Aesthetic Boards

After a wonderful long weekend away, I thought I would have something a bit more to show or write about – instead, I feel a little uninspired and drained.

Sadly, I got precious little done to Sea of Souls other than adding a few passages to the Snowflake Method document; which is something I suppose. I need to focus on the positive side of things! I got something done and took another small step towards ‘completion’


I did make up some Aesthetic Boards up towards the end of last week – these are a lot of fun to make up and are great for trying to convey a concept for a character quickly.

I’d like to make up different boards for various characters to try and keep myself inspired while working on the actual story layout, etc.

Skaejre ref & notes

I’ve been loosely toying with the idea of dragging up ‘Sea of Souls‘ from the depths again.

I’ve always wanted to play with characters from a rich world, who are all connected together in some larger story somehow – I’d originally been thinking of changing my furry characters into ‘humans’ in an alternative universe, but the idea didn’t pan out too well so I abandoned it.

I’ve brought up ‘Sea of Souls’ a couple of times on this blog, but somehow it’s always slipped by me. I’ve never really known how to take on such a big project and become overwhelmed by it and the ideas I have had for it! I feel like I want to take on this project once again, but at the same time I feel hesitant.

I know there are some concepts in this project – mostly Skaejre (pictured above) and her profession. She is a Soul Forager which is pretty much a Death Shaman/Druid.

“A hunter of the dying. It is her role – along with her kinsmen – to find the Souls of those on the brink of death and take the remnants of their life and add it to their own. Or to spare them; depending on their whim.”

I just think this concept might be a bone of contention.

Yet, why should I care? I came up with the idea back in 2007/08 sometime! I know I can’t let the potential actions of others stop me doing something I would like to do; and yet, it’s harder to let go of that thought more than I’d like to say.

All I really want, is to work on something that I could leave as some sort of ‘legacy’ for my son. Something that we can both be proud of some-day. Ha. Saying that makes me feel really, lame, I guess? But, I am determined to be able to say ‘I did that,’ to him one day and it be something I can be proud of.

Uploading a simple reference picture here is a start, while I figure out the next steps to take in this, where to host the project and all that complicated thought process stuff that goes on in the background.

Update on artsy things

In my recent artistic musings I ran into this guy again. Sabastian has been a character that has always come and gone during my artistic journey. I know for a fact that I have written about him on my blog before. Usually while lamenting the fact that I’ve never been able to finish (or even start) writing the story in which he features.

But it’s nice that he managed to pop his head round the door every now and again to check in.

I recently redesigned my Fursona. I can’t share the pictures here cause they are nsfw and I don’t want to change my settings to reflect that! I do feel a bit bad about changing her, I’ve had her old design for a long time. I just struggled drawing her old design. Well, her ears! Haha. I have a fair amount of art for her old design though and I drew her up a storm way back when, so I am tempted to redraw some of the original design pictures up again in the new design. See how they compare and how my drawing has improved over the years too. It’d be cool to commission some of the artists that drew her for me as well, again to see how they compare. Ahhhh, pipe dreams! I don’t even know if some of those people are still about over ten years later!

I know that face… sorta.

I wasn’t planning on updating the blog today, but the husband took the son for a walk out skaejre-new-sketchso I could do some drawing and this lovely lady turned up. I’ve not visited her in a long time. For those of you that don’t recognise her it’s Skaejre. She was once going to be part of this whole story that I had planned out, but couldn’t ever figure out how to start.

I’ve toyed with the idea of starting the story several times and it’s always when I have a dip in my thoughts that she seems to come crawling.

When I figure out that I am not really a good enough writer to write an entire novel, I flirt with the idea of making one of those ‘Art behind the film’ books and filling it with concept art and ideas and that sort of thing, but I always come to the conclusion that I’m not good enough for that, either – I’ve even thought of doing a Kickstarter/Crowd fund to help keep the idea afloat, but nothing really seems to stick. (That and the fact you have to make a video for a kickstarter put me off the idea completely)

Maybe it’s a sign that I should find a way to expand on this idea again and see what I can come up with to actually do?
I do still cherish this project even if it has been put on hold for the longest time now.
Still, it was lovely to see Skaejre again and I’d love to see some of her companions again as well.

That hat

I had visions of Sabastian after the events of Sea of Souls, being a more grown-up character; moving on from the torment of the War; going so far as to become a complete pacifist. Trying to forget all about what he had done, has become and what the price to have paid was.
But somehow retaining a small fragment of it in the form of his old hat.


An old project reborn?

I don’t know if you’ll see the image properly. Honestly, it’s a pretty bad scan in the first place; but I thought it was the perfect starting point for explaining the idea behind Sea of Souls (Name is a placeholder) – I may need a cup of tea for this one, bare with me.
So, tea in hand – not literally – I am ready to explain this mammoth of a thing.
The “story” (lets call it that because I don’t know what else it is). Starts with the breaking of a portal and the destruction/death of one third of the world thanks to what broke free.
The portal tender is a young boy called Ethan Russo.
Portals in this are not the usual type that would be expected; they are a part of the person who controls them.
Portal tenders portals
Ethans portal manifests almost instantly and he is unable to control it so the nightmare demon – Severance – breaks free and wreaks havoc.
At the same time Skaejre – (A shamanistic character – An anthropomorphic rat-type character) meets Sabastian (A mage) and saves his life instead of takes it. She is a Soul Forager – they hunt those who’re close to death so that they can add the essence of life left to extend their own. They constantly live on borrowed time. She see’s the mostly insane mage for the use that he could be to her; tells him the the life he had was forfeit and now belonged to her.
Sabastian Concept sketch
Skaejre Reference sheet
One of the next marks is Ethan; but there is something amiss about Ethan, once the boy explained what’d happened with Severance, Skaejre came to some understanding and took it upon herself to demand that he correct the mistakes that he’d made.
Thrown into the mix is on Captain Farrell, the Captain of an Airship – or he is meant to be his crew are in mutiny after finding out about his Dandarian Heritage.
Farrell concept work – I remember this character being a pain to draw right!
I think the rest of the story was more or less about the hunting and killing of Severen/Severance – who I sadly never did any work on.
Since writing the first part of the story another part came about, and more characters were developed to become involved with the project to give it more layers and depth. I know the Templar character Everard completely changed the world when he became involved – but I never got to design him. He made the world in the heat of a civil war (Not personally) with Ethans faction against his. I have a few notes on this, but it’s still fairly open.
I’ve also worked a little more on the Dandarian species, their secular lives and why Farrell isn’t with them and with his airship instead – but again, still needing some work in this department.
It was actually Ethan that was the biggest pain to develop. For such a key character he was an elusive one to get anything concrete down about.
Think this is something that I should pick up again?
Would people be interested in seeing it develop?