I have some pre-poses left over from some commission work.

If anyone would like to ‘claim’ any of them let me know?

Or if anyone has suggestions for any of my OC’s in a particular pose, I’d like that too~



Sad times for old school furry

Before the likes of websites such as Furaffinity, Inkbunny and SoFurry, there was an archive called VCL (Vixen controlled library?) It was a website that had very little in the ways of functions – no commenting system, no favouriting – but it allowed users to upload and share their artwork and contact one another via email.

I joined the site in 2003 and have used it as an archive for my anthropomorphic artwork ever since (on and off)

Yesterday, I believe that the site went down – I don’t know if it’s a permanent thing VCL being down, as I think it has vanished before.

I do know that the website is barely maintained and has been gathering dust since its ‘revival’ in 2014 – which sadly came to nothing.


Other than the loss of my own artwork, I am saddened about the site going down for all the treasures that were stored on there!

Artwork that isn’t shared anywhere else from artists that have long since moved on.

Not everything on VCL was good and the uploading rules were dubious at best – if I recall correctly, anything traditional had to have a perfectly white background (At all costs) but it did introduce me to some wonderful artists, most of which I aspire to still.

I ‘met’ some of my best artsy friends via VCL also and was introduced to the site by Sy-Swift who I mentioned in my previous post. So I think that this post for me is somewhat bitter sweet considering what I write about yesterday.

Needless to say, I will be really sad it VCL has stopped working permanently, but we all need to move on sooner or later and I haven’t uploaded to my account since last year. I guess it’s time to find another avenue for sharing furry artwork and ‘getting with the times’ finally.


Guest Post – Wargaming addiction?


This is a Guest Post from Ray Deg

Hi there, I don’t really blog, but as Jenn was asking for guest writers I thought I would give it a go.

So, like most folks I started wargaming as a kid, I saved my pocket money and I brought new units, got a decent haul for Christmas and Birthdays, but never really had much of a backlog, most stuff was painted before the next purchase.

Next up puberty hits, I stop for a few years as you do, then got back into it, now with a job and more disposable income, so I would buy a few units come payday, but again no real backlog.

Fast forward to today, as a “Proper Grown up” I could pretty much buy whatever I fancied, so I did, from side projects to new armies to impulse buys on bundle boxes etc, so the mountain of plastic grew and grew.

But you know what, I have far less time to paint now, grown up responsibilities being what they are, and yet I bought more because I could. (ooh ltd release etc etc) so now I find myself with a lot of different armies most half built and half painted none of them getting the love they deserve.

Of course, I could get rid of them all, I did in fact sell a lot, but I do like my models, they have just become a chore. I find myself thinking I SHOULD paint X or Y or I need to get a certain unit done and trying to force myself to power through…

I think I need to box them up and just pull out one unit at a time, actually go back to painting for the fun of painting.

What do you think?

Kizmit pin up


A little something of my ‘Fursona’ Kizmit.
I don’t know why I still call her my Fursona, we are nothing alike anymore and I’ve had so many renditions of her it’s both laughable and confusing!
I guess a part of me just clings to the idea of have a Fursona, because I have been a part of the furry fandom for so long! But, I don’t feel connected to her in the way that I feel like I should to a ‘Fursona’, ah well! I guess I just draw this stuff for the laughs and enjoyment. It’s best not to do too much over thinking on it all.
The sketch for this was from some-time last year, so it’s a little… off compared to my more up-to-date stuff. Still, I like it enough to share.

Again, no video because, honestly, I just keep forgetting that I can – I’ll try and remember for the next piece I line in.

Kala Pin Up


No video for this one, sorry guys.

Just a little something of my koala character, Kala.
I’ve not done anything with her since 2003/04, so it was really nice to draw her again after such a long time.
Her corset/outfit idea came from Pinterest.

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Blogging Branding – Further Audit

I made a couple of little changes to the blog today.

I added some more categories – under the ‘Art’ umbrella.

There is Anthro/Furry – For everything animal-y themed.

Warhammer – For everything Warhammer fanarty

Misc – For everything else.

Really the two aspects of my art that I’d like to try and focus on are the Anthro and Warhammer side of things; be them pin-up style or otherwise and I think by having these categories here, I can use them to keep my mind focused this way.

Just wanted to make everyone aware that they can now browse my blog & art a little easier~

Guest Post – Why do you draw?

Why did I start drawing?

The simple answer is due to an online friend at the time, Sy Swift. He made up a furry/sonic character called Trixie Furr and while I was never really into Sonic myself, we did play Phantasy Star Online together and were in a guild called The Syphid Corporation; which was basically us lot just having a lot of fun writing dodgy ‘fan-fiction’ and drawing. It was all a lot of fun and it encouraged me to start drawing.

Trixie Furr by Sy Swift

At this time I was also at The College of West Anglia, studying Animal Management, thus I couldn’t really avoid animals! Then one day, randomly my real life friend Kat introduced me to the artwork of Twira and Twiztid – two very awesome goth aesthetic anthro artists who I totally worshiped and found a lot of inspiration in.

I think, unlike a lot of more ‘famous’ artists out there I find inspiration in enthusiasm; so the people I look up to, are those who love what they’re doing and can spread joy through their art and this is certainly the feeling I got from a lot of the ‘old school’ artists on DeviantArt and it’s because of them I continued to draw. Enthusiasm and passion is infectious and it certainly got into my bones. Then, a lot of these shining stars left deviantArt for various reasons or another – art theft, life moved on, they forgot; etc.

But rather than fade away myself, I’d gotten into this habit of drawing so I just carried on. I had other interests of course and after I’d decided not to pursue a career in Animal Care, I lipped to photography; enjoying the technical side of photo development and black and white film; while working full-time in a super-market. All the while, sketching here and there – to the point I almost got fired from one job because I doodled instead of working – then I started University a major in ‘Contemporary Lens Media’ at Lincoln; which was a huge mistake really. I enjoyed drawing more than photography but it took a friend to point it out too me. I then took the very big and brave step to change my University degree to Illustration; the interviews were the scariest! I was told I’d be having ‘An informal chat’ with the tutors; which turned out to be a portfolio review to see if I could change onto the course, at that point, everything I had done was self taught and I didn’t even know what ‘wet medium’ was! Yet, somehow, I got onto the course. For better or worse.

You see, I still look back onto the early days as ‘the best’, sure my art style has improved; but I don’t feel as connected to everything as I once did. I can’t say (unfortunately) that there is a particular artist or group I feel a rush of excitement to see when they upload anymore – and I feel bad saying that because it sounds so mean!

Early TragicFangirl Artwork

I think because of this I have tried to find other avenues of creativity to see if I can ‘feel’ something akin to what I used too; such as abstract art and watercolours. I have felt lost at times with my art and that’s a horrible feeling seeing as it is something that I have had in my life since 2003

I think at this point, I continue to draw for my own enjoyment – I have recently come across the realisation that I am best at drawing Pin-Up style artwork and while I know it doesn’t technically suit all of my arty interests, I am finding a great deal of enjoyment in it. I’ve learned to be my own ‘beacon’ of passion and enthusiasm; but it does help to have some wonderful friends to drag along for the ride with me.

This post was written as a Guest Post for The Psychedelic Scrapbookin bubblegum Mama