Spam Final Submission

Final submission for the Spam project.


I feel all warm and squishy inside

I had a couple of reviews on recently. I confess, at first I didn’t even bother reading them even though I saw hat they were there. Why? I expected trolls! When you take a character as high profile as Rambo and write about them in a fictional setting, you don’t expect many people to stand behind you clapping! You expect people to be all the more negative or critical about these your fictions.

So after a day of being “Fuck it.” I read them. They were completely the opposite of what I was expecting, they were encouraging and asking me to continue. Or that the one shot was well written and interesting character development.

It just made me smile to know that there is a little bit of support and love out there for what I am doing with my spare time, even though it would have changed nothing if they were them nasty trolls!

The smallest victories.

We’ve been tasked with a very quick turnaround editorial illustration. Which has been a fun challenge. The idea has been to produce a rough for a newspaper article about how achieving small goals in the work place motivates a work force as opposed to one larger target.

As a solution to this brief I chose something rather simple for design and chose to depict two mountains. One larger and one smaller, with the smaller having a flag in it in order to show victory over the smaller of the two goals.

Working on scratch board the original image is 25mm x 27.5mm. (You can tell it’s a rough because I worked on black scratch board)
Let me know what you think.

Obsessions gone wrong

Today, while taking a break from writing my dissertation (which I shall go back to after writing this post) I watched a Stallone film I hadn’t seen before. I needed a bit of a cheer up, but something easy to watch while my brain melted after the hard writing it had done on consumerism.
So I picked out a film called Rhinestone

Country music is something that I have never really had an opinion on, other than listening to Toby Keith, who I rather enjoy. I don’t think that there is a person alive who hasn’t heard of Dolly Parton? If there is, seriously, they need shooting! She has the most infectious way with music I have ever heard! I loves her! xD

So what is this film about? Jake (Dolly Parton) is a singer with a contract to the most sleazy man in Manhattan and his club, the Rhinestone. She wants out. He wants her. So they make a deal, Jake has to teach a normal average person to sing. Enter Nick (Stallone) a taxi driver who is the third man in the deal. Obviously, I just watched this film cause Stallone was in it, I am never going to deny that! Apparently Stallone classes it as one of his worst movies, and I can see his point. It’s not really the type of film you associate with the guy, but from my point of view it makes a refreshing change.

A such I rather enjoyed it. It has already won it’s way to my guilty pleasures list. I mean, it’s not exactly what Stallone is known for, and he’s not a singer I’d like to ever listen to again! It’s no Cobra or Tango and Cash, but it has certainly got that 80’s appeal to it!

It had me laughing on my own in my room and almost in tears with laughter trying to keep it in and not make myself out to be a twat! I am paranoid about some of the stuff that goes on in my room due to the thin walls in this place (Sounds dodgy!!) so having Stallone yelling into a microphone in my room had my turning the volume down on my laptop to try and conceal I was even watching the film. Some might call the film embarrassing, and yes I guess it is, but who really cares? It was a good way to relax and wind down after the dissertation writing stress.


My Muse has been working overtime as of late.

I really enjoy having him here. I got the second instalment of Tears and Rain written today which I am rather happy about.
I also got a contest entry for the delightful Shakahnna started today, which is good. Been meaning to work on it for a while now.

I need to get this blog back on track though. I am certain I have my fangirling past list here somewhere, so hopefully I’ll get a decent post put up soon, not just the random updates of my creativity.