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An extra in my own movie

I made up this character at the tail end of last year and drew her a couple of times and obsessed with her for about a week or so and […]

No Glow – KasugaBee

A part of this blog idea was to ‘show off’ the commissions that I have had or get done of my personal characters. I don’t get many done these days […]

I’ve got the power

I’ve not said much about Tari and for a while he has been on the back burner; but lately he has been rather outspoken and I’ve been working on him […]

Along came a Kizmit

Originally, my ‘fursona’ character was called Twiggy – named after Marilyn Mansons Twiggy and there was a bit of drama due to someone elses character being called Twiggy and some […]

Here come the girls

For those that don’t know yet, I am pretty much obsessed with Gorean style slave silks. I love the way they look so much. I also find the books and […]

A couple of busts

What I am enjoying about this blog is that the content I create for it doesn’t feel like a chore or that I am forcing myself to create for it. […]

Waiting to serve

Another in a long line of collaborations with Qwaychou. Normally when I collaborate with Qwaychou, I colour in her line art digitally; lately I have been more interested in colouring […]

My first Character

Seeing as this blog is new I am going to assume that no one knows who I am or who my characters are. So I figure the first ‘serious’ post […]

Obligatory Introduction Post

Hello world. My name is Jenn and I draw furry art. I’ve been drawing anthropomorphic artwork since 2003, when a website called VCL was still up and running; and was […]