Where is my Rambo V?


I posted an excited blog way back in 2014 about Stallone doing the fifth and final instalment in the Rambo series; which at the time made me eternally happy. If it’s one thing that I still fangirl over, despite my fangirly habits changing, it’s Rambo.

I don’t know how I feel when I recently went on a bit of a search for new information. I basically seemed to stumble across the information that the idea of Rambo 5 has been knocked on the head. Of course, a lot of me feels sad that I won’t be seeing my beloved Johnny on the big screen in a new venture anytime soon.

Yet another part of me is somewhat relieved that there won’t be another haunt for the guy. Where Rambo 4 finished felt like a decent conclusion to the series – with Rambo going back home; although we don’t know who or what was waiting for him when he got to the front door, admittedly. It felt like a nice rounded ending after the very traumatic blood-bath that was the rest of the film. It was well written in it’s own way and over-all an enjoyable action film. At 69 could Stallone even pull off Rambo again? Doubtful to be honest – not without causing himself some major trauma anyway.

So, why am I not all that disappointed, being the big Rambo fan that I am?

Because I came across this little gem of information.

A Rambo TV series!?

Why have I only just found out about this, seriously?

I have recently found myself enjoying TV series more than movies, mostly due to the fact that you can get more detail into a TV series than you can a movie. More character development, more story, etc. The fact that we’ve not had anything long standing Rambo since the really dodgy animation series in the 90’s.

It’s all generally all a bit up in the air and concrete, solid information about the series is tricky to find.
I’ve seen things saying it’ll be about Rambo himself, other places state it’ll be about his son.
It’s apparently due to go out in October 2016
But other sources say that it won’t be happening at all.


Wait until I catch my breath

I was doing an innocent little search on my phone earlier – looking for some information to confirm a suspicion or two – when I stumbled across some information that has just made today a whole lot better.

Rambo V has been announced and I hear is in the works.

This is especially exciting news for Fangirl, cause this is her main fangirly obsession!


Already I have heard people saying “Stallone can’t act. Stop doing sequels.” ect. I don’t understand why people feel it’s right to judge something before they have even given it a chance? I am the first one to admit Rambo 3 didn’t really do it for me and it’s the least watched DVD in the set.

I came across this with Robocop as well, people so judgemental and resistant to the idea of change that they lash out against it.

Obviously, I am thrilled and well over the moon about the announcement of Rambo V and cannot wait to hear more about the plot. I am a little worried about the way Stallone treats the character, I really hope that he sticks with the feel of Rambo from First Blood and Rambo 4 – rather than the gun happy, pro-American loppiness that seemed to take over in the middle ground. You know, I really have faith in Stallone here. His work on Expendables really stepped up the gear for action movies and if anyone knows Rambo it’s Stallone – I even think he has successfully stolen the character from it’s original source.

So yes, Happy Fangirl all around.

Still faithful

I know it may seem strange that over the past few weeks or months that I’ve been blabbering on about Game of Thrones and preferred characters from that series – especially right after a post about being faithful to my fictional husband. But, fear not. I’ve not turned my back on Johnny, far from it.

I don’t know if I have mentioned the local bowling alley where I live? Probably – don’t worry this is related.
I went last night with a couple of friends after a trip to the cinema was a complete bust. (The movie we wanted to see had a broken screen and there was nothing else on that appealed at a good time) So we just popped into the bowling alley instead for a game of air-hockey, pool and some random games.

In the cinema there is a Rambo game – which I usually play on, but as I was with company I didn’t – However I did stop with one of my friends and had a really quick discussion about Rambo and they stated that they like the films. To which I replied “I really like the Rambo films.” The moment that I looked at the screen I saw Johhny-boy smiling (if you can really call it that) at me.



I think today while I do some drawings I’ll have the films on as a comfort. I could do with it lately – and I have a lot of art to get done today, so it might be a bit of a marathon for me to enjoy!

I was actually rather sad to hear that Rambo: The Video Game (Not the one above) – http://steamcommunity.com/app/274130 Was such a bust. I’ll throw it on my wish list and hope it comes up in the sale sometime as I’d clearly like to play it, but at the moment I don’t have £30 to throw away! Not even for Rambo, sorry hunny.

The Good Wife.

All I seem to be doing lately is blogging about my dreams; I don’t see that as a bad things overmuch but if you get bored of reading about them do let me know so I can put something else up here!

Last night was a revelation; as welcome one.
My long lost love came back to me!

(And doesn’t he look miserable for it?)
I was somewhere, I guess I was living there – like in University, a shared complex and some of the faces were the same, but the building wasn’t. It had a huge glass front to it looking over a lawn. I was sat fussing over some work and there was this huge commotion around me. I ignored it; students get excited for no reason.
Then Vicky – a girl I used to live with – came up to me and started talking to me trying to explain what was going on. Until Zoe, my friend pointed out the window and said “Have you seen who it it?”
I looked up and there he was, in his army gear, long shaggy hair.
I left my work where it was and the building to the lawn, where a crowd was gathered. Through a gap he saw me and ran over, where we did that whole… cheesy running embrace thing that you see in movies!
We then settled down on the grass and began talking. I acknowledged that he had been away doing his own thing – we’re used to this by now – and he asked me how I was doing, to which I just returned. “More importantly, how are you?”
It was sweet and a heartfelt reunion.
Made me realise how much I miss him when he goes away, but also, I will never let him go.

Hi gang

It’s been a while again, and the usual apologies are going out to those who enjoy my updates.

What’s have I got to say for myself thus far…?

In exciting news, something called “Rambo the Video Game” has been brought to my attention, it seems to be a little bit on the dubious side and I am really trying not to get too overly excited about it. Mostly because I already know that it is going to be average at best.
The plot line follows the movies – this in itself is a bit of a down side for me; where are the new stories? Ultimately where is the imagination?
Graphically, it looks okay I suppose. Not sure what I am expecting here, but in the latest video Rambos face looks rather laugh worthy.
And finally first person shooter – nothing against them but they just aren’t my favourite things in the world.
So I am trying to reserve judgement on the game and already failing.

What else?

I finally managed to make it through the second (first) Star Wars trilogy and am enjoying playing The Old Republic again; it’s been great to see a bit more of the Imperial Agent storyline again.

And in BIG news, I was alerted to this little gem: Eternal Crusade
Very early days for this one, but Fangirl does like her Space Marines, so it’ll be well worth keeping an eye on; seeing as there is currently very little information available.

It’s been a few weeks again. Apologise and all that usual jazz. Habits are difficult to form and posting on here regulaly as well as keeping up with everything else just seems to have not become such a habit.

However; this week I was pleasantly surprised. Rambo came back to me after his time away.
It was rather shocking at first and I didn’t really know what to say.
But he was welcomed back with open arms and a tense hug.

It didn’t take that long to get back to understanding though, and chapter 6 of Tears and Rain was finally written.

Makes me happy to know that he’s still here with me in some sense.
It’s been nearly a year since he walked out the front door without telling me.
I should be angry about his impromptu return, but I can never be angry with Johnny!

I hope to be a bit more active again on here, but we shall see what happens.

I can stop the pain…

Oh Lord.
What have I done!?
Aside from neglect the only fictional man in my life that I’ve ever felt actually meant something to me!
I felt like doing a bit of personal drawing today after University; and coming home early from it feeling like a piece of washed-up turd!
I am so out of practise when it comes to drawing Rambo.
I am so sorry.
Also sorry for once again neglecting my happy-fun fangirl blog.
I guess not that much has really been going on in my fangirly life that I feel I can report back to you.
I should make more happen