The Tragic life and thoughts of a Fangirl

Friendly artist and newly budding photographer. Mother of One. Imperial Loyalist. Rambo Fangirl. Weyland-Yutani Employee of the Year, 2016


Will draw:

  • Wargaming OCs
  • DnD characters
  • Anthro/Furry OCs
  • Human OCs
  • Adult/NSFW content – to be discussed on a case-by-case basis

Won’t draw

  • Technical drawings – cars, building, etc.
  • Underage/Cub characters
  • Children in adult situations


Full Colour Busts cost £10 each.


Thigh up images cost £20 each

Full Body

Full Body images cost £30 each


Illustrations cost £60 each

If you are interested in commissioning me for custom artwork, please use the form below or DM me on Twitter.
Thank you

I’ll make this page more stream-lined when I get the chance!!

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