Weekly Necromunda Report: 4

Although this game happened right after the first fight, I thought I would save posting about it until now. It was the second clash of The Expendables and The Kings Men. Strange battle this one, but another victory for The Expendables, but at something of a cost. John McClane was savagely wounded after going two rounds with two of the Kings Men. (Harry the Hand and “Ratty”) Knocked to the floor, beating and bleeding but not out! You can never keep a []

Weekly Necromunda Report: 3

Before anyone gets on to me about the while thing of this being a weekly report not being weekly, I know, I know. I failed! Onto the report. Finally, after weeks of anticipation, nerves and weapon checking. The first battle was fought. The Expendables took up arms and clashed violently with The Kings Men, a vicious collection of Goliath scum. I can happily report that the battle went awfully well. In the fact that The Kings Men never got a chance to []

Weekly Necromunda Report: 2

Sadly, there isn’t actually anything new to report this week as I have been away from my models. There is a lot of planning going on; a lot of ideas flowing to make up for the numbers in my gang. I believe there is a Grammaton cleric on the way, or possibly Malcom Reynolds. However, there feels like there is something lacking in these ideas. They aren’t classic action heroy enough for the gang idea. I need an idea; I feel like []

Weekly Necromunda Report: 1

Not exactly much of a report this one, but the start of something new. I didn’t initially plan to actually make this into a thing on here, but I thought it was pretty much in the boundaries of what I use this place for. Anyway, Necromunda Gang. It kind of fits in with my fan-girling, purely because of who is in my Gang. The role call so far consists of; Rambo – Gang Leader Terminator – Heavy Alan “Dutch” Schaefer – Heavy Hicks – []