Commission T.o.S

Please read the following before commissioning me for artwork.

Basic Terms

  • All artwork is drawn in my own style. I do not replicate other artwork styles – Disney, Sonic, etc
  • If you have a set deadline in mind for your completed commission please let me know in date format.
  • Unless stated otherwise, you will receive a sketch for your commission (this does not include YCH, pre-poses or sales). Any changes or adjustments need to be conveyed when you have received the sketch. I can’t do changes when work is already done.
  • After the sketch has been approved by you, I add digital lines and flat colours and send the artwork again for approval by you, the client. Once approved the commission is finished.
  • I have rights to refuse or cancel commissions. If I cancel commission for some reason, you will get full refund.

Personal Use

  • Once the commission has been finished, it is yours for personal use. You may post it where you want. Credit is not required, but whole-heartedly appreciated if asked.
  • You are able to edit my artwork for the purposes of Facebook/Twitter/Social media website banners.

Commercial Use

  • Artwork may not be used for the purposes of making money/for profit.

Payment & Refund Policy

  • The only online payment method I accept is PayPal
  • Payment is taken once the commission has been completed – unless you (the client) decides to pay at some other time in the commission process (Before or during the commission)
  • If you ask for a refund (if you have paid upfront) then I shall refund you according to the amount of work that has already been completed (Full refund if no work has been done, half refund at sketch phase, no refund at Inking & Flat colour stage)
  • I have the right to refuse your commission for any reason.