I was having no end of troubles with my photography equipment today and I’m still not really sure what was going on.

It looked like there was a film or something over the front of my lens – or there was too much light or some such, but with good olde photoshop I managed to get  something workable!

I’ve been trying to tie up smaller, loose ends before the end of the year. This particular unit of Space Marines was one of them! I believe they are from a starter box-set circa 1993. Originally given to my husband, by his eldest brother, when he was a young lad himself. They got put into our legendary bits box and I reclaimed them for my Space Marine Battle Company when I only had a tactical squad slot left!

They were also a great few models to use to get the painting bug back – they’re old so I wouldn’t feel guilty if I ‘messed up’ – I’m actually pretty pleased with how they turned out and are some of the better models I have done to date.

It’s great to see some improvement in my painting skills.

I’m working on my 5 man Primaris Squad at the moment, so when they’re done I shall share a picture of them too and hope I don’t have the same issues with the camera as I did with these ones.

This is the unedited image, if anyone can point out the obvious as to what I’ve done wrong, please let me know!?



Primaris Blood Guard


This is another model that I’d forgotten I had taken some pictures of.

It’s actually one of my own too! Le-gasp!

I wasn’t sure how I would feel about Primaris Space Marines when they first showed their faces – a part of me feels somewhat sad for the standard marines that it feels like they are replacing – but I figured I would get a small unit of five to see what all the fuss was about.

They’re interesting to paint and I am a little ashamed to say that I prefer them to the regular little guys. They have a bit more of a canvas to paint, so to speak.

I think the hardest part was something that my husband had a bit of an issue with and that was converting an already existing paint-scheme to a bigger scale without it looking boring. I learned from conversations with him, so hopefully my dude here doesn’t look too bad.

I’ll have to pick up the rest of the squad soon and try and get them finished off and see how they look next to their chapter-mates!

Black Hand Marines

I found some images that I’d forgotten that I had taken last night when working on a simple graphic for and I thought I would share a few of them with you.

As far as I remember they were all painted by

I think the reason I forgot about them was because at the time I wasn’t too happy with how the shoot went.

I think there was some dreaded burn out on the first few images I looked at and I took it a bit to heart that it was all over them – looking back on them now though there were some decent images in the shoot, so thought I would share them on here.

It’ll also make a nice change of pace from the plethora of ‘furry’ stuff I have been posting! I still need to come up with a decent posting order/streamline or some such.

Maybe a certain type of post per day of the week rather than an ‘as and when I do something’ order! I shall have a bit of a think and see what I can come up with.

Until next time~



We recently went on a walk around Watergrove reservoir and I took a few images while I was there.

The vast majority of them were simple texture images for use in my illustrations – which was the aim when we went and what I was looking for – but there were a couple of images that I thought had more merit than just being put into the texture pile.


I am still trying to find ‘my way of seeing’ again and I think these two images are a good start in that direction.

It’ll be fun giving myself the time to find my own voice again and while I have expressed different interests in various posts, I think I’d like to use my camera to explore my surroundings. I like textures and finding things that others might overlook as being mundane. I like broken things and discarded places.

There was an article in the latest issue of Practical Photographer about Urbex exploration which interested me and I am looking forward to my head clear enough from my cold to digest it properly.




I’m slowly trying to introduce photography back in my life in one way or another – I am finding the juggling between being  an Illustrator/Artist, Mummy and Photographer a bit tricky; finding places to go where I can take the camera and my son is a challenge in itself, so I am always looking for little exercises we can do at home together with the camera.

Being a member of Bury Photographic Society has helped me feel better about things, because even if I don’t manage to get out with the camera myself, I still feel connected. Last week there was a pile of DVD/CD’s from Practical Photographer being given away and I grabbed a few that looked like they might be good fun or have interesting tips in them.

This was one of the techniques

Droplets blog
 Focal length: 55.0 mm
Exposure: 1/100
 ISO: 3600

Using droplets of water on a piece of glass (In our case plastic to make it toddler friendly) and photographing droplets in focus, keeping the backdrop blurred so the droplets show whats underneath (sweets!)

For a full, well explained tutorial on how to do this please go here

It was a fun little exercise and I’d like to go back over this image and do a few edits – take out some dirty spots that I have seen.

I think my son also enjoyed doing this, especially playing with the water and trying to steal the sweets! I’d like to give this another try with some stones/pebbles and see if the effect works just as well!

If anyone has any other tricks and exercises like this then please let me know? Things that can be made within a few minutes and with a youngster in tow!

Tomb Kings – Sphinx


I had to play about with the levels in photoshop with this image, for a rather… silly problem. The lighting on the day was so bright that the logo from my light box was shining through the back of the white background and no matter how I tried the exposure levels in camera wasn’t getting rid of it. Maybe I should have tried using a black background instead due to the conditions, but somehow I didn’t think it would work as well for the models painting – which was done, once again, by my husband.


Here’s another image of the same model without the background looking quite so stark.

I’ve always been impressed by the conversion work on this model – it’s a great model anyway – but I think the different pose make it really stand out. If I recall correctly, it also won a little competition at the local Games Workshop store.

Close up on one section of the model.

I don’t know if a dark background would work well for this model, but I’d like to give it a try sometime, just to see.

Chaos Warrior

Sometimes, there is that lingering desire to just try and photograph something simple! Today, this Chaos Warrior fitted that description perfectly.

Not everything has to be about making up rolling dioramas or funky lighting – although these are things that I would very much like to master and improve on; but keeping simplicity in mind is sometimes the best way to go. Especially if you’re suffering from time constraints!


I am always looking for elements to improve on with my craft, so please, if you ever have any critique for my photographs don’t shy away from giving it. Thank you.