progress. I decided after doing this that I need to draw mouths more.