Just a couple of art things


Just a couple of sketchy things today.
Thought I may as well share them on there, seeing as I made my previous blog post about him.
Not really done much else to report.
Might try doing some writing later.
Then again.
I might not.



A little something on a Galaxy far far away

I’ve been elsewhere lately. Sorry.

For some reason, I’ve always reserved judgement on the world of Star Wars. For a few reasons itleft a bitter taste in my mouth.
I wasn’t alive for the first rush and fangasm it caused when it was first released, and when I saw the “new” films I just couldn’t attach myself to it; aside a brief fascination during one holiday at Wells-Next-to-Sea thanks to a plastic head of Anakin Skywalker that once contained sweets…

I always thought I would hold-up that barrier between Star Wars and Star Trek and pitch for the Trek side of things

I am now going to hold up my hand and say, I was wrong.
Not that I am now batting for the other side, but I can honestly say that I have let them both well and truely into my heart.

Thanks to non-other than Star Wars: The Old Republic.

I am a sucker for online games (Even though I am anti-social as fuck and never group with people) I love the fact that you can create an identity, and really run with it. Creating a character to fit in anothers world. Character creation has always been a personal favourite.

Thus, Thaeli was born

My Imperial Intelligence Agent, a Zabrak – The same species as Darth Maul, who lets face it, was really the best thing to come out of The Phantom Muppet!

It’s interesting to wander around the server and the Imperial Fleet and see that pretty much all the other Zabrak players are force users (Including Thaelis younger brother Khasul) leaving him pretty angry and pissed off at the world for being the underdog of his species; but still managing to be pretty badass in his own right while faithfully serving the Empire.

What I also really like about the Agent character is the fact that you specialise in deception, subtulty, seduction and assasination. To the point where the character changes his voice while undercover. It’s the attention to small details that I like. Once again, well played Bioware.

I part of me feels like I should extend and be creative with this character beyond what is offered in game — which is actually considerable for an MMO, especially with the Legacy (A kind-of mini-guild thinger) we shall see. I am still crawling myself out of the strange pit that I have been in at the moment.


A sad, sad day,

Today, I had to block someone on Fanfiction.net.
I find this a sad fact. I’ve been on FF.net for ten years now, and I’ve had my ups and downs on the site.
Today, I had to block a troll.

Trolling is something that I have never really understood, what do people really get out of doing it?

Expendables 2

I had the great pleasure last night of going to the cinema to see the second Expendables movie.
While I can’t do a deep and meaningful review of the film due to my rather horrendously biased opinion.
I can say that it didn’t disapoint.
It was like the first Expendables, but with added cheese and corny one liners.

The longer apperence of some actors in the film was an added bonus. In particular the explaination of Chuck Norris and the snake bite.

In contrast to this, it was a little sad that Jet Li wasn’t kicking about as much.

And although I was dubious at first to see a female character involved with the team, there wasn’t the horrific romantic sub-plot there which I dread the moment some boobes get involved. The character was actually well writting and placed without being over-stated or under rated. Well played.

There were a lot of references to other films that actors had been in which was a real treat; seeing as most of these films are ones that I am a particular fan of. If you don’t get the references then the question has to be asked of why the hell you’re watching Expendables in the first place really.

Another part of particular favour was getting to watch Jason Statham dressed as a priest kicking all sorts of ass in horrifically violent ways. I don’t know what it is about me, but I have always, always liked seeing Priests kick ass!

There were a lot of parts to the movie that made us laugh. Church driving a personal favourite car of mine for example, was a real hoot. The exchanging of personal quotes.

I don’t want to say too much or I’ll get a hoard of people bitching at me about spoilers and the likes. I personally liked it. But any film where I can get a good look at Stallone, see his rather nice body, admire some well built muscle, remember that he is 40 years my senior and still think; “I wouldn’t say no.”

Personal favourite… probably the tank called Bad Attitude. That was an inspired stroke of genius!

What I’m saying really is go see the film. Enjoy it for what it is. Lavish in the amount of awesome and explosion. Just don’t expect anything really profound!

A note on stuborn

So I realised yesterday that I am actually that little bit too stuborn for my own good.

I knew that there was some information lurking in the depths of my mind. I knew it was half known, but needed to do some research on it.
It took me two hours to find this information out.
I looked on the net, in books had to do some downloading.
All for the sake of a 100 word paragraph in the Inquisitors Handbook.
Just so that I could get something right in one of my fanfictions.

Rather than just turn to my partner and ask him.

Pride and stuborn.
Bad combination.