I did a thing


If the picture above wasn’t a give away, it’s to do with my Space Marines.

It’s been so long since I was inspired to do anything with them, but I caved and made a blog up for them again.

I don’t know how much I will do on it. Or where things will lead or even if the inspiration will last very long. I can’t really give judgement on these things right now. But I though I would share that I actually managed to get something started.

A lot of the blog/website is pretty empty right now, but I am hoping to include pictures and little extracts/sayings for the characters and generally get things kick started again.

Who knows, maybe I’ll actually be able to call myself a War-gamer again soon!

But I thought I would let you all know, seeing as I know some of my followers on this blog are fellow hobbiests.

Knight Sketches 3

DSC02342Todays efforts where it comes to drawing knights. It wasn’t really my intention on drawing this guy – but I hope he looks the part all the same. Somewhere along the line I decided to turn my sketch in Jorah Mormont.

Initially, I had a bit of a falling out with season 5 of Game of Thrones. The viewing of it on Now TV with adverts through each episode and having to wait a week for the next instalment really killed the season. Which was a real shame, as I was a pretty big fangirl of the other offerings of the seasons. I was brought season 5 on DVD for my birthday and have recently settled down to watch through it again.

I know some people have issues with what happened in the season with Sansa Stark and Ramsey Bolton and the views that everything happened for shock value, etc. But you know what, re-watching the season, it’s really not all that shocking! Rape is rife in Game of Thrones, and if it took until season 5 to get offended by it then you actually did pretty well. I don’t find Sansa and Ramsey any more shocking than Joffrey and Ros in earlier seasons. More shocking was seeing Shireen Baratheons fate, actually, but there we are. Going back to Sansa and Ramsey, so what if that ‘doesn’t happen in the books.’ It’s been confirmed by Author George R R Martin that both book and TV series have diverged from one another and become separate entities in their own right. They aren’t even going to end the same ways apparently! I think that’s why things say ‘Based on the book’ rather than ‘Faithful adaptation of the book.’

I’ve ranted about book/TV conversions somewhere on my blog before – and I didn’t want this post to turn into that rant over again – but what I am trying to say is that I still actually like Game of Thrones, regardless of if things happen for ‘shock value’ or not. But I was still surprised to see Jorah turning up on my sketchbook. He’s a character that, although I like, I didn’t think I’d ever fan-art.


Also managed to draw another Space Marine bust today, which was pretty fun. I didn’t really want to draw another grumpy Space Marine, so here is Sergeant Rafen, grinning like a loony!


Eldar Sketchbook

DSC02330Today was the local Games Workshops Store Birthday, which is always a fun treat. Usually featuring a heap of cake and fun games for those that want to be involved.

Earlier this week they announced something that really piqued my interest. They had some Eldar Sketchbooks on offer. A limited edition art book (which I already have a weakness for) for £30.

So along I popped and I was lucky enough to grab one of the few remaining copies.

Eldar are one of those armies that, although only have a very small force, I find absolutely stunning. The vision and uniqueness of them is just wonderful and the Sketchbook is no exception to this. It’s filled with concept illustrations by Jes Goodwin of pretty much every sort of Eldar that you can think of; and even some that you probably can’t.

Particularly inspiring, for me, was the Eldar Bonesinger sketches – I am pretty new to the Eldar series of models and all mine belong to the realm of the dead – so I was rather unaware of such a pretty looking model idea. I also enjoyed seeing the development of ideas as it’s all in here, from the loosest spark of an idea to the refined creation.


Also, seeing the translation between sketch and model is pretty impressive in itself. Even in the sketches that I’ve seen so far, I am thoroughly impressed by the translation – even without knowing every model in Games Workshops Range. Seeing them faithfully taken from sketch to miniature can’t be an easy feat, but with the aid of Jes’ sketches they’ve made it look effortless.

If you’re looking for a highly glossy, full colour illustration book – like the Horus Heresy Art book offerings – then this really isn’t the Art book for you. The hint is in the title of the book there really! It’s a sketchbook. Full of sketches. No colour. However, if you like seeing how characters are created and ideas developed; as well as world building then give it a go, if you can get a copy. Also, if you like Space Elves, then yeah, this book is right up your street. However, I’d avoid if you’re a fickle army collector as this is a very inspiring book and will make you want to pick up a few of the prettier Eldar models.

