Words of Wisdom

“If you’re frightened of dying and you’re holding on, you’ll see devils tearing your life away. But if you’ve made your peace, then the devils are really angels, freeing you from the earth.”

The above is a quote from the film, Jacobs Ladder. And while, I actually had to look at the synopsis on IMDB to actually see what the film was about again – as its been a while since I saw it – I can always, always remember this quote from it.

And not because it’s been resampled in any industrial songs (That I know of) it’s because of the meaning behind it. It offers some sort of relative comfort that we shouldn’t actually be afraid of what will come to us once we die. We should relax and just let the angels take us, rather than be torn away from our mortal existences.

I find comfort in the quote. A comfort that I don’t find in many places. At times, I don’t even fear death.

And then I remember that I have someone to live for and the thought of not seeing him growing up fills me with utter dread! I am more scared of dying now than I ever have been in my life – despite feeling that fearing it will be worse in the long run. It’s a complicated run of emotions and something for the much more philosophical amongst us can debate until the cows come home.

For the sake of the writing challenge topic though, I wanted to share this quote with you. And honestly, I would love to know how it makes you feel too.


I know that face… sorta.

I wasn’t planning on updating the blog today, but the husband took the son for a walk out skaejre-new-sketchso I could do some drawing and this lovely lady turned up. I’ve not visited her in a long time. For those of you that don’t recognise her it’s Skaejre. She was once going to be part of this whole story that I had planned out, but couldn’t ever figure out how to start.

I’ve toyed with the idea of starting the story several times and it’s always when I have a dip in my thoughts that she seems to come crawling.

When I figure out that I am not really a good enough writer to write an entire novel, I flirt with the idea of making one of those ‘Art behind the film’ books and filling it with concept art and ideas and that sort of thing, but I always come to the conclusion that I’m not good enough for that, either – I’ve even thought of doing a Kickstarter/Crowd fund to help keep the idea afloat, but nothing really seems to stick. (That and the fact you have to make a video for a kickstarter put me off the idea completely)

Maybe it’s a sign that I should find a way to expand on this idea again and see what I can come up with to actually do?
I do still cherish this project even if it has been put on hold for the longest time now.
Still, it was lovely to see Skaejre again and I’d love to see some of her companions again as well.

Snowflake Method

I have been trying to write some of my own personal projects for a good while now. Some of the stories I’ve been half-arsedly trying to write I have had in my head for years. I’ve only really dabbled with getting them down onto paper, as I feel like they have been mamothly epic novels that I didn’t even know how to attempt going about writing them – I always thought that my skills for the written verse were never really good enough and I should start with something a bit simpler.

Then I came across Randy Ingermanson’s snowflake method.

It’s a method of planning out stories by starting off really broadly and narrowing everything down in stages. (Which is a gross over-simplification of the method, but you can read more about it here)

I tried using the method a while ago with one of my stories, but never got all that far with it as I was writing it all down on paper and getting myself very confused.

Since then, I caved and brought the Snowflake Pro software.

Which has been an absolute God-Send. I know it’s not much, but since doing all the planning on the program I’ve written a good 2 chapters of my first novel with the aim of writing 500 words a day –  I know that this isn’t much but it’s a nice easy, manageable target that fits in with my current lifestyle and makes me feel acomplished.

I really do urge anyone who is stuck with their story planning to give the method a try as it really does help get everything out of your head and into some sort of organised state. I plan on readressing some of my other stories and ideas in this way so I can actually get them out there.

Have any of my readers had any experience with this method and has it worked for you? What method of planning and the likes do you all use? Would be interesting to know.


Happy April 1st

It’s April Fools day, I feel like I should prank someone or something.
Announce something that I’m going to do that just isn’t true.
But I am drawing a blank!

As I said in a previous post I’ve been doing a fair bit of writing as of late; I managed another chapter to my Supernatual/Edgewise Fan Fiction earlier, and I’m thinking of packing up the pens for a while and writing another seeing as I have finished one of my art commissions. (Two more to go!!)

And last night I had another dream – I did warn they were coming thick and fast at the moment.

This one has to do with the upcoming Imperial Guard codex due to be released next week (I think)
It was a simple dream, but it was so much good fun. Nothing to do with characters or being someone else, or in a different situation for once. It was simply a game. A game in which you had to draw some guardsmen on the side of a piece of paper and you only had a certain amount of time to draw them. I drew a Medic and a Vox Caster as individuals, but was informed that generic guardsmen could be used as long as they were there. So behind the Medic and Vox Caster I drew a heap of Guardsmen; which ended being called “The collection of Daves.”

Anyway once the time ran out you were given a topic/situation in which to draw the characters you’d come up with. Mine was a boat-wreak. So naturally I drew wooden boats all smashed up and sharks.

