Skaejre Pin Up – 28012018

Skaejre Pin Up

In the spirit of all things awesome being in the same post – I was getting a bit lost with what I had and hadn’t posted – here we have a Pin-Up of my character, Skaejre.

The ‘glowies’ on her belt are from an old technique I used to use when doing full on digital paintings and I don’t think that the two styles blend all that well, so I doubt I’ll be using it in the future; just sticking to simpler cell-shading style.

Below is the speed-video of the line art; I didn’t get the chance to record myself colouring it unfortunately; but there is plenty of time for me to do so with other art pieces.

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Skaejre Bust


Another speed paint video for you – I wanted to see how things looked when finishing a picture with colours and such.

I think I made the colouring part of the video a bit too quick though, it’s a bit difficult to keep up with it – something to remember for the next one!

I currently host my videos on youtube; WordPress does have the option of uploading videos, but you need to have a premium account for it (and not the cheapest option either) so I am thinking of ways I can afford this and potentially make the upgrade. For the time being I’ll have to use YouTube and hope that it all goes okay.

I would much prefer to keep things ‘in house’ but when that’s not an option others have to be explored!

The character is Skaejre, the ‘main’ character from my Sea of Souls project.



Ethan Russo – Concept and creation


I’ve been working a bit more on Ethan Russo, a character from my Sea of Souls project. It was this character that started off the whole thing as it was him that (oh so cliche) came to me in a dream – with his portal nightmare in tow.

It’s taken me a while to work him out and I’ve got a long way to go!

His surname; Russo, came from looking at my father drinks cabinet and seeing a bottle of Russo limoncello; hardly exciting stuff as it’s a common name, but I’ve often taken inspiration for names from things around me.

For example, Argur – Feracils demon – is named after a particularly smelly cheese!


Out of the two sets, I don’t know which one I prefer – the top of the two was how Ethan originally looked, but I have precious little of him drawn so I wouldn’t be losing any sense of attachment or anything if I did switch.

I think the best way to go forward is to do some more sketching and writing and see what sticks.

Skaejre Beast

Skaejre Beast

Feral creatures really aren’t my forte! (If anyone would like to draw her feral form for me, I’d love that no end!!) I did away with the ‘extras’ like the horns, spines and spikes etc; so she might be a bit plain now. I don’t know! But, enjoy none the less.

This was originally drawn a fair few years ago (Probably 2007?) I just finally got around to lining and colouring it digitally seeing as I am back on the game plan with this whole Sea of Souls thing!

Original Image

More Aesthetic Boards

Ev Board 1

Farrell Board 1

Severance Board 1

A few more Aesthetic Boards for Sea of Souls characters.

Everard, the Templar and Relic Hunter.

Sky Captain Farrell

Severance – the bad guy!

Just though I would share these with everyone here, seeing as things feel like that have been a bit of a lull – I don’t know why, cause I have been busy, busy, busy getting on with the project.

Boards are a lot of fun and I feel as the characters grow and change, I can do more with them. They’re good for getting ideas out on ‘paper’ quickly.

Guest Art – Thiccs


A part of keeping myself inspired by personal projects and things has always been being able to get commissions from other people.

So, when I got back into Sea of Souls, I thought I’d buy a picture or two of some of the cast – most of the people I know on art sites are anthro/furry artists so most of the art will probably be of Skaejre, until I get to know a few more faces.

This is by Thiccs on DeviantArt~