Necromunda Monday – Part 1

tumblr_inline_ngopk0MWfR1r9mg6kFight type: Gang Fight
Campaign Fight #: 1
Gang types: Orlocks vs Goliaths

  • The Expendables (1283)
  • The Kings Men (1251)

This is a write up of the first gang clash, played on 10th July 2016 between The Expendables and The Kings Men. 
The first fight in the campaign so it seemed the best thing to do was get the ball rolling wit

(Set up)

h a out and out Gang Fight. After failing the roll The Expendables set up first, keeping
their two heavies in the middle ground while on two flanking side the Aliens Squad on the right and Rambo, Soldier and McClane on the left. To counter this The Kings Men had their heavy (Meat ‘Ed) and a ganger (Dead Eye Peat) centre field, while The King took his two juves to face off against Rambo, and the rest of them headed towards the Aliens crew.

This game was certainly one of extremes! The die never really seemed to roll anything other than ones or sixes! Which made for rather interesting results. Only one of the heavys left the game with working weaponry – a grenade launcher that never actually hit anyone!

The King ended up using his juves in the best possible way (Meat shields) to get close enough to Rambo to use his melta gun! I am sure Rambo enjoyed it really! Taking him (Unsurprisingly) out of action. Soldier was a bit of a star player in this one, purely for taking out both Dead Eye Peat and Meat ‘Ed.

(Apone, Hicks and Hudson)

Over in the other corner – after Rambo and John McClane were taken out – the Aliens crew (Hicks, Hudson and Apone) just showed everyone how it’s done and (Eventually) pinned several of The Kings Mens gangers. One of them managed to climb up to their vantage point and I honestly thought that Hudson was done for! A close combat brawl broke out and with Beast having two clubs to his name, it wasn’t looking good. But, remember where I said it was a game of extremes? Well, Hudson got the better dice and managed to beat in the Beast.

(Dead Eye Peat and Meat ‘Ed)

It was actually a pretty close fight and mostly a case of who was going to bottle first. In my last round I lost my Terminator which was pretty nail biting, and honestly was going to bottle the next round, but The Kings Men beat me to the fleeing. Phew!

Then it came to the results. Terminator was taken hostage.
As was Hands and Beast.
So an exchange was discussed and Terminator was exchanged for Hands.
The Expendables still have hold of Beast

There were a couple of casualties!
The Kings Men lost a couple of their gangers in this fight – Royds and Jaws – I believe one of them died because they crushed their head open after falling 6″ off a building! And Royds, well, maybe one of his pecks exploded or something!?

At the end of the day several members gained experience levels and other things for their efforts and wounds

The Expendables:


  • Shell Shocked (I’m blaming that on the melta gun)
    Escape Artist


  • Initiative Increase


  • Partially Deaf I
  • Marksman
  • Strength Increase


The Kings Men

Dead Eye Peat

  • Bs Increase

The Hound

  • Horrible Scars – Fear


All in all it was a pretty fun game and I’m looking forward to the next one – a rescue attempt from The Kings Men to get Beast back.

Until then, I hope you’ve enjoyed my little write up? Let me know if you have any comments, suggestions or questions.

Weekly Necromunda Report, Part 1 – Introductions



Here we go again!

I think it has been rather shameful that I made my Necromunda Gang back in 2011 and have only ever done one half-baked campaign with it. So after very little arm twisting a new campaign has begun.

The gang that I am using is a collection of models I have botched together to make an action-heroes team called ‘The Expendables‘ using Orlock rules. So far in the line up I have:

Rambo – Gang Leader – Chain Sword, Las Pistol & Frag Grenades
Terminator – Heavy – Heavy Stubber, Auto gun
Dutch – Heavy – Grenade launcher (Frag), Auto Pistol
Hicks – Ganger – Shotgun (Manstoppers), Las Pistol
Hudson – Ganger – Las gun
Apone – Ganger – Las pistol
Soldier – Ganger – Las gun, Las pistol
John McClane – Juve – Stub gun, club.

Hopefully some of the names will stand out, although there are rather a few of them from Aliens who have been taken from my Imperial Guard Army – which is fine for the time being. I’m already trying to think of who else I can add into the army and how to make them. So far, I’d like to make a Robocop and a Jason Statham character, just not 100% sure how to go about it yet.


(Recycling an old picture, because I’ve not actually painted many of these guys yet – shameful!)


Their rivals are The Kings Men, a bunch of Goliath scum! They are actual Necromunda models rather than a ‘home-brew’ bunch which is pretty cool. Necromunda models are pretty awesome, and really bring back the whole 90’s feel of the game. So it’s great to be against a bunch of them.

The King – Leader – Chain Sword, Melta gun, Bolt Pistol
Meat ‘ed – Heavy – Heavy Bolter, Shotgun
Dead Eye Peat – Ganger – Las gun, Stubgun
Jaws – Ganger – Club – Auto gun
Hands – Ganger – Shotgun (Manstoppers)
Royds – Ganger – Shotgun (Manstoppers), Club
Beast – Ganger – Club, Club
Raty – Juve – Autopistol
The Hound – Juve – Las Pistol, Stub gun.

