Image wise, this might be a bit of a dull post to look at – sorry for that. After my blunder with []


  This was taken during the same session as my previous post so I was still suffering from my exposure, depth of []

Personal Thoughts

While I was doing some painting earlier – of the decorating sort, not the hobby sort – I came across the realisation that I’ve let other people influence who I am and what I am doing. I have put off personal project for an unwarranted ‘fear’ of upsetting people. I’ve let other peoples paranoia dictate what I am doing. A turn of phrase here or a surname there and I’ve had the finger of ‘You’re staling from me’ influence projects that I []


I found the traditional sketch for this in a pile the other day and felt the inclination to finish it off. After []


I am still working on my Art Recovery, with the help of The Artists Way, as such I am taking things slowly []