Primaris Psyker – Aris 412th


I wasn’t exaggerating when I started a tweet about this model saying ‘Five years later I finally base and finish this model’ only, it wasn’t five years, it was six!

I first mentioned this character on my blog back in August, 2012, and his model came before any of the artwork of him – cause I had to base the artwork and character on something! So he has taken a long time to be finished off (It’s also kind of funny that I still think of my Imperial Guard Army as one of my newer armies too. Yikes)

Of course there are parts of this model that I am unhappy with – my faces need work still but seeing as this guy was originally painted so long ago, I can’t be too harsh and judgemental. Really, the only thing about him that is new is the base and that was a simple case of texture paint and sticking some grass on.

But, this part of the year, for me, is all about finishing off started projects and finding some closure for the year ready to start again in the New Year. So, I am pretty pleased with myself and the fact that I did, finally, get something done.


Character Bio – Grim

I’d like to add a new series of posts to the site; I’ve a lot of characters that are a bit… under developed and I think writing them bios and such on here would help.


Name: Jonathan Hawker
Pronunciation: Obvious
Nickname(s): Grim / Grin
Public Nickname(s): Grim
Race: Human
Affiliations: Astra Militarum
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Face Claim: I don’t actually know who that guy above is, but he’s how I imagine Grim to look.
Singing Voice: Rawkus and something that would suit a death metal band.
Occupation: Conscript
Age: 27
Apparent Age: Accurate
Sex: Male
Gender Pronouns: He/Him
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Romantics: Heteroromantic
Marital Status: Single
Body Type: Mesomorph
Height: 5’8”
Hair: Cut short and rather choppy, un-styled and unkept
Eyes: Blue
Skin: Pale
Scars: None
Tattoos: None
Piercings: None
Jewellery: None.
Clothes (Casual): Grey military fatigues, flak armour and a
Handedness: Right
Personality: Grim is an overly confident and pushy individual; while in Space and aboard the Glorious Heritage Grim can be highly agitated and uneasy, but when planet side he is someone that other conscripts aspire too.
Likes: Freedom, Knives, Random acts of violence
Dislikes: Psykers, Mutants, Orks, Rules and Regulations, Officers.
Abilities (Physical): An uncanny ability to survive.
Abilities (Magical): N/A
Weapons: Any sort of Las-Gun, knives.
Armour: Flak
Strength – 7
Dexterity – 7
Armour – 3
Intellect – 3
Wisdom – 4
Charisma – 6

Pinterest Board

Grim is a side character in Born to Die, which I never finished, because that is the nature of things I do/take on.

As a little backstory, Grim got his nickname from when he was the lone survivor from an Ork assault and his ranking commissar found out and ordered Hawker be brought to him; ‘The one with the Grin.’ Unfortunately, Grim had something in his ear and misheard the ‘Grin’ as ‘Grim’ and took the nickname on himself.

It’s a shame what happens to Grim in ‘Born to Die’ because I really like him as a character and would have loved to do more with him!

Nathaniel Base

Been working on a series of outfits for Primaris Nathaniel Greyson – it feels like forever since I did anything with him, so it’s great to get back on board.

The last outfit, the vampire one, was from a prompt on Tumblr and was a lot of fun. I drew on inspiration from the Olde World Warhammer Vampire Counts for the aesthetic, but didn’t want to deviate from his default outfits colours too much, so I used liberal helpings of administratum grey!

It was also great to be able to draw his base as well, to show how far the corruption goes into his body and that it’s not just his arm that is mutated.

I hope you like them~


Quick Update

Feracil Bust
Feracil Wolfbane

I felt like revisiting an old(ish) character of mine lately. I made him up during my Masters in design and art direction – I couldn’t remember the name of the MA until I started writing this post – but somehow he stuck with me after I left the course and pops his head in every now and again.

I wanted to make up a plethora of new characters this weekend, but being away from home and spending time at the sea-side with my parents and other family members made this somewhat difficult. I couldn’t focus on the many characters that were in my mind, so they are still in the works. Yet I retained the notion that I actually want to begin to feel a bit more invested in my characters again. I feel like I have been keeping everything all ‘at arms length’ for a while now and it’s starting to feel somewhat damaging. I don’t feel like I am a good creator and feel somewhat resentful towards myself for making characters and then doing nothing with them!

I’ve not put any time or effort into writing anything with them or drawing much of them at all. Let alone commissioning anyone to draw them for me. Which is something that I have always enjoyed – seeing other peoples takes on my characters. It’s why I am always interested in doing Art Trades. (If you ever want to do an art trade, let me know!)

So, I had a few deviantart points and spent them commissioning an artist that I rather admire. They’ve drawn for me before – which is wonderful – and I’ve asked them to do something of Nathaniel and together (which I am excited about) and another something of Feracil, my werewolf hunter.

I will be sure to share the results with you here when I get them.

Maybe if I feel a bit more passionate about what I have created, I will generally feel more enthusiastic about a lot of other things that I have been approaching with a very ‘meh’ feeling in life lately. Who knows. But getting to draw and finish something feels like it is helping already.