So that’s the line up, I need to grab a few more pictures of the gangs to add to this post later, but seeing as I feel somewhat ashamed of mine being unpainted/unfinished, I’ll hold off until I have them at least a bit more finished off!

I’m hoping to make a ‘thing’ of Necromunda Monday so let’s see if I can make it last as the games commence and I have gang things to report.

A hobbiests Journey

There has been an aspect of myself that I have been missing lately – I know with now having a child that some things will naturally fall by the wayside but I read a post recently by Imperial Rebel Ork (whose blog is a great read for wargamer hobbists all round) that made me feel really nostalgic over my own Hobby Journey.

I started off the Wargaming hobby by playing Hordes/Warmac20160705_151902hine and buying a small collection of Legion of Everblight; which I painted cutesy-pooh pink and bone. It was pretty much a gathering of flying shark-monsters led by Thargosh. I just remember him being pretty awesome because his feat meant you could bring back your nastiest shark-monster with full health to fight again. But I don’t really recall much of the game itself. That and Hordes/Warmachine has changed a lot since I played as I never changed rules when second edition.

By that time I had moved onto Games workshop models – who I still believe that for customizable armies cannot be beaten in terms of their kits and models. Which may or may not annooy a few of my readers that have moved onto other games.

My first army was one that I never actually clicked with. Eldar. Fo
r some reason I picked them out of the model range. After playing a game with an army that could have taken such a beating, Eldar came as something of a shock! My HQ Autrach chose to o something ‘Death or Glory’ related with a Rhino, failed the roll and got ran over – which was pretty much the end of that army. That and Guardians are the most boring of models ever to have existed both in game-playing and painting aspects.*

So I needed a rethink.

And the Emperors light found me.

Adeptus Sororitas. That didn’t work out so well either. They felt wrong for me. Not sure why. Just never worked out how I wanted it too.

I started an Army of home-brew Space Marines and never looked back. I still have a fairly decent sized army, most of which needs to be painted – bad hobbiest that I am. I grew attached to the army and really enjoy playing with them. I’ve written posts in the past (The early days of the blog mostly) about the games I played and how everything went. I even took upon a challenge over on facebook where I’d post as Uthor Fenix, my HQ Chaplain every four hours (Even through the night) as a part of the Imperial Truth. I don’t know why. Because someone said I should maybe?

I also made a Necromunda gang out of various bits and bobs and modelled them after various action heroes – Rambo, John McClane, Dutch to name a few – which was my first real attempt at converting models to fit around an idea. I made a Hicks and Hudson for the Necromunda gang as well; but they got repurposed when I made an Imperial Guard Veterans Squad for my Imperial Guard/Astra Militarum army. An Army which although only small, I am still imensely proud of.

I’ve banged on about this army a lot, mostly through the form of Nathaniel Greyson, their HQ choice – you can read more than you’ll ever need to know about a model in previous posts here should you wish. But like many IG armies it seems; they were inspired by Aliens. The Veterans squad being the named characters from the movie.


Somewhere along the line I read the first four books in the Horus Heresy series – a great collection of books that were sadly ruined by the term flogging a dead horse – and it was these books that gave me an absolute disgust for Nurgle. I mean being touched by the Emperors light is enough to turn you against chaos, but I hod a special place of hatred in my heart for nurgle. Ugh.

But, then I had my arm twisted to try out Fantasy Battle. Where do you start there? Epic scale battles which had pretty much everything I knew about Wargaming turned on it’s head.  No longer was everything skirmish based. My units had to sit on square bases and in movement trays! So typical me. I picked Lizardmen (Tails and movement trays don’t mix)

Of course, Fantasy Battle has changed since then and is now a skirmish game called Age of Sigmar – a change I am still trying to get my head around and am hoping the Generals Compendium will help me out with.


Even writing down these few steps in my Wargaming journey has made me feel a bit more inspired to get back into the orld of it. Even if it is just taking a few photograhs and writing a bit about the model. (Most of my Space Marine sergeants had names at one point) Or just getting down to do some painting again, heck, maybe even trying to organise a game. I doubt it would take much hinting to my partner to start a Necromunda campaign… and some of those old models could really do with a lick of paint!

So, a big thank you to Imperial Rebel Ork for the inspiration for this post and for making me feel a bit of a better hobbiest.


*  I have since brought an Eldar army again and enjoyed painting it, but never played with it.