Sorry gang. I've had this twat charming young man has been infected in my brain again recently. I've been working hard on his story; Born to Die And working out the plot a bit more with it all as well. I just felt like I should draw him seeing as I've been a little neglectful.... Continue Reading →

Work in Progress

The results of todays creativity. An as of yet unfinished digital painting of Nathaniel Greyson, my mutant Imperial Psyker. Backgrounds are the bane of my existence, so working on getting this one looking right will be tough, but this is only the first go on the background. I shall post the final results when I... Continue Reading →

Born to Die

So while way this weekend, staying with my parents again. I thought I would be able to start on "Before the Dawn" my Sebastian Vael fanfiction. However I had a bit of a slap in the face from Nathaniel. Who just stormed up to me and demanded that I do some work with him instead. It... Continue Reading →

Battle Report. Number ?

Okays. So I lied about finishing one fiction before starting another. I couldn't help it. The guys talking to me just wouldn't shut up until I started on their story. So I did. I hope they're satisfied now! I'll try and see this one through to the end before doing anything else. Try! --- Had... Continue Reading →

Because this place is partially a sketch blog as well as my thoughts on various peices of rubish... I sometimes can feel a bit bad when I go off ona tangent with my fangirliness. I feel that sometimes I should do something involving something else I fangirl over. I've not done much with Rambo lately,... Continue Reading →

It’s a little bit funny..

The things that I will do for the laughs. I was speaking with a friend over MSN earlier about how I thought about making a facebook profile for my Chaplain. (Cause it would be funny) somehow this got twisted into a challenge to let Uthor take over my facebook page for a week. With the... Continue Reading →

Not that I am obsessed…

With chaplains, but I am. I really should draw the Blood Guard Chaplain with his helmet on for once... but we actually find Helmets over rated!! Trying to get some more of my Space Marine Chapter drawn up. While trying to work on my illustration style a little more. I like drawing faces these days.... Continue Reading →

Weekly Necromunda Report: 4

Although this game happened right after the first fight, I thought I would save posting about it until now. It was the second clash of The Expendables and The Kings Men. Strange battle this one, but another victory for The Expendables, but at something of a cost. John McClane was savagely wounded after going two... Continue Reading →

Weekly Necromunda Report: 3

Before anyone gets on to me about the while thing of this being a weekly report not being weekly, I know, I know. I failed! Onto the report. Finally, after weeks of anticipation, nerves and weapon checking. The first battle was fought. The Expendables took up arms and clashed violently with The Kings Men, a... Continue Reading →

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