A hobbiests Journey

There has been an aspect of myself that I have been missing lately – I know with now having a child that some things will naturally fall by the wayside but I read a post recently by Imperial Rebel Ork (whose blog is a great read for wargamer hobbists all round) that made me feel really nostalgic over my own Hobby Journey.

I started off the Wargaming hobby by playing Hordes/Warmac20160705_151902hine and buying a small collection of Legion of Everblight; which I painted cutesy-pooh pink and bone. It was pretty much a gathering of flying shark-monsters led by Thargosh. I just remember him being pretty awesome because his feat meant you could bring back your nastiest shark-monster with full health to fight again. But I don’t really recall much of the game itself. That and Hordes/Warmachine has changed a lot since I played as I never changed rules when second edition.

By that time I had moved onto Games workshop models – who I still believe that for customizable armies cannot be beaten in terms of their kits and models. Which may or may not annooy a few of my readers that have moved onto other games.

My first army was one that I never actually clicked with. Eldar. Fo
r some reason I picked them out of the model range. After playing a game with an army that could have taken such a beating, Eldar came as something of a shock! My HQ Autrach chose to o something ‘Death or Glory’ related with a Rhino, failed the roll and got ran over – which was pretty much the end of that army. That and Guardians are the most boring of models ever to have existed both in game-playing and painting aspects.*

So I needed a rethink.

And the Emperors light found me.

Adeptus Sororitas. That didn’t work out so well either. They felt wrong for me. Not sure why. Just never worked out how I wanted it too.

I started an Army of home-brew Space Marines and never looked back. I still have a fairly decent sized army, most of which needs to be painted – bad hobbiest that I am. I grew attached to the army and really enjoy playing with them. I’ve written posts in the past (The early days of the blog mostly) about the games I played and how everything went. I even took upon a challenge over on facebook where I’d post as Uthor Fenix, my HQ Chaplain every four hours (Even through the night) as a part of the Imperial Truth. I don’t know why. Because someone said I should maybe?

I also made a Necromunda gang out of various bits and bobs and modelled them after various action heroes – Rambo, John McClane, Dutch to name a few – which was my first real attempt at converting models to fit around an idea. I made a Hicks and Hudson for the Necromunda gang as well; but they got repurposed when I made an Imperial Guard Veterans Squad for my Imperial Guard/Astra Militarum army. An Army which although only small, I am still imensely proud of.

I’ve banged on about this army a lot, mostly through the form of Nathaniel Greyson, their HQ choice – you can read more than you’ll ever need to know about a model in previous posts here should you wish. But like many IG armies it seems; they were inspired by Aliens. The Veterans squad being the named characters from the movie.


Somewhere along the line I read the first four books in the Horus Heresy series – a great collection of books that were sadly ruined by the term flogging a dead horse – and it was these books that gave me an absolute disgust for Nurgle. I mean being touched by the Emperors light is enough to turn you against chaos, but I hod a special place of hatred in my heart for nurgle. Ugh.

But, then I had my arm twisted to try out Fantasy Battle. Where do you start there? Epic scale battles which had pretty much everything I knew about Wargaming turned on it’s head.  No longer was everything skirmish based. My units had to sit on square bases and in movement trays! So typical me. I picked Lizardmen (Tails and movement trays don’t mix)

Of course, Fantasy Battle has changed since then and is now a skirmish game called Age of Sigmar – a change I am still trying to get my head around and am hoping the Generals Compendium will help me out with.


Even writing down these few steps in my Wargaming journey has made me feel a bit more inspired to get back into the orld of it. Even if it is just taking a few photograhs and writing a bit about the model. (Most of my Space Marine sergeants had names at one point) Or just getting down to do some painting again, heck, maybe even trying to organise a game. I doubt it would take much hinting to my partner to start a Necromunda campaign… and some of those old models could really do with a lick of paint!

So, a big thank you to Imperial Rebel Ork for the inspiration for this post and for making me feel a bit of a better hobbiest.


*  I have since brought an Eldar army again and enjoyed painting it, but never played with it.

Who wouldn’t love that face?

nathaniel_by_the_zombie_cat-d8qz0poArtwork by ZombieCat

Sadly, I don’t get to spend as much money on commissions now as I used to. Mostly due to quitting my job and not having the income to do so.

But sometimes someone offers their services and you just can’t resist!

I’ve always wanted to see how The-Zombie-Cat would tackle Nathaniels face. Seeing as she draws characters so handsome anyway. I must say I do believe she did a wonderful job on him. Damned near perfect if you ask me~

Now that I have a camera working I really should take a picture of the model of him. I’ve had him years now, but never shared the source of the inspiration for some reason.
To be honest, I rather lost interest in the army when he could no longer be a HQ choice for me. I wasn’t surprised when the change came in in the Astra Militarum codex; Psykers shouldn’t have been able to have that much control in the first place. Yet I felt a little bit sad inside on a personal level for Nathaniel, he had been doing such a good job of running the Aris 412th.

Born to Die~

This is some purely self indulgent art-stuff.
I’ve just had my first Hand-in of work for my Masters so after doing a bit of work on some awaiting commissions I drew some Nathaniel for myself.
Words do not exist for how much I adore this character.
They seriously don’t!