I don’t know whats really going on with my brain right now.


Hello world!
It’s been a while since I put anything down on here, so thought I’d better say something – in case you all fear that I’ve dropped off the face of the internet or something silly like that!

On the art front not a lot has been happening; which feels really strange and I am rather ashamed of this fact.
However, I have been doing some work on my Kingdom of Miracien story project, getting little snippets written where I can.

It’s one of those ideas that I would like to see through right to the end, but I have a huge problem. I’ve never been able to really finish anything in my life, ever.
It would be nice to be able to find that focus and get something done – even if it’s just for my own personal enjoyment.

When I have found the artwork unable to flow I’ve always turned my imagination to other sources; like writing, so that I am always doing something creative. I think that is whats happening at the moment, the pencils aren’t entirely flowing for me so the words are instead.


“You can’t seriously be thinking of sleeping here?” The daemon within him asked, it’s voice spiky, infectious. The voice that had become a strange comfort – not one that the Werewolf hunter would admit to.
“Where else? Do you see a tavern around here?” Feracil returned, speaking aloud to the silent voice within.
“At least light a fire?” The daemon hissed.
“You’ll keep us alive,” He returned once more, the bitterness in his voice was a difficult habit to break. He wrapped his long coat around him as best as he could and slumped down onto the grass. He knew he’d be paying for the rough night come the morning, but right now he couldn’t be bothered to put up with Argur or what the daemon had to say. He tried to close his eyes and rest. The daemon wouldn’t let him.
“If you’re going to be so reckless with our body, you’ll need to sleep with one eye open.”
A little drabble thing involving Feracil – been a while since I did anything with him.

Sea of Souls update

I wrote a few descriptions the other day. Nothing to overly complicated or serious – just to accompany some folders on my DeviantArt Gallery.

They were of some of the characters in the Sea of Souls project that I have had going on for some time (Which reminds me, I really should add a section for projects on my new Website)

It got me back into the mood of the whole project again and I’m looking forward to doing some more stuff with it when I get the chance.
The world needs a lot of work and development, but I can feel the strength returning to pick it up again and work on the intricate details of it.

Anyway, I wanted to share these descriptions with you.

What is Skaejre?

A Soul Forager – A hunter of the dying. It is her role – along with her kinsmen – to find the Souls of those on the brink of death and take the remnants of their life and add it to their own. Or to spare them; depending on they whim.

Skaejre is worldly, a traveller and a font of wisdom when she wishes; yet to others of her clan she is young and often regarded as foolish. Her choices to not marry with the rest of the Soul Foragers and often her agenda is her own. 

As to what Skaejre actually is… that is currently under investigation!

You do know you spell your name wrong don’t you, Sabastian?

Sabastian is a mage – his skills are unquestionably there. His sanity? That’s the more difficult part of his character to grasp.
He’s not always a jibbering mess. Only on his bad days.

His life was saved by Skaejre when she foresaw his usefulness for events unknown.
Yet her actions snapped his mind for he feared her and what she would do. The confusion of her saving him conflicted him greatly. Adding this to his fae curse was just to much.

Yet, like so many madmen he is prone to bouts of wisdom and clarity. 

If only he knew what Skaejre saw in him…

Ethan doomed the world to lose one third of it’s population.
Not through any direct action of his own; but it was through him that Severance manifested.

He comes from a world of higher technology and control – one not known or understood by many that he meets. A conflicted world, wrapped in war and terror through it’s own making.

He is a key – yet he is so elusive!

Everard actually started off as a Dragon Age fan character, and while I still use him as such from time to time I have come to think of him finding a place in Sea of Souls also.

Everard is not a complicated man he has been a Templar in the Order of the Cross for most of his years. His function is as a Relic Hunter; finding lost artefacts of his faith and returning them to their rightful home – back with the Order.

He has made many contacts throughout the world and while his profession may carry the air of arrogance, stubbornness and ignorant there is something to be said about this particular Templar.
Sky Captain of the Valhalla. A simple sky-ship with various smuggling capabilities. Legal trade also happens!

He once had a fling with Skaejre, but her demanding word and the constant worry that she might just die, was not an agenda they agreed upon. Nor was his pre-arranged Dandarian marriage As such they went their own ways with mutual accord.

A Dandarian – a reclusive race of traditionalists. They’re crafters, musicians, dancers and all that foppish sort of thing. Not rugged Captains of Skyships. Farrell couldn’t agree with the regal life offered and thus left it and his family to seek his own life.
He still feels some level of doubt for the life he left behind and often wonders if he would be better still in it – rather than slogging with his sweaty crew men.
Still, sweat is better than playing the fiddle for a few spare coin
There is the outstanding matter of Severances description – I shall get to work on that one soon.