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Hello everyone. It was completely by chance that this whole journey started; the annual summer visit by Debbie Forster, had her bringing some of her Games Workshop miniatures over to my house for a game of Warhammer 40k. I’d been urging her to get some…

The Journey Starts Again



Wow! Today, I stuck together the last four guys of my Space Marine Company. I have now collected and made all the model I require for my Army. It feels like a momentous occasion that needs celebrating and sharing! I’ve had these bikers sat in…

The last, brave few.

While I was doing some painting earlier – of the decorating sort, not the hobby sort – I came across the realisation that I’ve let other people influence who I am and what I am doing. I have put off personal project for an unwarranted…

Personal Thoughts

I am still working on my Art Recovery, with the help of The Artists Way, as such I am taking things slowly and one step at a time. It’s nice knowing that I can still draw and am still creating things; and that people are…




Finished this bust picture yesterday – but seeing as I’d already posted, I thought I should wait until today. This is my Inquisitor; Nicolai Hellbane. And I have had this post open to share for ages! So, nothing else to say just posting!

Hellbane Headshot

In the hope to keep things going on here – after leaving them to go stale for a while – I thought I would share this sketch with everyone. It is my Dark Heresy character, Nihilius, who I originally drew back in 2013 so this…

Nihilius Sketch

I had a bad afternoon today. I tried doing some drawing and I told myself that it was too soon and that I wasn’t ready for it again – nor for the wave of bad feeling that came over me after I put the picture…

Celebrate the small

It’s been a while since I did any character sketching. Honestly, after the last bout of pathetic idiocy on DeviantArt, I thought I’d just hang up my pencil bag and not bother doing anything character related ever again. Mostly because I felt so annoyed and…

Out of Practice



I’ve been trying to pick up the remnant of my hobby life; without getting all upset with myself over the minor details like; I’m not working on my Space Marines or, I’m not writing one of my many stories. Instead, I am trying to celebrate…




I wasn’t sure if I should write this blog entry or not, but I’ve always felt like I should speak my mind as it has always helped me to recover and recuperate from my negative experiences in the past. Actually, this entry is a mirror…

The reason I’ve been ‘off’