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Okay, so this post is a bit more personal than the usual ones I have been putting out lately - but a change is as good as a rest - so forgive me while I share this out and hope that you'll feel as happy and enthused as I do! About a month ago, I... Continue Reading →

My restless soul is longing

Another picture in the Gorean Silk series that I'm working my way through. While uploading this I had a bit of a thought, while I adore the silks, I wonder if I should draw my characters in Fantasy/Dungeons and Dragons style outfits? Really try and change the direction of my anthropomorphic artwork. Mature a bit... Continue Reading →

The Test of Faith – Thomas Parrott

The Eternal Bookcase

Title:The Test of Faith
Author: Thomas Parrott
Published by: Black Library
Publication date:Dec 22nd, 2019
Genre: Science Fiction
Source: Black Library

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A mission to cleanse a xenos infestation from a vast mining carrier turns into a test of faith and purity for a pair of Dark Angels Chaplains.

The Test of Faith is a short story by Thomas Parrott, published by Black Library featuring the Dark Angels chapter.

At first glance The Test of Faith seems to have a rather basic plot, a squad of Adeptus Astartes are sent to cleanse mortal, heretic, defenders of a mobile mining vehicle led by Interrogator Chaplain Raguel and second-generation Chaplain Hadariel. We’re given a solid cast of characters to read about who have enough personality of their own to stand out from one another which is rather remarkable for…

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Meet a new wave of awesome

Another collaboration. Putting these out there has been nothing short of a pleasure lately.This collaboration was between myself, ZoelNoOne and Catt.Characters featured are Bandit, Catt and Jenn As for who did what, Catt sketched, Jenn Lined, Zoel Flat coloured, Jenn shaded, Catt backgrounded and Zoel finished~

Under the stars there shines one light

Back on the anthropomorphic art train this week. This character is Azizagara and I first made her up in around 2003/2004 - then did absolutely nothing with her until a couple of years ago when I made a reference picture up for her. I've done this with a few of my characters, drawn them once... Continue Reading →

Tarnsman of Gor – John Norman (Gorean saga #1)

The Eternal Bookcase

Title:Tarnsman of Gor (Gorean Saga #1)
Author:John Norman
Published by:Open Road Media Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Publication date:1966
Pages: 219
Source: Kobo

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Tarl Cabot has always believed himself to be a citizen of Earth. He has no inkling that his destiny is far greater than the small planet he has inhabited for the first twenty-odd years of his life. One frosty winter night in the New England woods, he finds himself transported to the planet of Gor, also known as Counter Earth, where everything is dramatically different from anything he has ever experienced. It emerges that Tarl is to be trained as a Tarnsman, one of the most honored positions in the rigid, caste-bound Gorean society. He is disciplined by the best teachers and warriors that Gor has to offer... but to what end?

I’ve tried a…

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This is another of my recent acquisitions when it comes to characters - I've always admired an artist called NekoPhoenix so when I saw this character - Cinna - up for sale I snaffled her up. She is, a bit like the previous character, a bit more complicated compared to what I am used too... Continue Reading →

A New World Oddity

Another collaboration with Zoel NoOne of their character Certainty in their Naga form. I gave them a sketch to finish off of this character - who is a pretty new rendition of their previous character Faith. Honestly, I just wanted to draw a character with snake-parts! I've always liked these sorts of characters but never... Continue Reading →

Put your hand into my hand

Another picture finished. I feel like I am going great guns at the moment and I really don't want this high to come to an end! I adopted this character some time before Christmas - I think - and then didn't do anything with her until now. She was designed by TheNekk and is part... Continue Reading →

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